This Autonomous Last-Mile Mobility Vehicle is a Travel Solution Fit for 2020

Persuasive Electric Vehicle (PEV) is the Professional Winner in the Transportation category of the 2020 Core77 Design Awards.

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Given the dilemmas that this year is presenting us as the world faces a global pandemic, there’s one piece of technology that is gaining even more urgent relevance: autonomous vehicles. Despite a general reduction in long-distance travel, many of us still need to commute on short trips, whether it’s to work or to run necessary errands. There’s also a need to reduce cab drivers as well as food and package delivery workers’ risk of infection. An innovation much like DENSO’s Persuasive Electric Vehicle might be the perfect fit for the moment.

The PEV (Persuasive Electric Vehicle) is a tricycle-based, last-mile, mobility concept that is currently in the testing phase, but shows promise for its versatile uses in the real world. “Combining the agility of a bicycle, and the comfort of an electric vehicle, the PEV will be used for various transportation services, from manual pedal propulsion for pedestrian commutes, to fully motorized autonomous drive for carrier delivery services,” the DENSO team says of the vehicle.

Vehicle to Pedestrian Communication The PEV communicates with pedestrians in proximity using directed dricer eye movement, via full spectrum LED lights, projector and directional speakers
Remote Ride Hailing A ride is just a click away, via a smartphone app. The user can also customize comfort and ride settings before the PEV arrives

There are a number of uses in which a short-distance mobility concept is needed—DENSO’s first idea for the vehicle is autonomous delivery services, with the integration of built-in hot and cold storage for food. PEV’s business model would allow companies to purchase their own fleets to be used as they wish.

With luxe features such as spacious seating, heating and cooling, and quality ventilation, another use for PEV can be providing reliable transportation for individuals with short commutes as well as elderly and disabled customers. Surprising features of the vehicle include an ability to recognize the driver through a face recognition monitor as well as a ride-sharing platform allowing individuals to call for a PEV to their location using a smartphone app.

Face ID For security, the PEV uses facial recognition to confirm the user, and also access their individual driver profile
Follow Mode The PEV can safely follow the user if they would rather walk
Air Curtain DENSO’s HVAC paired to small turbo nozzles create an air curtain around the driver. This curtain will surround the driver to keep a stable environment as well as repel insects.
HVAC Seating The rear HVAC unit helps pump heating and cooling into the drivers seat back and bottom
HVAC Storage The HVAC in the rear allows users to keep their packages and optimal temperatures during travel

Autonomous vehicles are proving to be an overall more sensible solution for the future of driving not only for their ability to reduce risk of exposure during a global pandemic, but also their safety features for both occupants and pedestrians. “The PEV uses a humanistic interface for friendly vehicle-to-pedestrian communication that is designed to build trust,” DENSO says, and the advanced autonomous technology ensures a hyper-keen eye to traffic and pedestrians. Another important factor in what PEV can provide is curbing environmental damage, thanks to it being fully electric powered.

As vehicles such as PEV continue development, their many uses create a strong and compelling case for sweeping changes to how we view the future of transportation.

Source: core77

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