This Company Makes Curved Doors

I have no idea why you’d want a curved door, but I suppose there’s always clients who’ll want different for the sake of different. If that’s an itch they need scratched, an Italian manufacturer called Linvisibile manufacturers curved, hinged doors with a ten-year warranty. These are “distinguished by the use of adjustable concealed hinges,” they write, “and the absence of door frames or jambs to achieve seamless continuity between wall and door.”

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There are of course frames–just invisible ones (i.e. concealed within the surrounding walls) made from extruded aluminum. The doors themselves are hollow-core, hardwood-framed and MDF-skinned, with a honeycomb layer between. And they can be ordered in any permutation of concave/convex, left-hand/right-hand, swing-in or swing-out.

One of the use cases they cite is a London home owned by “a family of sailors” who wanted a nautical, boat-like feel to the interior.

I suppose the aluminum frame goes a long way towards making the installation easier, assuming the walls are plumb, but man I wouldn’t want to hang one of these.

Source: core77

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