This FIFA 21 Glitch Is Something Else

Bugs and glitches are inevitable in games, and the FIFA games aren’t an exception. In some FIFA games,…

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The ball flies off into orbit, limbs twist and turn to form Lovecraftian nightmares, and the AI creates mysterious giant goalkeepers who spread through the game like a virus.

But of all the many bugs that the FIFA games have had, this bug of this year’s FIFA game may just be the most remarkable.

The ball hovers at top of the goal, just under where the crossbar and post meet, neither passing across the line or moving away from it. The goalkeeper flaps about underneath, trying and failing to grab the ball. One of the defenders trots over for a closer look, but doesn’t lift a finger to help. Eventually the player-controlled player comes storming in, and there’s a brief FIFA physics moment before the ball decides to fall, and it drops over the goal line, seemingly oblivious to the chaos it has caused.

My favourite part of this clip is the commentary – poor Derek Rae seems locked in a loop, rinsing his various lines of dialogue used to describe a shot that hits the bar. It’s amazing.

See the clip of the glitch over here.

(Image Credit: u/BuschLatte/ Reddit/ Eurogamer)

Source: neatorama

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