This Is How 65 Places That ‘GoT’ Was Filmed In, Look In Real Life

We all came to love the famous Game of Thrones series because of its many plot twists, unexpected events, and amazing characters, but have you ever noticed what’s going on in the background of all this action? No, not CGI landscapes and well-crafted soundstages, but rather very real and amazingly beautiful views of nature and ancient cities. Visiting those places can leave one speechless because of their grandiosity and the fact that many cruel plot twists happened exactly in those spots.

To make your search of those iconic places easier, we’ve compiled a list of Game of Thrones locations paired with the scenes that happened there. A great hint if you’d like to reenact them, too! From the age-old fortresses on the shores of Croatia to the breath-taking beauty of Iceland, you’ll find all the crucial spots used in filming the cult series. You really don’t have to be a super fan to enjoy these views!

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Scroll down below to check our compilation of side-by-side comparisons of Game of Thrones scenes and the filming locations as they look in real life. Don’t forget to vote for the most stunning ones and tell us what you think in the comments!



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