This Library Table Transforms Into a Ladder

In “Different Design Approaches to the Transforming Library Chair,” we looked at a variety of designs for chairs that turn into stepladders.

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Here’s a twist on that type of furniture that I’d not seen before:

This “George III Mahogany Metamorphic Library Table Step Ladder” dates to 1820, designer/builder unknown. I would’ve loved to see a video of how it operates, but all we have is this text description:

“How to open: Feel the bottom of the ends of the table. On one end, you should feel two latches. Move the latch inwards. This unlocks the table. Lift the top of the table with both hands carefully. Once the tabletop is raised all the way (vertically), find the two latches on the hand railings of the ladder. Pull each latch downwards carefully to lock the railings in place so the ladder can be displayed. Carefully pull out the ladder.”

“How to close: Fold in the ladder carefully. Once the ladder is folded in. Pull each latch upwards carefully. This unlocks the table to be able to fold back into a table. Fold the hand railings in carefully, which brings down the tabletop. Once the tabletop is brought back down in place, make sure to move the two latches outwards, locking the table in place.”

Er, you got all of that?

The antique dealer in possession of this piece is asking $23,250.

Source: core77

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