This Online Community Shames Entitled People Who Think That Rules Don’t Apply To Them (87 Pics)

There are always people who think they deserve to get their own way. Like cutting in front of you at a coffee shop or demanding a table at a fully seated restaurant without a reservation. They imagine that the world owes them something without giving anything in return, or that the rules don’t apply to them. Well, they do.

There’s a special place for such individuals, a Reddit page called Entitled People. This online community is dedicated to shaming those who think they are better than everyone else. Members of this subreddit post stories you would not believe: demanding to enter a store even after closing time, complaining about the ambulance blocking their driveway, or asking to reschedule… the sun.

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This time, Bored Panda has collected examples of people whose ego is just too big to be overlooked, so check them out below! And after you’re done, make sure to read our previous posts about entitled people here, here and right here.

#1 Everything Has A Price If You’re Rich Enough

Image credits: memezzer

#2 How To Fight Back Entitlement 101

Image credits: furno472

#3 I Love It When These Stories Of Entitled People Pop Up On My Facebook Feed!

Image credits: ausbeardyman

#4 Bros…. Don’t Be Like This…

Image credits: Melphor

#5 Karen Doesn’t Care About Your Cancer

Image credits: MayuMayhem

#6 Terry Crews Calling Out An Ep

Image credits: OneAppleBoi

#7 Entitled Fan Thinks Their Entitled To An Nba Player’s Photo

Image credits: jgnodado18

#8 Grubhub Driver Cancels My Mom’s Order Due To Not Tipping On The Online Payment System

Image credits: cakan4444

#9 Oh Ok, I’m Sorry

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Image credits: Pumkin32465

#10 Keep Your Kids Inside Or I’ll Call The Cops

Image credits: electrodudesmith

#11 Wow, This Is Another Level Of Entitlement

Image credits: MNJayW

#12 Get Up My Son Wants Your Seat!

Image credits: ElCasa98

#13 Just Found This On Facebook. I Think This Counts?

Image credits: DarkFyre315

#14 Because Who Cares If They Are Disabled?

Image credits: 45bit-Waffleman

#15 Imagine Feeling This Entitled

Image credits: SpicyHashbrowns

#16 Entitled Boss Is Mad The Employees Won’t Work Extra Hours

Image credits: whitedranzer

#17 Psa: There Is Extra Space For A Reason

Image credits: Krystal-Bandit

#18 You Want Me To Pay You?

Image credits: ARE_U_FCKING_SORRY

#19 Phillip Defranco Has To Put Up With This Bs Too

Image credits: VladC12

#20 People Like This Aren’t Real.. Are They ?

Image credits: pissymissy204

#21 Goth Girls Bad

Image credits: Peach_Gfuel

#22 Did Somebody Say Karen?

Image credits:

#23 Perfectly Fair Reason To Give A One Star Review

Image credits: Lucas7831

#24 If You Do This In The Theatre, You’re A Major Jerk

Image credits: agacinkanjisi

#25 Em Wants My Partner To Change Their Name

Image credits: TadBitt

#26 Decades Of “The Customer Is Always Right” Has Created The Most Entitled Idiots In Human History

Image credits: CMCXCV

#27 Entitled Military Spouse

Image credits: BoldGaming_yt_ttv

#28 Okay Then Damn

Image credits: customarymagic

#29 Note Left On Ambulance Windshield While They Were Responding To An Emergency

Image credits:

#30 The Nerve Of This Lady

Image credits: memezzer

#31 You Can’t Advertise Your Company For 40 Days, Because Catholics

Image credits: Yappyy

#32 Entitled Tourists Have Picnic In Front Of Geological Outcropping, Refuse To Move For Geology Students Trying To Survey The Region, Let Their Kid Deface The Cliff Swim In A Red Flag Beach (Where Swimming Is Banned) And Leave Their Food Wrappers And Plastic Plates On The Beach At An Sssi

Image credits: MadocAbOwain

#33 I Miss Him Too

Image credits: greenracer123

#34 Why Would You Think Putting Your Foot There Is Okey?

Image credits: bellisima123

#35 From My Local Police Department. Karen Calls 911 Cause The Pizza She Ordered Was Wrong

Image credits: MrCriminalScum

#36 A Baker Friend Of Mine Posted This Note Handed To One Of Her Servers This Evening…it’s A Vietnamese Restaurant With French Pastries And Bread…

Image credits: Teh_Best86

#37 I Can Break Merchandise Because They Are Slow….

Image credits: itsjustathot

#38 Entitled Old Man Taking Up A Disabled Spot And The Entrance Pathway For 15 Mins

Image credits: hereforthehumor

#39 My Favorite Dedicated Gluten Free Bakery (That Also Has Nut Free, Vegan, And Dairy Free Options) And One Of The Only Bad Reviews I’ve Ever Seen For Them

Image credits: onelonelywhumperfly

#40 This Lady Too Entitled To Respect Disabled People And Their Medical Equipment

Image credits: cherry-kid

#41 Found This Little Gem

Image credits: animavivere

#42 This Bar Has Seen Its Share Of Entitled People

Image credits: SunnyJar

#43 Karens Never Win

Image credits: kidzthesedys

#44 I Know That With The Snow You Can’t See The Lines But Damn

Image credits: _joellla

#45 Insane Daughter Wants To Commit Murder To “Save” Her Siblings From Vaccines

Image credits:

#46 Is This The Krusty Krab?

Image credits: my-surname-is-NASA

#47 Entitled Commissioner Thinks The Artist Should Keep The Project In Her House And Work On It There So She Can Personally Track Work Hours

Image credits: happythoughts413

#48 When Being An Influencer Has No Perks

Image credits: abbiezimmerman

#49 Man Flips A Person Out Of His Wheelchair For A Parking Spot

Image credits:

#50 Was Almost Surprised By The Level Of Entitlement

Image credits: PMmeSimpsonsmemes

#51 She Stood There The Whole Time In The Way Of 3 Old Ladies In Wheelchairs, And Didn’t Move When We Asked

Image credits: LogOutOfLife

#52 Hello To The Person Who Stole My Phone And Took A Malicious Amount Of Photo’s Of Your Face. Let’s See What Reddit Thinks Of You

Image credits: Deewzey

#53 So, This Is An Email I Got. (Cropped So I Don’t Get Her Email Address, Last Thing I Need Is More Of An Issue, This Is Only One Message Out Of Many)

Image credits: Candycornistheworst

#54 Why, Just Why?

Image credits: SassonEmam

#55 Entitled Person Thinks They Can Take Up A Tiny Cafe’s Only Large Table During Lunchtime With One Cup Of Tea Because Baby

Image credits: parttimehoepotato

#56 Family Takes Over Kids Playground (The Beach Is Right Below Them)

Image credits: ILikeSweetsTooMuch

#57 Entitled Teen On Snapchat

Image credits: pisstime

#58 A Tale As Old As Time

Image credits: raduniversity

#59 Somehow I’m Beginning To Think Parents Are Infantilizing Their Children More And More

Image credits: MrCriminalScum

#60 Found This Little Gem On Fb

Image credits: animavivere

#61 What Bugs Me Most About This Is That There’s Usually A Super Nice Guy In A Wheelchair Who Stays There And I Bet He Had To Move Because Of This Lovely Person

Image credits: RadEpicReddit

#62 Last Heard From This Guy (19) Nine Months Ago, When He Called My Best Friend (Green, 19m) A C**t On His Birthday Because Another Friend Was Late Picking Him Up For The Party

Image credits: PrettyPyro

#63 Massive Red Flag Already

Image credits: legend_kda

#64 If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

Image credits:

#65 Harassing The Work Crews To Get Power Back On

Image credits: Teabrat

#66 This Guy In First Class On The Shinkansen

Image credits: xterminate

#67 Ep Thinks Someone Should Not Celebrate Their Wedding Because Ep Got Married 17 Years That Same Day. Apparently Eternal Dibs Was Called.

Image credits: MayuMayhem

#68 Imagine Being Sued Because Your Neighbor Doesn’t Like What You Believe In

Image credits: Not-Trump007

#69 This Is Just Sad

Image credits: raduniversity

#70 There Was A $75 Reward For A Lost Cat

Image credits: enoxl

#71 Amazon Answers Never Fails To Make Me Laugh

Image credits:

#72 Do You Realize You Are Getting “Credentialed”

Image credits: thebiryaniboy

#73 I Hate This Review So Much I Want To Die

Image credits: duskyglider

#74 Wow.. I Just Can’t Believe That Some People Can Be So Ignorant..

Image credits: thedopedude13

#75 Nah It’s Fine We’ll Just Keep A Corpse On The Plane No Biggie

Image credits: EIykris

#76 Found This On R/Trashy, Thought It Belonged Here Too. A Company Was Trying To Dictate How Employees Spent Their Salary; Because It Might Look Bad On The Company

Image credits: Clockwork-Robot

#77 Lovely Woman Who’s A Regular On My Bus Decided To Bring Her Shopping Haul With Her On The Commute Home

Image credits: G_Merls

#78 You Win Some, You Lose Some

Image credits: Kwemott

#79 Review On Local Fish And Chip Shop

Image credits: Duttonm15

#80 Entitled First World Problems

Image credits: sexyghilliesuit

#81 Like, Ma’am, They Are Closed (Repost With Context, Sorry)

Image credits: lunarrust

#82 She Actually Got People To Do It!

Image credits: animavivere

#83 It’s Almost Like It’s A National Park

Image credits: lunarrust

#84 I’m A Dog Walker Who’s Posted A Part Time Position. Responded To This Woman To Find Out More…

Image credits: averagecrow

#85 “I Don’t Care If It Costs The Well-Being Of Hundreds Of Workers, I Want My Toy Now!”

Image credits: OneAppleBoi

#86 Because Parking In A Clearly Marked Reserved Spot And Getting Towed For It Is Hateful

Image credits: k1ckladder

#87 The Note Someone Left On My Car After Getting Towed Out Of My Spot

Image credits: AbsolutelyNotTupac


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