This Online Group Calls Out People Who Think They Know Better Than Years Of Science, Here Are 50 Of The Most Absurd Posts (New Pics)

Social media gave all of us a platform. And since everyone has an opinion on everything, we have to be more careful when consuming content—not all of it is valid.

Probably nothing proves this point better than the subreddit ‘Facebook Science.’ Gathering the dumbest statements they can find on the internet, its 50K members constantly show that there are no limits to human ignorance

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“[This online community is] about the science-denying pseudo-intellectuals who think they know better than centuries of scientific understanding and aren’t afraid to leave comments arguing even the most simple of concepts,” the subreddit’s moderators write on its ‘About’ page.

Theories? Evidence? Experiments? Reputable scientific methods aren’t welcome here. This is the epitome of “My friend in the bar says…”

For more painfully ridiculous false statements, check out Bored Panda’s first publication on the subreddit.

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#1 Bloody Muppets

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#2 *know

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Efforts to flood the world’s media with dishonest information or malicious content go to the very top.

Donald Trump derided any critical news coverage as “fake news” and his unwillingness to concede the 2020 presidential election eventually led to the January 6, 2021 riot at the US Capitol.

For years, radio host Alex Jones denounced the parents of children slaughtered in the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newton, Connecticut as “crisis actors.” On August 5, 2022 he was ordered by a jury to pay more than US$49 million in damages to two families for defamation.

#3 Who Wants To Start A Magnet Business With Me(Credits To R/Vaxxhappened)?

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#4 Someone Does Not Understand How Fruit Trees Are Seasonal

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#5 ‘disappears’

Image credits: Yunners

According to Mathieu O’Neil, Associate Professor at the News and Media Research Centre of the University of Canberra and Michael Jensen, Associate Professor at the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis of the University of Canberra, three schools of thought have emerged to address this issue.

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“The first suggests disinformation is so pervasive because distrust of traditional sources of authority, including the news media, keeps increasing,” the academics pointed out. “When people think the mainstream media is not holding industries and governments to account, they may be more likely to accept information that challenges conventional beliefs.”

#6 Worst Idea I’ve Ever Heard. Please Don’t Give Me The Vaccine, Oh No, Please Dont

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#7 This Is No Asteroid Hole

Image credits: Yunners

#8 Found This Recently

Image credits: knilz1

#9 Ow My Finances

Image credits: Antipop

“Secondly, social media platforms’ focus on engagement often leads them to promote shocking claims that generate outrage, regardless of whether these claims are true,” O’Neil and Jensen added.

“Indeed, studies show false information on social media spreads further, faster, and deeper than true information because it is more novel and surprising.”

#10 Ohio Back At It Again With The Real Science™

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#11 I Would Like To See Your Evidence, Lindsay

Image credits: Yunners

#12 The Article Is Making Fun Of You, Dale

Image credits: enenamas

#13 Facebook ‘Scientists’

Image credits: Rose275

And lastly, the role of hostile and deliberate disinformation tactics cannot be overlooked.

“Facebook estimates that during the 2016 US election, malicious content from the Russian Internet Research Agency aimed at creating division within the American voting public reached 126 million people in the US and worldwide,” O’Neil and Jensen said to illustrate this point.

#14 The Dumb S**t That Shows Up On My Facebook Feed

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#15 Covid 19 Does Exist

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#16 False Equivalency Bro

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#17 This Family Friend’s Facebook Account Is A Gem

Image credits: Rilzab

So what can we do? Bradley Crocker, Lecturer & Ph.D. Candidate in Health Psychology at McGill University, thinks that in order to be saved from misinformation, we need to be exposed to it.

“Efforts to remove and label misinformation on social media platforms may help, but a more pertinent question is whether these efforts can match the rapid pace of misinformation spread,” Crocker wondered. “In response to the growing pressure to control misinformation on their platforms, social media giants have generally relied on reactively removing or labeling false content after it’s widely noticed and reported.”

#18 Terrible Science, But I’d Watch This Movie

Image credits: Yunners

#19 Viruses Are A Myth

Image credits: Rose275

#20 “The Lack Of Humility Before Nature That’s Being Displayed Here, Uh… Staggers Me.”

Image credits: Yunners

#21 Corona Cult

Image credits: Rose275

Even if social media giants manage to crack down on misinformation on their platforms, what about the rest of the internet?

Rumble, for example, offered to host Joe Rogan on its video-streaming platform with no censorship.

What’s to stop content creators and common users from turning to websites that are outside the jurisdiction of democratic lawmakers?

#22 Biology Lesson

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#23 Til You Can Cure Cancer By Screaming In A Cave

Image credits: The_Duke_of_Ted

#24 F**k, I Must Have A Negative Iq Score

Image credits: dietcokeordeath

#25 Health Tips From The Insane

Image credits: TFG89

“If encountering online misinformation is inevitable, our best approach to mitigate its effects may be to improve users’ abilities to recognize and dismiss it,” Crocker said. “One of the most promising ways to do this uses experiential learning, stemming from something called inoculation theory.”

“Inoculation theory is based on an analogy between resistance to persuasion and resistance to contagious disease. Just as exposing individuals to a weakened pathogen helps to protect them against severe illness (vaccination), tactfully exposing individuals to weakened forms of misinformation can improve their ability to recognize and resist it.”

So I guess, in a way, the subreddit ‘Facebook Science’ is making the internet not only more fun but also safer.

#26 They Probably Think It’s Dead Babies

Image credits: Rose275

#27 No, He Would Be Dead

Image credits: jimmynuetronsdog

#28 The Government Wants To Control Your… Brians?

Image credits: Yunners

#29 That Settles It. The Fires Are Fooling Us

Image credits: Talibumm

#30 Manufactured Government Fog

Image credits: Yunners

#31 Wake Up

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#32 Yes, I’m Sure About That. You Forgot To Mention The Extremely Low Density Of The Atmosphere Up There

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#33 Engineers Are Bad

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#34 Just A Theory!

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#35 #idonotconsent

Image credits: Dorito_Troll

#36 Globe Lies

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#37 Expert Scientists Bad Because Fictional Boat Better Than Real Boat

Image credits: BirkMatt

#38 I Posted This On R/Flatearth Someone Told Me I Should Post It Here Too

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#39 Corona Hoax

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#40 Water Thoughts Only ?

Image credits: antonfabijan

#41 Yikes

Image credits: zoidbergssi

#42 It’s Just A Joke!!

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#43 This One Made Me Irrationally Angry

Image credits: TheAmazingKargol

#44 There’s A Lot To Unpack In This One

Image credits: ultramelia

#45 “I’m A Climate Denier. I Don’t Have To Be On The Defensive”

Image credits: bishslap

#46 Lmao My Kids Would Freak Out If I Taped This To Them

Image credits: generallyrelat1ve

#47 Vacines Bad

Image credits: Rose275

#48 This Was Posted Seriously

Image credits: TheOnlySpach

#49 Nasa Just Need To Use Toilet Seats, It’s Cheaper

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#50 I Cu Out There Not Using Copper Cups

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