This Online Group Has People Sharing Hilarious Moments When Feminists Shut Down Sexists Using Their Wit (53 Pics)

Misogyny, the term used to describe societal inequity, is evidenced by many everyday things, like the gendered wage gap, pink tax, lack of women in positions of power, and the unmistakable influence of patriarchy penetrating every level of our lives, from households to politics. Whether you’re being mansplained to or fall victim to the career-destroying prerogatives of men, it means that sadly, you’re no stranger to the ways misogynistic society operates.

But luckily there are many bright women and men out there who are not willing to put up with the sexist BS they witness or experience firsthand day to day. And out of the frustration, hilarious, spot-on, merciless, and witty comebacks are born to target any misogynistic remark.

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Scroll down to read through the most entertaining comebacks below that will remind us we don’t have to stay silent when someone is being a jerk.

#1 Perfect Response

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#2 This Is Allyship

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#3 Some Words From Maisie Williams

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Misogyny functions as an ideology or belief system that has accompanied patriarchal or male-dominated societies and continues to place women in subordinate positions with limited access to power and decision making. But thankfully, in present times, it’s not being taken lightly anymore as more and more women and men are willing to step up and challenge this ancient and inherently harmful belief.

#4 Personally… Marriage Means Nothing To Me

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#5 Hmmmmm

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#6 She’s Not Wrong

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But although the term has been all over the media in the past 5 years, its real meaning is still widely confused. Kate Manne, a Cornell philosophy professor and the author of “Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny” argues that misogyny is really not about male hostility or hatred towards women, as it’s commonly assumed. Instead, it’s about controlling and punishing women who challenge male dominance.

#7 They Are Probably Not Funny, Just A Terrible Person

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#8 Your Unsolicited Advice Doesn’t Matter To Anyone, My Dude

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#9 Owned

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In an interview with Vox, Kate explained: “There’s a tendency to define misogyny as this deep hatred in the heart, harbored by men toward girls and women. I define misogyny as social systems or environments where women face hostility and hatred because they’re women in a man’s world—a historical patriarchy.”

And what’s really alarming about misogyny is that it is something we practice almost unconsciously. The hostility towards women is something that’s a priori embedded in our culture where people internalize it through social norms and customs. In reality, it’s a trap for anyone born in an already misogyny-fueled society.

#10 When Autocorrect Only Recognizes Male Achievements

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#11 A Common Denominator

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#12 I’ve Never Heard This Explained So Succinctly

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According to Kate, such hostile behavior comes from the fact that many people feel attached to the positions they believe are their birthright. “When men think women are taking opportunities and privileges away from them, when they think women are challenging male dominance, you get backlash,” she explained.

#13 Mhm!

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#14 It’s Called Consent

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#15 Physical Respect Is A Right

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As a way of dealing with misogyny in society, Kate believes it all comes down to men in positions of power accepting that women can surpass them without having wronged them. At this point, we are still far from this point, but externalizing our discontent is crucial in making things better, hence every debate, whether IRL or online, is a small step towards an equal, respectful society.

#16 One Woman Lying…

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#17 Some Actions Do Have Dire Consequences

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#18 A Woman’s Place Is One Of Servitude

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#19 Boys Will Be Held Accountable For Their Actions

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#20 Marriage And Feminism

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#21 Accusations Ruin A Man’s Life

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#22 The Link Between Guns, Police And Violence Against Women In America

Image credits: Dearest_Caroline

#23 When Decent Behavior Doesn’t Come Easy

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#24 Happy 87th Birthday To The Legendary Rbg

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#25 When Men Think Everything Women Do Is For Them

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#26 Clap

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#27 “Give Me A Smile”

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#28 Mindblown

Image credits: alexalynnrogers

#29 Patriarchy Will Always Find A Way To Blame Women

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#30 Had To Be Said!

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#31 Lets Treat Women The Same Way

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#32 So Unfair

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#33 Truth

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#34 This Belongs Here

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#35 Turn That Mansplaining Into A Joke

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#36 Set Firm Boundaries

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#37 When Random Online Males Suffer From Correctile Dysfunction

Image credits: MistWeaver80

#38 Bennyboy Gets Rekt With Facts And Logic

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#39 That

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#40 New Day, Same Insult

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#41 No, Not Like That

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#42 Asking The Real Questions

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#43 Dudes…

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#44 Yes They Can Be

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#45 When Age Is Just A Number

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#46 Truth

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#47 It Really Is…

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#48 The Enemy Of Feminism Isn’t Men

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#49 When The Male Gaze Won’t Even Leave You Alone For A Coffee Run

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#50 Equity > Equality

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#51 It’s So Realistic!

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#52 “Give Us A Smi-“

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#53 When The Song Is Groovy But The Sentiment Is Just Not Right

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