This Online Group Is All About Explaining Film Plots Badly And Here Are 100 Of The Best ‘Worst’ Ones

The objective of a plot summary is to condense a large amount of information into a short, accessible format. It is not to reproduce the experience of reading or watching the story, nor to cover every detail. Rather, it should provide a general overview that fills in on the major points.

In Hollywood, good plot summaries entice potential viewers. They sell tickets. But on the Internet the rules are different.

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Take the subreddit r/ExplainAFilmPlotBadly for example. There, people compete who can create the worst plot summary. The rules are simple—pen something that is factually legit but in a way that would also disguise the title of the production you’re talking about. The longer the members of the subreddit are unable to guess what movie you have in mind, the better.

Here are some of the best worst submissions.

#1 Man Is Forced To Participate In The Rescue Of A Hostage By The Government, That Has Turned His Residence Into A Refugee Camp

Image credits: Skybots10

#2 Driver Wrecks Ford

Image credits: FoX_MoLdY

#3 Stylish Black Guy Shows Nerd How To Spend Less Time Online And Get A Girlfriend

Image credits: flocci_naucci

#4 Guy’s Wife Dies So He Gets High

Image credits: Almym

#5 Child Gets Abused For The First 10 Years Of His Life Then Gets Kidnapped By A Big Bearded Man On His 11th Birthday

Image credits:

#6 An Overweight Loner With Poor Hygiene And Social Skills Goes On A Quest To Get Rid Of The Minorities Invading His Homeland

Image credits: Jdoggcrash

#7 Boy Goes On A Trip To Meet His Family And Leaves Once He Ensures Two Of His Relatives Are Going To Have Sex

Image credits: thefilthyape

#8 A Group Of Midgets Go On A Hike To Get Rid Of Jewelry

Image credits:

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#9 32yo Teenager Supports Elderly Parental Figure By Selling Photos Of Self In Skin-Tight Clothing

Image credits: MightGetFiredIDK

#10 A Teenage Girl Marries A Foot Fetishist To Escape Her Abusive Family

Image credits: SleepingIsUnderrated

#11 112 Year Old Man Grooms 14 Year Old Girl Under The Watchful Eyes Of Her 16 Year Old Brother

Image credits: Alpha741

#12 Fe-Male

Image credits: jsilvy

#13 A Son Motorboats His Mom While The Sister Rides Her. Then There Is A Little Family Bondage. Finally The Whole Thing Culminates In The Dad Assisting With Some Big Black Penetration

Image credits: BaconConnoisseur

#14 A Retired Olympian Is Harassed By A Telekinetic Monster

Image credits: Dilarinee

#15 Man Murders Dozens Of Locals By Bombing Their Homes, Then Adds Insult To Injury By Returning With More (And Better) Weapons To Murder More Of Them. He Comes Clean By The End Of The Film

Image credits:

#16 Skinny Kid Makes A Black Friend, Father Doesn’t Approve

Image credits: Excaliber596

#17 In Pursuit Of Ultimate Power, A Purple Being Must Have A Young Woman Sacrifice. At The End Of The Film, The Purple Being Achieves Ultimate Power, But Is Severely Wounded In The Chest By A Vengeful Prince

Image credits: jsilvy

#18 Little Guy Works Overtime While Also Stealing Body Parts From His Dead Coworkers Before Ditching His Job To Go On A Cruise With His Unconscious Girlfriend

Image credits: davidfromthelobster

#19 The Big Bad Guy Kills The Main Bad Guy Because He Failed To Kill Their Bad Guy Who Was Almost Killed Trying To Kill A Bad Guy

Image credits:

#20 Extremely Rich People Didn’t Expect The Spanish Inquisition

Image credits: Lessandero

#21 Grandpa Wants To Make A Fortune Out Of Mosquitos

Image credits: PARhymE

#22 01001101 01101111 01100001 01101110 01100001 00100000 01100010 01110101 01110100 00100000 01001101 01100101 01111000 01101001 01100011 01100001 01101110 00100000

Image credits: thogolicious

#23 Girl Gets Engaged To The First Guy She Meets But Then Falls For Another Guy She Meets Later That Day

Image credits: TisMeBeinMe

#24 Declared Public Menace Kidnaps Child And Murders Elderly Celebrity Just To Fulfill A Fantasy Involving A Dead Woman

Image credits: ricarleite1

#25 A Kid Announces And Sings To The Whole World That He Can’t Wait For His Father To Be Dead So He Can Replace Him As The Leader Of Their Community

Image credits: jrfnavarro

#26 Lonely Guy Kills A Family Of European Immigrants Because He Saw One Of Them Smash His Favourite Bi*ch

Image credits: Triktastic

#27 Girl Uses 100% Of Her Brain To Get Adopted By A Better Parent

Image credits: Eyes_of_The_Lord

#28 Some Nerd Kisses His Sister And Fights His Dad

Image credits: throwawaybyebye17

#29 People Sleeping On An International Flight. Then They Get Off The Plane, Uneventfully

Image credits: Patient-Principle

#30 A Boy Drugs His Grandmother And Enlists An African Tribe To Tie Him Up And Squeeze All Of The Fluid Out Of Him So That He Can Pay Off A Debt To A Construction Development Company That Wants To Evict Him

Image credits: Aggressive_Muffin

#31 After His Big Sister Breaks His Favorite Toy, An Orphaned Boy Runs Away To Stay With A Friend. After A Few Weeks, He Returns To Get Revenge And With His Friend’s Help He Kills His Sister’s Dog And Burns Down Their Home With Her Still Inside

Image credits: Thegingerkid01

#32 Two Mothers, Black And White, Fight Over The Black’s Reproductive Rights

Image credits: IntelligentPredator

#33 Everyone Tries The Ice Bucket Challenge

Image credits: Clever_Username06

#34 Man Gets His Lifetime Crush Killed, Spends Rest Of His Life Plotting To Save Her Son’s Life

Image credits: cheesybread336

#35 Young Girl Takes The Last Name Of Her Hard-Core Crush. Almost Gets Killed Because Of It

Image credits: PossiblyDumb66

#36 Rock Brings Rock To A Rock

Image credits: curlyvltr

#37 Man Denied Promotion; Massaceres Children

Image credits: Xx_k4ng4r00_xX

#38 Two Naked Factory Workers Run From The Authorities After Kidnapping A Kid

Image credits: RikCooper

#39 A Professional Athlete Develops Stockholm Syndrome After The Residents Of A Small Town Holds Him Against His Will

Image credits: doctormisterio19

#40 A Hard Working Prodigy Is Denied A Legendary Promotion, Punished For Displaying His Disapproval, Only To Have That Position Given To A Complete Greenhorn

Image credits: Mazbin

#41 A Gang Comes Together To Bully The Little Brother Of One Of Them

Image credits: Darhty

#42 Boy Gets Psychologically Tortured Until He Learns To Beat Something With Sticks Correctly

Image credits: mydogs7thnipple

#43 This Movie Is One Part Tom And Jerry, One Part Harry Potter, And One Part Foot Fetish

Image credits: The-Pokester

#44 A Young Mother Dies Of Aids After Encouraging A Friend’s Running Career

Image credits: tasteslikechimp

#45 Socially Isolating Children Creates Adults Who Make Poor Decisions

Image credits: buzz1627

#46 The President Of China Searches For A Friend’s Missing Body Part While Slowly Starving To Death

Image credits: Omboreas

#47 A Survival Of The Fittest Contest Inside A Sweatshop, Winner Gets The Sweatshop

Image credits: ziv_hamagniv

#48 A Group Of Deformed Teenagers Battle A Gang Of Body Parts LED By A Piece Of Office Equipment

Image credits: boy_yeets_world

#49 Jesus Is A Furry And Decides To Give Power To A Bunch Of Kids

Image credits: jsilvy

#50 A Creepy Old Man Finally Achieves His Goal Of Being Able To Touch A 14 Year Old Boy

Image credits: Goodzon

#51 A Failed Retired Old White Man Teaches A Promising Black Highschooler How To Be Like Him

Image credits: MYZS

#52 Middle-Aged Environmentalist Tries To Collect Colorful Rocks But Is Challenged By Men With Facial Hair

Image credits: ForkMinus1

#53 12 Year Old Kid Breaks Into Kids Homes After The Parents Leave Then Proceeds To Give The Kids “Magic Dust” That Makes The Go High As A Kite, Then He Kidnaps Them And Brings Them To A Place Where They Will Never Grow Up Filled With Murders And Racist Furries

Image credits: jepedo-just-jepedo

#54 A Father Is Widowed When A Serial Killer Cannibalizes His Wife And Most Of His Children. Months Later, After Losing His Last, Disabled Son Due To A Boating Incident At Sea, A Mentally-Challenged Woman Is His Only Hope To Finding Him

Image credits: jkk45k3jkl534l

#55 Guy Is Trained In The Use Of Fingers By Older Woman

Image credits: Gridiron27

#56 A Gang Beats Up A Man Of Colour For Trying To Improve Everyone’s Lives

Image credits: R3tr0M3m3s

#57 The Town’s Most Eligible Bachelor Gets Turned Down By A Girl Who’s Into Furries, So He Tries To Kill Her New Boyfriend

Image credits: keirmeister

#58 The Hero Only Wins Because He Saved Before The Final Boss

Image credits:

#59 A Group Of Schoolteachers Take Their New Friend To Beat Up A Holocaust Survivor And His Buddies

Image credits: Someoneoverthere42

#60 This 2001 Movie Can Be Summarized As “Put That Thing Back Where It Came From, Or So Help Me!”

Image credits: The-Pokester

#61 Popular Jock Has Anger Issues, Drops Out From School, Marries His High School Girlfriend And Becomes A Cop

Image credits: user7526

#62 A Cowboy And His Dog And 2 Teens Blow Up Their Asthmatic Father’s Office

Image credits: _B0b4_F3tt_

#63 Rich Kid Leaves Home Due To Abusive Uncle, Gets Adopted By Nihilistic Gay Couple

Image credits: Cye_sonofAphrodite

#64 An Overweight Chef Slaughters A Snow Leopard Because His Turtle Died

Image credits: user7526

#65 A Weeb, 30s Movie Fan, Ballerina, Fat Guy, Cartoon, And Middle Schooler Walk Into A Garage

Image credits: Pizzamaster199

#66 A Blonde Woman Named Elsa With Germanic Origins Has A Famous Scene Where The Phrase “Let It Go” Is Uttered

Image credits: The-Pokester

#67 The Spice Girls Try To Add A Boy To Their Group. He Runs Away, Ends Up Overdosing, And Takes Over The World

Image credits: RobbKyro

#68 A School Boy Constantly Gets A Free Pass For His Rule Breaking Because His Gay Principle Takes A Liking To Him

Image credits: The-Pokester

#69 Man Tries To Buy A Sculpture With His Dad’s Old Stuff, But Fails When His Sister Is Caught Crossdressing

Image credits: NinjolasNJM

#70 Take Your Son To Work Day Ends With The Dad Killing His Boss

Image credits: acoyne1

#71 Man Isn’t Qualified For The Job, But He Needs It Nevertheless, So He Seals A Pact With A Strange Creature To Grant Him The Power To Get Through The Challenges Ahead

Image credits:

#72 Two Wizards Get Into A Fight. One Wizard Decides To Get High, And Leaves The Other One To Light Up Alone

Image credits: TheLovingNightmare

#73 The Town Thinks The Old-Fashioned Sheriff Murdered The Mysterious Modern Stranger. The Sheriff And The Newcomer Have To Put Aside Their Differences When They’re Kidnapped By A Murderous Sociopath

Image credits: why___not___zoidberg

#74 Man Has His Inner Voice Surgically Removed, Gives It To A 60 Year Old Obsessed With A Little Girl

Image credits: Eran-of-Arcadia

#75 Guy Has House Party, Robs A Crackhead, Breaks Into A Massive Vault, And Fights A Bunch Of Rival Gangs

Image credits: jsilvy

#76 A Father Wants His Reluctant Son To Help In The Family Business. Eventually The Son Gives His Dad A Hand

Image credits:

#77 Religious Cult Uses A Child Soldier To Blow Up A Corporation’s Headquarters To So They Can Restore The Monarchy

Image credits: SploonTheDude

#78 4 New Yorkers Get Stranded On A Tropical Island And One Of Them Tries To Turn It Into A Donner Party When He Gets High And Has A Really Bad Case Of The Munchies

Image credits: LordWeaselton

#79 He Skips His Eye Exam, Destroys The Office, Delivers A Baby, Receives A Royal Last Will And Testament, Smashes Up A Jewelry Store, And Finally Kills A Dude Over His Snack. Bot Bad For A First Day On The Job

Image credits: BaconConnoisseur

#80 Guy Simps So Hard, He Fights Against An Oxygen Company Just To Get Laid

Image credits: Kman14070

#81 .dlroW ehT fO dnE ehT tneverP oT smiA noitarepO terceS

Image credits: CheesyObserver

#82 Man Is Dying, So He Becomes An Alcoholic And Spirals Until He Saves Himself. Another Guy Wants A Bird

Image credits: StormfistMusic

#83 Man Finally Gets Head From His Wife While A Black Guy Watches

Image credits:

#84 Everyone Tries To Keep A Single Dad From Snapping

Image credits: RedHood000

#85 A Man Is Able To See The Future But Everybody Ridicules Him Instead Of Helping, Resulting In The Death Of His Wife

Image credits: ScheidNation21

#86 Failed Actor Falls Off A Truck In The Middle Of Nowhere And Goes On A Heatstroke Filled Adventure With Some Animals He Later Falls In Love With

Image credits: chrisboi1108

#87 Girl Almost Falls In Love With A Creepy Incel Who Poses As Her Father’s Ghost

Image credits: rentalrabbit

#88 Two Boys Build Stuff While Their Pet Bullies A Pharmacist

Image credits: AnthonyTheIntrovert

#89 Older Sister Ruins Younger Sister’s Chances Of Appearing On Television

Image credits: Cruisingkid54

#90 Two Kids Become Friends And Then Take A Shower Together

Image credits: Paw_s

#91 A Creature With Tentacles Sends An Even Bigger Creature With Tentacles To Suck On People. And This Is Not Japanese P*rn

Image credits: The-Pokester

#92 European Sports Star Asks Out Pretty But Nerdy 14 Year Old

Image credits: TheQcumber69

#93 So It Turns Out There’s This World With Witches And Wizards And Magic And Stuff Right Along Side Our World. Main Character Grew Up Without Knowing They Were A Part Of It. Trains To Use Magic And Fly On Fancy Modern Looking Brooms. Eventually Defeats The Bad Dude With A Creepy Grey-Skinned Face

Image credits: Anon-Ymous929

#94 2 Guys 1 Cup

Image credits: dangergypsy

#95 It Takes 63 Minutes For The Movie’s Title To Actually Start

Image credits: Blastspark01

#96 Orphan Likes To Dress Up At Night, Tie And Punish Naughty Boys

Image credits: MrCastielPT

#97 My Dad Is Dead.. Wait No He’s Not. Yes He Is. No He’s Not. Hol Up My Friend Is My Dad

Image credits: garbonzobean22

#98 A Monarch Illegally Breaks Into Another Nation, Kidnaps Their Leader And Steals Their Identity, Wreaks Havoc On Their Country And Survives An Assassination Attempt, And In The End Learns The Lesson That You Should Never Change And You Should Only Stay With Your Own Kind

Image credits: The-Pokester

#99 Coloured Man Is Segregated From Society Until He Takes Down A Ruthless Dictator And Saves The Girl

Image credits: R3tr0M3m3s

#100 A Lamb Makes A Racist World By Giving People Cocaine

Image credits: Jwhysall


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