This Week's Crash Course: Pro Tips for Designing 3D Printed Flexures

If you’re interested in learning to design and 3D print flexures, here’s a chance to save hours or days of experiments, not to mention print spools. In this week’s Core77 Crash Course, 3D printing maven Akaki Kuumeri will break down his tips, tricks and principles for creating 3D printed flexures that work.

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You’ll go way beyond living hinges to create parts that can bend, twist, warp and spring back to their original position, bringing the power and freedom of compliant mechanisms to your designs. Instead of dealing with axles, gears and assemblies, you can use clever design and less parts to realize your projects. Akaki will cover his favorite “flexure primitive” that you can use to build your own designs off of, and he’s got plenty of examples to get you inspired.

Pro Tips for Designing 3D-Printed Flexures

Wednesday, April 27th at 1PM EDT (GMT -4)

Kuumeri will present for 30-45 minutes, and afterwards you can participate in the live 10-15 minute Q&A.

Registration is free! Sign up using the form at the top of the post.

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