TikTokers Share “3 Low-Key Red Flags In Women” All Men Should Be Aware Of, Spark A Heated Debate

When starting a relationship, people tend to choose partners based on qualities that are subjectively important, thus trying to assure better compatibility. That is why some of them look not only for things they like in a potential companion but also for so-called red flags. These indicators might become warning signs of possible obstacles in their happily ever after. But do red flags always mean an end to the relationship?

A famous personal coach, writer, and content creator, David De Las Morenas, and his wife Julia discussed this topic on TikTok. In a video that went viral, they shared insight on three things he deemed red flags in women and expanded on how they can affect a couple’s relationship. After attracting over 700k views, the video sparked a buzz online and got people falling into two camps about it.

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TikTokers singled out three things they consider red flags in women in a video that went viral

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“Number one: She fails to thank you or show you any type of gratitude”

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“If you’re hanging out with a girl and you notice that she never says thank you when you pay for the bill, or just to say that she appreciates you, you gotta move on. She’s not gonna change, and then you’re gonna end up resenting her.”

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“Number two: She has male friends”

“Aside from some very rare scenarios when a guy and a girl are talking, it is not platonic.”

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“And even if she’s not interested in him, he’s probably interested in her and then she likes having that validation. The point is, if a girl has male friends that she regularly sees or even just texts with, that’s the type of girl who’s always gonna have one foot out the door in a relationship.”

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“Number three: She manipulates you in small ways”

“If you’ve already hung out with a girl a few times and she’s still down to keep hanging out, but she will literally never text you first, she’s low-key trying to force and maintain this dynamic where you’re the one who’s gonna be chasing her forever.”

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“When she uses the line, ‘guys I’ve seen in the past would never do that,’ she’s making you feel bad for whatever boundary you’re trying to set with her by talking about guys she’s seen in the past. She’s trying to force you to be jealous.”

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The topic sparked a heated discussion, some people agreed with the TikTokers

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People on the opposing side also shared their views

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