Top Ten Product Categories With the Most Fake Reviews on Amazon

As with Good, Cheap and Fast, a website called seeks to make online shopping easier by weeding out the fake reviews for you. They make it pretty easy: You simply paste the link of the product you’re looking at into a box on their website, and it returns a letter grade rating the authenticity of the reviews.

As Fakespot is in the business of dealing with fakes–at press time they’ve claimed to have analyzed some 2,991,177,728 reviews–they’ve compiled a list of the top ten product categories with the most fake reviews on Amazon. We thought it would interest you to see, so here it is:

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Top 10 Products with the most faked reviews on Amazon:

Consumer Electronics

1. Wireless Headphones/Earbuds

2. Phone Cases and Screen Protectors

3. Smart Watches

4. Phone Charging Cables

5. 3rd Party Apple Accessories / any other known brand (Fitbit, Gopro, Garmin)


6. Makeup

7. Anti-aging creams

8. Hair-loss products


9. Popular sneakers from Adidas or Nike

Supplements and Vitamins

10. Any supplements or vitamins claiming wondrous medical benefits in the reviews


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