Toward2030, What are you doing? Art Competition Results

An art competition that aims to bring sustainability to the forefront of our united future across the world, Toward2030, What are you doing?, has recently finished its inaugural edition. Set on Instagram for easier, more transparent global coverage, the contest received over 400 submissions working around one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN. The final round judges recently picked the finalists for each goal, as well as the general Youth and Over 18 category winner (the Grand Prize winner wins €10,000).

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“The mission was to encourage artists to consider their work through the filter of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We couldn’t realize our efforts for 2020 in public space, and so we adapted with an online project to unite artistic and sustainability communities in a positive and meaningful way during Covid.” – remarked Charlotte Pyatt, Creative Director of the Toward Tomorrow campaign – “Of the many aspects I am proud of for TOward TOmorrow, I am inspired and humbled by the trust, energy and awe-inspiring work of the incredible 17 organizations we were able to align with. This was one of the most challenging aspects of this project, but certainly one of the most rewarding in demonstrating creatively and practically how art can mobilize people toward action. The level of engagement and support we have received from artists has been overwhelming, a true celebration of the transformative power of culture and its ability to affect meaningful change in the world.”

An international panel of art and sustainability ambassadors were appointed to select the winning artist, including Francesca Lavazza (Lavazza Group), Evan Pricco (Juxtapoz Magazine), Martha Cooper (photographer), Marina Ponti (UN SDG Action Campaign), and Wisam Salsaa (the Walled off Hotel), who worked closely with 17 NGOs. With all these organizations frequently using art as a bridge to urgent action to generate support and awareness for their respective causes while championing the power of culture, the competition was a playful way to address the global issues recently exacerbated by the pandemic. Also, the contest was supported by Juxtapoz, Art and SDG ambassador Art Helps, and the United Nations SDG global Action campaign.

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That's my entry for #sdg3 #sdg3goodhealthandwellbeing ~ Here is my drawing shows the real sacrifice , Super heroes : DOCTORS !! This is an art collab with the talented artists : @kitty_color_draw_81 @nuradraws @art_bymilka pls check their amazing drawings out they're so cool tbh?? ~ Since I've seen this pic it has touched my heart so i was want to draw it and I'm so happy that I've done it , I'm so proud of how it looks tbh!! My friend's mom is ill with this virus she had many hard days but now she's getting better I'm so happy for that , but can u pray for her bc she can't live without her mom and I can't bare seeing her suffer anymore bc her mom !!))❤️ ~ I know u all are going in many hard situations but we all need to help and support each other bc we're a family . So how u feel now guys ?!And what are the most things that ur thinking about ?! Ofc u can write me anything here or in DMs .Just be sure ur not alone bc we all here to help and support u .. Stay safe and strong !))❤️#towardtomorrowyouth #towardtomorrow

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For the Youth category (winner of €1000 in art supplies), the jury selected Sara Shatat from Palestine who submitted a work themed around SDG3, Good Health and Wellbeing from Palestine. “Since I’ve seen this pic it has touched my heart so I was want to draw it and I’m so happy that I’ve done it, I’m so proud of how it looks tbh!! My friend’s mom is ill with this virus she had many hard days but now she’s getting better I’m so happy for that, but can u pray for her bc she can’t live without her mom and I can’t bear seeing her suffer anymore bc her mom!!” – Sara Shatat

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Something has happened…that I am struggling to comprehend. … I took a creative idea based on @toward.2030 call for creative reaction to the @unitednations 17 Sustainable Development Goals…and I sprayed a poster to represent the symbiotic nature of Peace + Justice for the #towardtomorrow competition. … Today I have been selected as the winner of the competition… … I am in shock… … It is hard for me to express how I feel having my poster chosen from amongst the amazing art and creative work from around the world, all each exceptional responses to the #sdggoals … I am honoured to count myself among these creatives. … This will take a long time to sink in. … I can not express my gratitude enough to @toward.2030 @sdgaction @juxtapozmag @arts_helps @lavazzaofficial and @charlotte_pyatt I will forever be deeply touched by @abladeofgrassorg for choosing my poster to represent #sdg16 Peace, Justice + Strong Institutions …one day Peace+Justice will be strong together. … Thank you ? … #pricklysauce52

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For the Over 18 and Grand Prize winner of 10,000 Euro, the jury selected @PricklySauce for his work themed around SDG16, Peace Justice and Strong Institutions. “I felt it needed an impactful image that represented the relationship between these two states……it is my hope that it is a truism that Justice is Just when it is part of a society that is at Peace…there is a relationship between the two…and I wanted to explore a way to represent this relationship.” – PricklySauce

You can see all the finalists for this year’s competition below.

SDG1 @roula.abdo
SDG17 – striderpatton
SDG16 @pricklysauce
SDG15 @dkashtalyan
SDG14 @ajax_atlas
SDG13 @khingscollage
SDG12 @mean_kaari
SDG11 Gabriel Pitcher
SDG10 @malak_mattar_artist
SDG9 @chiaraboragineart
SDG8 out.iam
SDG7 @ladymags and @alynn
SDG6 @ooss_ooss_ooss
SDG5 @jofre.oliveras
SDG4 Adriana Delfin Art
SDG3 @dustyart_

SDG2 Niuku

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