Transform Your Walls + Acoustics With Felt Right

Transform Your Walls + Acoustics With Felt Right

Felt Right’s felt tiles and boards are fun and full of potential, and it’s difficult to think otherwise after talking to the man behind the vision, Talley Goodson. Founded in 2020, Felt Right helps you create customized spaces that look and sound great. Made from high-quality PET with at least 50% recycled content, each colorful tile and board has a beautiful wool-like appearance.

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Offices, classrooms and kid’s rooms are great places to use these easy to clean pieces. And while Felt Right aims to improve your wall decor, there are plenty of uses outside the box: pin boards, headboards and recording studios to name a few. Tiles on a single wall will noticeably improve on a room’s overall acoustics, perfect for drowning out loud neighbors or your own noise. Felt Right pieces are easy to install and require minimal tools, each tile or board is affixed to the wall with adhesive tabs and can be moved and reattached if you’d like to change things up.

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You’re probably thinking it would be easy to get overwhelmed with 26 colors, several shapes and sizes of pieces and endless design possibilities. Thankfully, Felt Right spent a lot of time creating its easy-to-use platform that allows you to buy as is, edit existing designs or start from scratch. You’ll also find customer submitted layouts that might help get your own juices flowing.


This Spring, Felt Right collaborated with Lori Weitzner on a fresh palette. Instead, she went above and beyond and created two – Early Spring Pastels and Full Bloom Spring. Weitzner’s approach to color includes connecting the shades that surround us to our senses, because color communicates on an emotional level.

Felt Right is committed to providing design solutions that are innovative, reasonably priced and sustainably made. Responsible manufacturing and customizable designs help bring our creativity to life while doing right by the planet.

children's bedroom

bulletin board

bulletin board

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two stacks of felt tiles

Lori Weitzner’s Early Spring Pastels and Full Bloom Spring color palettes

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