Ukrainian Policemen Pull Puppy Out Of Rubble And Return It To 77-Year-Old Owner Who’d Lost Everything Else

We have reached day 50 of the Russo-Ukrainian war. The numbers of refugees, deaths, lost machinery and destroyed buildings continues to rise, the war seeming far from over. But in the middle of devastation, uplifting stories keep shining through the black clouds.

From Ukrainians cleaning up the countries that have provided them refuge, to people driving zoo animals to safety in their vans, we continue to gain hope that all is not lost. And for one elderly man whose house had been destroyed, that thought came to the forefront as his little puppy was retrieved from the rubble alive and well.

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Amid the harrowing news coming out of the Russo-Ukrainian war, a bit of sunshine comes through as a puppy is rescued and returned to its 77-year-old owner

Image credits: Поліція Донецької області

A video has come forth of a tiny puppy being pulled out from the rubble of a bombed home in eastern Ukraine. Emergency services wasted no time in trying to rescue the dog after its 77-year-old owner, having luckily escaped the house just in time, found his best friend missing.

After the shelling of a small village near Donetsk, police rushed to the scene in the hopes of helping victims

Image credits: Поліція Донецької області

Police quickly arrived after the shelling ended and, after hearing a timid squeal from below piles of bricks, began digging at the rubble. The men were on their knees, hands grasping at every brick and pile of dirt with vigor as they aimed to rescue what was buried underneath.

Although the 77-year-old had escaped the shelling, he was missing his best friend. Hearing noises coming from the rubble, the police went to work

Image credits: Поліція Донецької області

Digging at the ground with vigor, the small head of a puppy emerged, gasping for air

Image credits: Поліція Донецької області

Soon, a tiny black dog emerged, the poor thing covered in dust and gasping for air. But once completely out of the debris, the pup could still stand and was, most importantly, alive. The officers then took it into their arms, trying to wipe away some of the dust that had turned the black pup gray.

The policeman wasted no time in scooping the pup up and out of the remaining rubble

Image credits: Поліція Донецької області

Everyone was rejoicing at the find, trying to wipe away the remaining dust that had turned the black pup grey

Image credits: Поліція Донецької області

An officer carried the exhausted pup with a smile on his face back to his awaiting owner, not before stopping for pets from the cameraman

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Image credits: Поліція Донецької області

An officer then affectionately carried the pup to its awaiting owner, stopping by the cameraman who gave it some pets, calling it ‘красавица’ or little beauty.

The police shared the video on their official Facebook page, stating that “every life is important.” They did not lose hope in trying to find the puppy and they were victorious.

The man was filled with gratitude for the officers, thanking them for their quick arrival at the scene

Image credits: Поліція Донецької області

The dog’s owner was incredibly grateful to Donetsk’s Regional Police officers for their quick response and service, saying words of thanks whilst holding his beloved dog: “Thanks to the boys for doing everything quickly and promptly here. Thanks a lot to them!”

The man and the dog were provided with medical care and although they came out of the shelling bruised and shaken, they’re both alive and well, considering the circumstances and other potential outcomes.

Both the man and puppy were seen by medics and escaped with mere bruises; the same cannot be said for others

Image credits: Поліція Донецької області

Donetsk’s Police finished the statement with: “Russia’s war crime is documented. They will be responsible before the law for every rocket and shell released on civilians.”

The shells attacked homes in the village of Mikhailovka, Donetsk region, on April 12th, and seeing their regrouping and rebuilding of arms at the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine, this may not be the last incident of this kind.

The police and law enforcement officials have been crucial, evacuating some and taking care of others who have to stay

Image credits: Поліція Донецької області

Police officers and law enforcement officials are crucial help for people who’ve remained in their homes or are trying to evacuate. They continue to provide food and supplies to Ukrainians, as well as stepping in to help anyone who has been hurt.

In another post, the Donetsk Regional Police stated that “police officers are walking a dangerous path and have looked into the eyes of death several times. But they are not cowards.” Their service and the bravery of the Ukrainian people must be commended.

The incident is one of many where shells have hit houses, injuring and killing innocent people

Image credits: Поліція Донецької області

We’d seen a similar story of a husky reuniting with their owner after being lost amid the streets of Bucha. The horrors that have been discovered there have shown the true colors of this war, and regardless of war psychology, the need to see the enemy as ‘other’, it is difficult to see that any notion of humanity has left the conversation.

The war rages on. News keeps coming in of new developments and insights from professionals and it is important to keep a close eye on it all.

As reported by The Guardian, the most significant moves to come out in the last few days are the regrouping of Russian forces in the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine, indicating a change in tactic, Zelenskiy calling to Europe for an oil embargo and alternative energy sources to Russia, war crimes investigations ensuing in the northern parts of Ukraine from which Russian soldiers have retreated, and lastly, Sweden and Finland will be deciding whether to join Nato.

As the war progresses, most of us are stuck observing the next moves and outcomes, regardless of our efforts to help

Image credits: Поліція Донецької області

The last bit has garnered the attention of Russia, which has warned Nato that if Finland and Sweden were to join the military alliance, then it would take measures in the Baltic, leading to no more nuclear-free status in the Baltic. These might be empty threats, considering the importance of an information and rhetorical war against Ukraine’s potential allies, however, it is difficult not to be alarmed.

On one hand, the strengthening of the Nato alliance holds no direct impact on Russia, unless the latter decides to attack a country that is in the alliance first. However, we’ve seen the media and information manipulation that Russia is capable of, it is not too outlandish to think that they’d find a protective measure to be an offensive one, causing the war to further spiral out of control. But let’s keep the speculation for those that are more knowledgeable on the topic.

Yet, we must stay strong and humane in the face of evil, showing kindness to each life, whether big or small

Image credits: Поліція Донецької області

We continue to hope for the best outcome possible, the end of death and destruction of the lives of innocents. Other than hope, we can remain human in our kindness and regard for each and every life, whether big or small. If you’d like to support Ukraine, here is a list of resources.

You can watch the full video here

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