Unusual Furniture Design: This High-Backed Tea Chair

This unusual and unnamed chair was created by Swedish furniture designer/builder OD Form, a/k/a Olof Davidsson:

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Here’s Davidsson putting it together:

I couldn’t find much about Davidsson himself, other than that he holds an unnamed degree from Sweden’s Capellagården School of Crafts & Design, as well as a Bachelor´s in Crafts & Design from Linköping University. Frustratingly, there is no description of the chair nor of Davidsson’s intent. I suppose the work is meant to speak for itself. He does, however, show you that he designed the chair (and rather a lot of iterations) using the Shapr3D app:

Davidsson’s Instagram, filled with his wonderful wooden creations, is well worth a browse. He also sells plans to some of his designs (though not the chair shown here) on his website.

Source: core77

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