UX Design Improvements Spotted in 2022

Never mind digital UX—there are plenty of objects, whether new or long-established, that need better physical UX. Here are some design adjustments that yielded just that—and a couple that need some help.

A hip flask where you can actually see how much you’re pouring into it, or how much is left.

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DropRacks, roof racks that safely lower the cargo to you.

A “chairless chair” for factory workers and laborers.

A plug-in safety timer with visual indicator.

This portable speaker concept tackles the multiple-pairings issue with physical controls.

This DIY hemp lighter features a one-handed extinguishing operation.

This Speed-Feed Design makes loading string trimmers super easy.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Samsung’s designers rethink the portable projector’s form factor.

This German lawnmower with an innovative tilting/folding handle design.

The Collis Curve Toothbrush allows those with cognitive/developmental disabilities to brush their teeth thoroughly.

A self-following robot that relies on a physical tether, not complicated sensors, to maintain distance and know when to start and stop.

An easier way to navigate: what3words gives every location on earth a three-word code, easier than punching in coordinates.

The TourBox Elite, a UI add-on with all the controls.

Microbiome testing wipes make stool sample collection easier.

How can you walk in the real world while using VR? No one yet knows, but these boots are an early attempt.

And finally, an insane example of when a UX desire trumps common sense and practical matters: This hilarious vacuum-powered laundry chute system.

Source: core77

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