Virtual Pants Cover You if You "Forget" to Wear Pants During a Zoom Meeting

As Alex is fond of reminding me, it is because of me and me alone that Neatorama has a virtual dress code. Pants are mandatory and said pants must “extend to at least the knees and not be skin-tight”. The incident that led to the proclamation of this dress code could have been avoided if I had access to this custom application by YouTuber Everything Is Hacked.

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He previously made a keyboard-like interface that can be controlled with facial expressions and, in fact, used it to make this particular Zoom modification. The application detects the area of your body below the waist and superimposes virtual pants upon it. You can change the color of your virtual pants but, the programmer stresses, you cannot turn sideways without the virtual pants virtually falling off.

As a backup plan, consider wearing pants and virtual pants during your work Zooms.

-via Born in Space

Source: neatorama

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