Want to Sleep in a Jeep? The Oryx Platform Alternative to Rooftop Tents

If you’re a Jeep lover who’s into car-based camping, your main option for sleeping is a rooftop tent. But “Our founders were frustrated with the obvious shortcomings of rooftop tents,” writes a company called Oryx Platform.

“The expense, the high center of gravity, the fact that you need to buy a $1200 roof rack before you even buy the tent, the fact that once you get one installed it still takes over five minutes to setup and, even then, you end up tortured by the noise of the nylon tent walls flapping in the wind all night. We wanted a better alternative, and we didn’t want to compromise the off-road performance of our vehicles.”

Looking below the roofline rather than above, they figured out how to fit a horizontal surface above the seats, but below the roll cage.

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The corner of the platform above the driver’s seat is hinged, so that you can still have a place to sit after the bed’s been deployed. It also provides a convenient way to hop up into the bed.

What I’m most impressed by is that they really thought through how just one person could easily set this up without any help:


Source: core77

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