Warrington Pattern Hammers

First, apologies for a second sales post in one day. Tune in tomorrow for more words about woodworking.

Second, we now have our new Warrington Pattern Hammer in stock (as well as 1:4 Dovetail Templates and Pinch Rods).

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This small hammer (the head is about 4 ounces) is ideal for setting and sinking small nails. The cross-peen (sometimes called the cross-pane) starts the nail. You hold the nail between your thumb and forefinger and strike it with the peen. (The peen misses your fingers and hits the nails.) Then you turn the hammer around and finish the job with the hammer’s round face. The cross-peen is also ideal when setting moulding planes. And the Warrington is an excellent plane-setting hammer. Its weight and size are perfect for making lateral adjustments to block planes or bench planes.


Source: lostartpress.com

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