Watching a Single, Very Special Screw Being Made from Scratch

Clickspring is the name of a YouTube channel run by Chris, an Australian mechanical engineer who’s become obsessed with machining fine objects. That in turn led him to clockmaking, with which he had no experience. “I don’t have any formal training as a machinist, or clockmaker,” Chris says.

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“But the thing about the modern digital world is that if you’re motivated enough, you can basically teach yourself. So when this obsession with clocks started to emerge, I just went out and tracked down every bit of information I could find. There is so much information out there. When I get stuck on something I track down an expert, and then grill them. Most people are very generous with their time, especially machinists and clockmakers. They know what you’re going through.”

Following this pattern of self-education, Chris has gotten himself to the level where he can produce a gorgeous fastener like this:

The screw’s function? It’s part of a Byzantine sundial calendar Chris is working on. If you’d like to see more of his work, you’ve got multiple choices:

1. Long-form narrated YouTube videos.

2. Short ‘n sexy unnarrated YouTube clips like the one above.

3. Chris’ Patreon.

Source: core77

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