When Everyday Carry Becomes Everything Carry

“Everyday Carry” was once the idea that you carried a few useful objects around to help you tackle unexpected challenges. However, the movement has completely hijacked the “gatherer” instinct in hunter/gatherer-minded folks, leading them to amass gigantic collections of pocket-sized objects. So what do you do when your EDC outnumbers your pockets?

What you do is, of course, buy another thing. This Vault 2.0 is like a briefcase for EDC objects, so you can carry dozens of flashlights, butterfly knives, titanium carabiners, tactical pens etc., all at once in a series of elastic-festooned panels.

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The Vault 2.0 comes in three sizes. The largest, the MaxHaul, can carry an absurd “120+” objects.

It’s up on Kickstarter, and gee, whaddaya know? It landed $128,000+ at press time, with four days left to pledge. Everyday Carry has become Everything Carry.

Source: core77

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