Why Many American Recipes Call for One Clove of Garlic

People from many cultures look at American recipes that call for one clove of garlic and they laugh. One clove? It seems like a waste of a clove. If a recipe requires garlic, then it should be an entire head. However, the folks who write those recipes have their reasons. On one side are the cooks who assume that people will adjust the recipe to their own tastes, or at least they will eventually. On the other side are chefs who don’t want to turn off cooks who aren’t used to garlic or may be afraid that it will overwhelm the dish. There are other reasons why recipe writers may hold back on the garlic even though they use much more of it themselves, which you can read about at Eater. -via Digg

How do you approach garlic in a new recipe? Do you automatically multiply the amount of garlic, follow the recipe exactly, or just leave it out since one clove won’t even be detected?

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Source: neatorama

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