Wild Design for a Semi Truck by HKV Studios

In business for almost 20 years, a company called HKV Studios specializes in 3D modeling, animation and visualization. The company describes themselves as “a trend-setter in quality, accuracy and detail level of vehicle 3D models;” they then sell these models on 3D marketplace TurboSquid.

While a lot of their models are of existing vehicles…

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…the company also produces models of their own design. Their wild-looking “3D Generic Futuristic Semi Truck model” caught my eye:

“High detailed 3D model of Futuristic Semi Truck with interior. The model is designed and produced completely by HKV Studios. Absolutely generic and free from any third party claims.”

“The model is suitable for Ultra HD rendering and further use in broadcast, high-res film close-up, advertising, etc. The model can be also used in real-time applications (Unreal Engine, Unity and etc.) after a number of mesh optimizations, texture backing and other procedures executed on the customer’s side.”

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The truck only exists in 3DS Max and is being sold for $153. That seems like a paltry sum, given the hours of design and modeling that presumably went into this.

Source: core77

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