Will A Video Made By The National Crime Agency Curb Casual Cocaine Use In The UK?

Cocaine is a mentally addicting drug that messes with your endorphins and makes you feel like any time is the greatest time of your life, leaving frequent users feeling like the drug is actually benefitting their lives.

But the societal costs of cocaine use can seriously outweigh the benefits, just think about the comedy legends like John Candy, Chris Farley and John Belushi we lost to cocaine.

And yet cocaine users cannot see past the powder haze long enough to admit the drug is doing damage to their body and the world, but maybe they’d see the light if there was a video involved?

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Vice asked some young people to watch this video by the UK’s National Crime Agency then asked them if they’d stop using coke after watching the video, and not surprisingly the video didn’t really change any minds:

Charlie, 25, Barista

How much do you estimate you spend on cocaine?
Charlie: Probably between £150 to £200 a year, but that’s spread over periods of high density and then gaps of little use.

How much do you know about where it comes from?
My dealer changes fairly regularly, probably about every six months to a year, and I’ve never known them very closely. Generally when I pick up I get it through several chains of different people, usually someone I know who knows someone who would then go and pick it up. In terms of where they get it from, I’d have no idea, really. I’d always just assumed it was all from the South America-type region…

Did the NCA video make you re-think your cocaine use?
I was sort of vaguely aware of the kind of widespread criminal networks that exist to transport and facilitate it, but the environmental effects never really occurred to me. This might sound kind of bad, but it’s something that makes me think a lot more and speaks to me a lot more because it’s kind of larger than just our species.

Does it make you want to stop?
Probably not, but it might make me think a bit more next time.

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