Woman Exposes Nosy MIL For Disrespecting Their Privacy After She Falls For A Brilliant Glitter Trap

Glitter is the secret ingredient you need to help you solve mysteries and enact your revenge. Don’t believe us? Hopefully, this real-life story, shared on the popular AITA subreddit, will change your mind.

Nobody likes it when someone snoops through their personal belongings and bills, especially when you’ve set firm boundaries for them. Unfortunately, some people are happy to trample all over your boundaries and ignore any and all of your pleas for privacy.

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Redditor u/itsbettertobelucky had a very peculiar story to share with the internet. A story involving a glitter trap, a snooping mother-in-law, and lots of family drama. Scroll down for the full tale that’s sparkling with emotion and let us know in the comments if you think what the redditor did was totally justified or if you think the revenge went a tad too far.

Oh, and be careful not to get any glitter on you, dear Pandas—it’s everywhere and we can’t get it off!

Glitter is a very powerful weapon that can potentially stop even the most inquisitive mother-in-law

Image credits: Gregory Veen (not the actual photo)

One redditor shared how she looked to glitter as a possible solution when her snooping MIL wouldn’t respect her boundaries

The redditor had a small update for the AITA community after her post went viral

The redditor shared how her snooping mother-in-law kept sneaking into their bedroom and office after she supposedly ‘forgot’ how to get to the bathroom. This kept happening again and again, so she installed an exterior doorknob with a lock.

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However, the author’s husband didn’t believe her about her MIL’s snooping, so u/itsbettertobelucky decided to prove to him that she wasn’t just being paranoid. So she started off by covering the doorknob in fine glitter. It was very clear that the MIL had tried to do some sneaking from the state of hands, but this didn’t get her to stop. She simply wasn’t embarrassed!

So u/itsbettertobelucky decided to lay a little trap to punish the inquisitive woman. She set up a small envelope full of glitter above the door her MIL would always try to get through. The result? Priceless! Naturally, the mother-in-law blew up about the fact that she was now covered in glitter and had the stuff all over her hair.

Things got heated and the MIL even blamed the redditor for ‘ruining’ her car. Imagine having to get all the glitter out of the front seat! What a nightmare.

However, things took a surprisingly positive turn later on. After the story went viral on Reddit, the author’s husband saw it and had a good, long read through all the comments. The entire thread was an eye-opener for him and they’re both planning on starting couple’s therapy in January to work through their troubles.

What’s more, the redditor hasn’t given up on glitter as a potential solution to lots of life’s messy issues. She plans to get some biodegradable cellulose glitter for her future projects. What’s more, she’s thinking about installing a camera in her home and even printing out some fake documents to deter her MIL’s snooping.

Clearly, not everyone’s a fan of glitter. And sometimes, even law enforcement gets involved. For instance, one man from Ohio called the police after getting a Christmas card that was full of glitter. One of the officers realized that the man was the victim of a practical joke and was sent a glitter bomb card.

“However, the resident was not amused. He asked that a report of the incident be kept on file,” writes Cleveland.com.

On the flip side, glitter can be a wonderful deterrent not just for boundary-ignoring parents-in-law, but also for criminals. Former NASA and Apple engineer Mark Rober created a massive Glitterbomb to trick any heinous villains who’d like to steal your Amazon and other delivery packages. Truly, glitter is a force for good, don’t you think, dear Pandas?

Internet users had a lot of fun reading the glitter story. Here’s what they said about the family drama

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