Woman Goes Viral For Revealing What Made Her Trip To Egypt A Nightmare

Egypt’s fascinating history, interesting culture and breathtaking sights have established it as a famous travel destination. This place attracts tourists from all over the world, however, not all of them leave satisfied.

Travel content creator Grace Cheng is one of them. A few days ago, she released a video, explaining why her trip didn’t live up to its expectations.

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The woman, who has already been to 36 countries, said that her holiday was mostly ruined by scammers and the widespread hustle culture in general, but she named other reasons too, and mentioned how people can mitigate them.

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“Felt so uncomfortable visiting Egypt and I’m going to tell you why.”

“So scamming is a big issue here. And I didn’t really know how big it was as a first timer. At the Great Pyramids of Giza, especially.”

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“Don’t let anyone take a picture of you, don’t let anyone put anything in your hands. And don’t follow anyone if they have something to show you, because they will demand money from you.”

“So we went with a tour guide, but don’t even feel safe if you’re with one, because ours had a lot of friends in this area.”

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“They just kept offering us tons and tons of upgrades, like climbing this rock to get a picture with the background.”

“And if you refuse to pay them, it can get kind of scary.”

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“Everyone says that you need to have a local or tour guide wherever you go. This itself is completely absurd. Because for example, if you are a solo traveler, it kind of defeats the purpose of solo traveling.”

“But then again, I definitely wouldn’t recommend coming to Egypt alone, especially if you’re a woman.”

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“That being said, though, if you have a good tour guide, they will know what’s real and fake when it comes to scamming, so for that you can trust them, but the hustling culture here is insane.”

“Everywhere we went it was nonstop begging for us to pay for something.”

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“If I’m being completely honest, I did not feel safe here and being here made me so uncomfortable every day.”

“When it comes to men, they do stare at you – and it’s not even a normal stare. It’s one of those really uncomfortable stares where they’ll never take their eyes off of you.”

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“I was also really scared of losing our luggage as as well. We had private drivers wherever we went, but whenever we got dropped off at a site and left our bags in the van I was sure I was never going to see them again.”

“That being said, this was my experience being in Egypt and even though the country itself is beautiful, just the people and the environment did not make me feel comfortable at all.”

Cheng’s video has since gone viral

@gracietravels i stayed for a week and everyday was the same 🫠 #egypt #egyptscam #scammers #egypttravels #egypttips #myexperience #traveltip ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

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