Woman Goes Viral On TikTok After Listing 7 Rules She Makes Her Kids Follow

While welcoming tiny bundles of joy into this world is incredibly rewarding, raising them is far from an easy task. Loving moms and dads bend over backward to mold bright, kind, and decent human beings. But every now and then, they inevitably start to feel overwhelmed and even confused if they are doing right by their kids.

So to keep their marbles intact, they have to create a clear set of household rules. Luckily for us, an Australian TikTok star and a mother of two, Kat Zoe Clark, knows how to do it right. She has been raising and mentoring her 18-year-old and 11-year-old daughters and apparently has been doing a pretty good job. So a month ago, Kat created a TikTok video that amassed over 2.9 million views on the platform and quickly resonated with many fellow parents.

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In her clip, Kat stressed how important it is to bring some order into the house so children can know what’s allowed and what’s simply off-limits. From having their location on to being completely honest with other family members, she shared her own list of reasonable guidelines she expects her daughters to follow. Continue scrolling to read about her experience, and let us know what you think about it in the comments!

An Australian TikTok star went viral for sharing a set of rules she expects her kids to abide by in her house

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You can watch the full video, which got over 2.9 million views, right over here

@katclark86 Rules for my kids #mumanddaughter #mumlife #rules #relationships ♬ original sound – Kat Clark

Many TikTokers found her rules to be reasonable, here’s what they had to say

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However, some believed that making her daughter pay rent was a bit over the top

Apparently, it’s not the first time Kat has been called out for charging her daughter rent. She explained her reasoning behind this controversial rule in another viral video

@katclark86 Reply to @mooooshhhhhhhhhh me. I’m the type of mum that does that. #parentsoftiktok #teenmum #adayinmylife ♬ original sound – Kat Clark

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