Woman Is Gifted A Vibrating Blanket To Alleviate Back Pain, Her Husband Gets Offended And Freaks Out

Receiving a gift from a friend is always heartwarming. Even if you already have that sweater, you’re not a huge fan of that particular scent or you plan to hide the vase in a cupboard until the next time your friend visits, it’s the thought that counts. Right?

Well, after one woman gave a friend a gift that she hoped would alleviate some of her back pain, she was shocked to hear that their friendship would be coming to an end. Below, you’ll find the full story that was shared on the “Am I the [Jerk]?” subreddit, as well as some of the responses invested readers left.

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After hearing about a friend’s back pain, this woman thought of the perfect gift to help her out

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But unfortunately, the present backfired when the woman’s husband decided it was offensive

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Electric blankets are family friendly gifts that can provide various benefits

If you’ve never used an electric blanket of your own, you have no idea what you’re missing, pandas. My parents were big fans of these brilliant devices, so we always pulled them out of the closet come winter time (despite the fact that we lived in an incredibly hot climate). They’re warm, cozy and can even help alleviate chronic pains, so what’s not to love? According to Hygiene Supplies Direct, “When you apply heat to an injury or to the source of arthritis or sciatica pain, the heat receptors in your body actually block out the pain signals being sent to your brain, meaning any pain you might feel quickly melts away. In addition, it increases circulation around your body, helping you stay more flexible.” Electric blankets can be the much needed relief many individuals are searching for, when it comes to chronic pain.

In fact, snuggling into an electric blanket has even been scientifically proven to boost our moods in the same way that hot baths and warm cups of hot chocolate do. “When you have a heated blanket keeping you warm, your body doesn’t need to use as much energy to stay at the right temperature, so it sends contented signals to your brain, making you feel happier and more relaxed,” Hygiene Supplies Direct explains. And if you have a hard time falling asleep at night, a warm, cozy electric blanket can help tell your body that it’s time to take a rest.

Many use them to alleviate chronic pain and help relax their muscles

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An electric blanket might even be the solution you’ve been searching for if you often get cramps after strenuous exercise. “Heat is a natural muscle relaxant because heated materials like throws and blankets warm the body, which in turn helps to widen a person’s blood vessels,” Warmee explains on their site. “This creates more blood flow in specific areas and helps to transport lactic acid away from areas that are in pain.” So after you’ve done an intense workout, don’t forget to stretch, use that foam roller and whip out your handy dandy heated blanket!

In this particular story on Reddit, the husband had an issue with the blanket because he assumed it was a vibrator. While I’m sure there are people out there who have gotten creative with various vibrating devices, that’s clearly not the intended use of this blanket. Many people enjoy massage chairs and massage guns for purely family-friendly reasons, and there’s no need to jump to conclusions about simple things like blankets. Unfortunately, however, some men do feel threatened by the idea of their partners using anything other than themselves to experience pleasure.

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There’s no reason for men to feel threatened by inanimate objects or stigmatize women’s pleasure

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But the reality is that about half of all women in the United States have used a vibrator or a dildo in their lifetimes, and many women would rather use these toys with their partners than use them on their own. But things to seem to be moving in the right direction. Despite the stigma sex toys sometimes have associated with them, one study found that less than a third of men today view vibrators as a threat to their relationships or intimidating. In fact, they can help bring couples together. “For us, using sex toys during sex is about pleasure and connection,” one 24-year-old woman told Hello Giggles. “I want to please my partner, he wants to please me, and we want to feel deeply connected to [one another].”

It’s unfortunate that this woman’s friendship seems to have come to an end over something so silly as an electric blanket, but it appears that the couple may need to have a discussion about what they consider appropriate and ensure that they’re on the same page. We would love to hear your thoughts on this story in the comments below, pandas. Do you think this friend did anything wrong by gifting a heated blanket, or would you have been offended by the fact that it vibrates as well? Feel free to share, and then if you’re interested in reading another Bored Panda article discussing relationship drama, look no further than right here

Readers assured the woman that she did nothing wrong, noting that the husband was probably upset about more than just the blanket

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