Woman Refuses To Give Up Her Window Seat For A Child, Entitled Family Accuses Her Of Stealing It

A standard commercial Boeing typically has somewhere between 130 and 160 seats with around 40 to 46 window seats. And while that seems like enough room to fit an entire film crew, from our experience writing these plane seat-horror stories, it seems like there’s no seat safe from entitled passengers who would “kindly” like you to move over.

As u/nurseadeleigh shared in her Entitled Parents story, she became a possible victim of such a situation when a family of three started harassing her for her window seat on a 10-hour flight. After cursing, accusations and the dirtiest of looks, this passenger stood her ground and came to tell a story we sure ain’t gonna forget anytime soon. So scroll down to read the captivating tale in its entirety and witness the response it received.

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Certain individuals hold the belief that they are entitled to anything they set their eyes on

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So when a passenger refused to swap seats so that a random child could have a window seat, this resulted in an embarrassing stand-off

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Turns out, admitting that you’re entitled doesn’t make it true

If you’ve ever worked in a customer service job or, heck, stepped outside your door, you likely have stumbled upon an entitled person. They cut the line, complain their way into getting refunds for the meals they’ve demolished, or even worse – steal candy from children. It’s true! According to a 2012 study, snotty people with entitled attitudes are more likely to take candy from kids, lie, cheat, endorse unethical behavior at work, and cut off pedestrians while driving – something that is evident in today’s situation with the plane seat.

While you’re more likely to hear Baby Boomers complain about those darn Gen Xers and their way of demanding a healthy work-life balance, you might be surprised to hear that after more than two millenniums, they’re on the same page. According to another 2019 study, young adults aged between 18 and 25 believe they are the most self-absorbed living age group.

However, just because they believe it, doesn’t make it true, Josh Grubbs, a psychology professor at Bowling Green State University and the lead author of the paper, argued. Young millennials and the subsequent generation might be embracing a stereotype that is reinforced by the media, with some responsibility lying with scholars themselves. Grubbs acknowledged that psychologists initially pushed the agenda of the so-called “narcissism epidemic,” a subject which was a hot-button subject in the mid-2010s, yet slowly crept gently into that good night soon after.

The author of the story gave some juicy details in the comments

This is what people had to say about OP’s way of handling the situation

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