Woman Stops Her Car To Investigate Something ‘Wrong’ She Sees On Railroad, Becomes A Hero

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We are all very busy and stressed out people, with our own problems to worry about. Sometimes, when we see something or somebody out in the world that might need our help and attention, it can be too easy to dismiss it as somebody else’s problem.

Imgur user bobisacat faced such a dilemma recently, having come across a chihuahua wandering across the railroad tracks after a long day at work. However, she felt as if something was definitely wrong and decided to trust the instincts that were telling her to help.

She was right. The poor pupper was blind and deaf, confused and scared. Now I don’t know about your experience with chihuahuas, but personally I don’t find them to be the most welcoming and trusting dogs. Gaining the trust of this little pup was definitely going to be a challenge!

Scroll down to see how it all unfolded for yourself, and remember bobisacat’s words of wisdom: “If you think you see something wrong, trust your instincts.”

Imgur user  spotted something weird on the railroad tracks at the end of her work day

So she decided to investigate

What she found changed two elderly lives

Here’s how people reacted

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