Women Ignore The Bride All Weekend, Call Her Selfish When She Requests A New Bachelorette Party

If all goes according to plan, you’ll only get to experience your own bachelorette party once in your life. So most bridesmaids go all out to ensure that their best friend has a fabulous time. Whether that means going to a club, karaoke-ing into the night or playing board games and drinking margaritas until they can no longer stand, the most important thing is that the bride-to-be has fun!

So after one woman spent her entire bachelorette weekend feeling left out and disappointed, she requested a redo of the whole event. Below, you’ll find the full story that she recently shared on Reddit, as well as a conversation with Alex Miles, Editor of Bespoke Bride.

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A bride typically plans to have only one bachelorette party in her entire life

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But after this woman felt left out during the entire weekend intended to celebrate her, she decided to request a redo from her friends

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Bachelorette parties are the most popular pre-wedding festivity among brides

Despite how stressful planning a wedding can be, there are certain milestones leading up to the big day that all brides look forward to. One of which is, of course, the bachelorette party. While this celebration often includes phallic decorations, drinking games, going out on the town in matching outfits and having one last wild girls night before tying the knot, it doesn’t have to be anything specific. As long as the bride feels celebrated and enjoys some time with her friends, that’s all that matters! According to The Knot, bachelorette parties are the most popular pre-wedding festivity, as nearly 80% of brides who got married in 2022 had one.

In fact, over half of newlyweds even consider their “last night of freedom” with their best friends to be even more fun than their wedding, and 44% consider this occasion to be even more memorable than their wedding day as well. They’re not always wild and crazy though, as 65% of people consider bachelor and bachelorette parties to be “an opportunity for the groom or bride to relax,” the New York Post reports. This might mean a spa day or a weekend by the beach with extravagant brunches is on the agenda. And 55% of people agree that the guests and whoever is hosting the event should cover all of the expenses for the bride and groom.

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“The bachelorette party is not merely a social function; it’s a symbol of sisterhood, a last hurrah before the bride takes the plunge into matrimonial bliss”

To learn more about the beloved bachelorette party tradition, we reached out to Alex Miles, Editor at Bespoke Bride, to hear their team’s thoughts on the topic. “Ah, the bachelorette party – a sacred rite of passage for brides-to-be, a joyous gathering of kindred spirits, and a delightful occasion to let loose and indulge in merriment!” Alex told Bored Panda. “Now, let me tell you, throwing a bachelorette party is no trifling matter. Nay, it is a momentous event that celebrates the bride’s imminent nuptials and bids adieu to her singlehood in style.”

“The bachelorette party is not merely a social function; it’s a symbol of sisterhood, a last hurrah before the bride takes the plunge into matrimonial bliss,” the editor explained. “So, in our opinion, it adds a dash of color and vibrancy to the wedding festivities, ensuring the bride’s journey to the altar is truly unforgettable!”

When it comes to what planners should be focusing on when putting together a bachelorette party, Alex says first and foremost, guests must know their bride. “Delve into her deepest desires, discover her fondest fantasies, and tailor the festivities to suit her tastes,” the expert noted. “Does she yearn for a wild night on the town, or does she dream of a serene retreat in the countryside? The key, dear bridesmaids, is personalization!”

“Secondly, spice up the celebration with a dash of creativity,” Alex continued. “Explore unique themes, concoct inventive games, and surprise the bride with unexpected delights. Dare to think outside the bridal box, my friends, and you shall be rewarded with a bachelorette bash that will leave the bride gasping with delight.”


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“A harmonious gathering of friends is the heart and soul of a successful bachelorette soirée”

“And, oh, let us not forget the importance of inclusivity!” the editor added. “Ensure that all attendees feel cherished and included in the revelry. A harmonious gathering of friends is the heart and soul of a successful bachelorette soirée.” And if you’re a bride who’s been let down by the bachelorette party that your friends threw you, Alex says not to fret, “for there is a course of action to navigate these troubled waters.”

“First and foremost, take a moment to reflect upon the essence of friendship,” the expert recommends. “True friends, like diamonds, are precious and rare. Open your heart to empathy and recognize that your bridesmaids, though well-intentioned, may have missed the mark. Now, the key to resolution lies in communication – the cornerstone of any thriving relationship. Articulate your feelings to your beloved friends, but do so with grace and tact. Let them know that while the bachelorette party may not have been what you envisioned, the love and camaraderie they’ve shown are cherished beyond measure.”

“Remember, dear brides, we are but human, and sometimes, our expectations may soar higher than a bouquet-tossing bride,” Alex noted. “Embrace the imperfections, treasure the laughter, and allow the love of friendship to carry you through.” If you’d like to learn more about planning the perfect bachelorette party or find any wedding planning tips you might need, be sure to visit Bespoke Bride!

We would love to hear your thoughts on this situation in the comments below, pandas. Do you think this woman deserves a second chance at her bachelorette party? Feel free to share, and then if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda article featuring bachelorette party drama, look no further than right here!

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Readers assured the woman that she was right to be upset, noting that it might be time to find new friends

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