“You Are So Beaut-OHGOD!”: 102 Hilarious Before-And-After Pictures, As Shared By These Women With A Sense Of Humor (New Pics)

One of the best things you can have in life is a great sense of humor (well, that and a pet!). Laughter helps you deal with stress, takes your mind off your problems, and even improves your immune system. And we find that it really helps if we all take ourselves a little less seriously and stop chasing after the ‘perfect’ beauty standards we see on social media every single day.

The r/PrettyGirlsUglyFaces online community does a fabulous job at showing that everyone—absolutely everyone—has a derpy side to them… and that the illusion of beauty can be shattered in mere moments if someone changes their expression. We’ve collected some of the subreddit’s top recent photos for you to enjoy and to inspire you to make goofy faces in the mirror whether you’re at school, work, or home. Oh, and the community is very inclusive and is open to everyone and anyone, regardless of their gender.

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#1 The Duality Of Woman

Image credits: witchbitch55

#2 This Is The Worst Picture I’ve Ever Taken In My Life

Image credits: Rinosawr

#3 I Know It Doesn’t Have My Full Face In It But I Hope It Still Gives You Nightmares

Image credits: hellabathwater

The beauty and personal care industry is absolutely massive. According to Statista, it amounted to $571.1 billion in 2023, globally, and the market is expected to grow by a whopping 3.8% every single year.

The United States generates by far the largest amount of revenue. In 2023, the US alone was responsible for $914.41 billion in revenue, or $74.23 per person. In short, looking beautiful and youthful is a huge business. It’s something that most people care about, but it’s especially pronounced in the US.

#4 You Won’t Believe This

Image credits: tdyyy92

#5 This Couldn’t Go Left Unseen

Image credits: Straawbees

#6 Just Bathroom Stuff

Image credits: ffieses

But then there’s the r/PrettyGirlsUglyFaces subreddit, sporting the caption “You are so beaut-OHGOD!”, essentially telling everyone that it’s perfectly all right to show off your goofy, less-than-stellar side of you. The community encourages its members to have fun and avoid trying to “maintain your dignity.” The sub is meant for having fun, and not judging others on their looks, which is a breath of fresh air in a world where social media is full of picture-perfect influencer reels and snaps.

#7 Parently My First Post Wuddnt Up To Snuff……. Howaboutnowcowboys?!

Image credits: Onlythegoodthinks

#8 Mmmm Would You Like To Get A Hot Dog Together Sometime?

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Image credits: tonkatrucktanya

#9 Instagram vs. Reality V.2

Image credits: reddit.com

The subreddit was founded all the way back in mid-July 2012 and will be celebrating its 11th birthday in just a couple of weeks’ time. Throughout the years, the group has grown to house nearly 100k members who love the overall silliness and great sense of humor to be found here.

The moderator team running the show asks redditors to post at least two photos of themselves. “Submit photos in an Imgur or Reddit album with at least one ‘pretty’ (aka normal) face and as many horrifying faces as you’d like to contribute. Have fun. Be ugly. Go nuts,” they explain.

#10 What You See vs. What I See When I Accidentally Switch My Cam On

Image credits: AmicaBentley

#11 Soaking In A Warm Winter Day

Image credits: PunkinGuts

#12 Scientists Believe They Have Found The Missing Link

Image credits: PunkinGuts

They also add that this is a safe-for-work community and nobody should be posting anything explicit or suggestive. What’s more, everyone’s encouraged to be polite and respectful of one another. “Remember: these are real people posting silly selfies for fun. Don’t be a jerk,” the mods stress.

Meanwhile, if anyone writes a comment asking, “Which one’s the pretty face?”, they’ll get an immediate ban. Redditors also shouldn’t “complain a poster is not pretty enough to post here.” This all seems like common sense stuff, but clearly, if the rules are made this explicit, someone hasn’t been following them.

#13 Happy Day

Image credits: meghanlovessunshine

#14 I’m A Shapeshifter

Image credits: lazarus_lateralus

#15 I Think I Can Do Even Better But Here’s My First Attempt

Image credits: sadperson123456

Despite the name of the subreddit, r/PrettyGirlsUglyFaces, absolutely everyone is welcome to post here. “We want everyone to show us their most recklessly hideous faces. Do not worry about the subreddit name, friends! We are an all-inclusive community hare,” the mods write, inviting the entire web to join in on the fun.

#16 Doja Cat Hit Us With It

Image credits: zogay

#17 What Is Essential ? See The Truth And My Beauty

Image credits: beeboogirl

#18 “No Makeup” Makeup vs. Actual No Makeup

Image credits: PunkinGuts

Previously, Bored Panda spoke to the founder of the sub, redditor u/Sinkingfast, who shared some background information on the community.

“The community itself has stayed consistent and loyal. We get a lot of users who see positive reception to their posts and come back as repeat posters. Creating a safe and fun environment to post weird pics in judgment-free was always the goal and I’d like to think we’ve maintained it, especially with the help of our loyal user base,” they told us.

#19 Snow White Unhinged

Image credits: nellynuttons

#20 Take Two Days Apart. I’ve Been Bored

Image credits: tootyfruitysummerluv

#21 Beanie Love vs. Sticky Tape Fun

Image credits: ffieses

“Our community is great. I want people to be comfortable enough to share and have fun. The subreddit really belongs to the users and wouldn’t exist without them,” the mod said. They added that there’s a limit to the number of people we can know, so we tend to judge them by their appearance, clothing, and behavior.

“My opinion loosely follows something like Dunbar’s number, the theory that we can only know so many people. We used to live in hunter/gatherer tribes as a species and as cities grew, well, people don’t know people anymore. You can’t know everyone, especially not within a massive city. Even in the age of social media, you can only peek into so many lives,” they told Bored Panda during an interview.

#22 I’m Sorry

Image credits: MrsFlyslamz

#23 Baba Yaga

Image credits: Hot-Assignment3255

#24 Yep Same Person

Image credits: Responsible_Park_944

“As an example, I might wear a specific band t-shirt and in that instance, I would be doing it to advertise to others I am a fan. Someone could judge me on the shirt and I may get a friend out of it. Someone could also judge me negatively. I chose to present myself that way, though. I don’t choose my face,” they said.

#25 Get A Girl Who Can Do Both

Image credits: punkinbrrrdt

#26 I Think I Popped A Blood Vessel

Image credits: LayneeDivinee

#27 I’ve Been Trying To Find My Mind Lately, I Can Almost See It And Then It’s Gone

Image credits: Dipitydoodahdipityay

According to u/Sinkingfast, people tend to assume that someone behaves exactly as they look, even if this is related to things they can’t control, like what their facial features are like.

“You see it all the time in films where someone like Steve Buscemi, who may be the nicest dude in the world, is hired to play a certain role or type because of his physical appearance. What if he wasn’t an actor who was typecast all the way to the bank? If he was just a unique-looking dude on the street? Might someone have harsher opinions of him because he’s not the typical standard for beauty? Over attributes he cannot fully control,” the mod shared their thoughts.

#28 I’ll Just Leave This Here

Image credits: GingerCuntXOXO

#29 I Yam What I Yam

Image credits: InaptbutwiseNput

#30 Just Couldn’t Stay Away

Image credits: lazarus_lateralus

“I think even the most diligent people can’t help but slip up and sometimes be biased or judge a book by its cover even if it may be unfair to do so. Hopefully, over time as a society, we don’t snap judgments about someone over something they can’t control. Humanity could stand to be a little nicer in general,” they said.

The mod revealed to Bored Panda that they now instantly perma-ban users “at the first sign of trolling. However, if it was a genuine mistake, the ban can be lifted in the future.

After you’ve enjoyed this list to the fullest, feel free to take a peek at Bored Panda’s previous features about r/PrettyGirlsUglyFaces here and here, as well as here, here, and here. And remember—stay silly!

#31 It’s Been A Couple Years Since My Debut, I Think It’s Time For My Comeback

Image credits: killedtherock

#32 What My Boyfriend Thought He Was Getting, Versus What He Actually Got

Image credits: sailorscoutrini

#33 If You Squint Real Hard, I Look The Same In Both!

Image credits: zenkibrit

#34 I Have Become The Bath Tub

Image credits: killedtherock

#35 The Morning After…

Image credits: tootyfruitysummerluv

#36 About To Make Dinner. This Is What The Taters See When I Mash Em

Image credits: aben17

#37 I’ve Had A Slow Afternoon

Image credits: tootyfruitysummerluv

#38 Jump Scare Warning

Image credits: charringcloves

#39 Oh God Oh Fug What Have I Created

Image credits: Lolli_bot

#40 I Send These To My Friends And Family To Make Them Smile. Sometimes I Do It In Public Places And Onlookers Are Horrified

Image credits: Morganwant

#41 3pm vs. 3am

Image credits: KaleidoKitty

#42 I Was Made For This Subreddit

Image credits: ambifrederick

#43 Feeling The Look vs. Fearing The Look

Image credits: mosca-cat

#44 Becoming A Thumbzilla Of Your Dreams

Image credits: beeboogirl

#45 This Subreddit Makes Me So Happy

Image credits: ChickyRedCheeks

#46 “You’re Taking A Bath? Sounds Hot”

Image credits: SylveonFrusciante

#47 Third Of Selfies In My Phone Are Freaks Like These. I Have Some Deep Joy In Taking Them

Image credits: beeboogirl

#48 Home Alone On A Saturday Night

Image credits: PunkinGuts

#49 God This Subreddit Was Made For Me Hi Everyone

Image credits: Ok_Preparation6937

#50 Happy With My Kitton vs. Being Told To Smile For A Photo By A Friend

Image credits: LayneeDivinee

#51 Sometimes This Sun Should Come With A Trigger Warning… Disturbing Image Ahead. You’ve Been Warned

Image credits: Fartfishes

#52 Same Mirror, Different Angle

Image credits: ffieses

#53 As Promised, More Photos, Less Neck

Image credits: Morganwant

#54 Considering Shaving My Head To Achieve More Of An Egg Look

Image credits: Lolli_bot

#55 “Smile More”

Image credits: Girasole98

#56 Somebody Told Me I Belong Here

Image credits: beeboogirl

#57 God Forgot To Give Me Eyebrows

Image credits: maamela

#58 How Did I Do?!

Image credits: sarahsaurusrexxx

#59 50’s Movie Star To Evil Goblin Creature

Image credits: OrganizationOk231

#60 Horse Radish

Image credits: juicysox

#61 My Wife Starting Her 2023 Skincare Routine (Posted With Her Permission)

Image credits: maaaahtin

#62 I Feel Like Sometimes Y’all Don’t Be Really Letting Your Flag Fly

Image credits: lovemesomereddit

#63 My Friend Told Me I Look Like A Jabba The Hutt (The Third Photo Got Some Harry Potter Touch)

Image credits: beeboogirl

#64 My Face Hurts

Image credits: ffieses

#65 I Guess I Could Play A New Species In Star Wars

Image credits: pyam_to_go

#66 The Uggo That Lurks Within…

Image credits: wild-wolf-woman

#67 Pretty Faces Are Overated. My True Form

Image credits: beeboogirl

#68 This May Or May Not Ruin Your Day

Image credits: Casual_Lies

#69 My Name Is Dayna. The Second Pic Is My Alter Ego, Daighnugh

Image credits: MrsFlyslamz

#70 I Consider It A Talent How Truly Ugly I Can Make Myself Look

Image credits: ppmaster6969

#71 Plz Don’t Unfollow Me For This Lol

Image credits: Casual_Lies

#72 Call Me Potato

Image credits: beeboogirl

#73 I Am Trying To Be A Baddie, But The Truth Is That I Am A Hippo

Image credits: AliceLisss

#74 These Are So Much Fun! Happy Saturday!

Image credits: sarahsaurusrexxx

#75 Back Here Because It’s More Fun Than The Selfie Sub

Image credits: EnvironmentalLet7490

#76 I Love This Sub So Much. Here Is My Contribution!

Image credits: SpecialHam

#77 What I See In The Mirror

Image credits: pyam_to_go

#78 I Got Buffalo Sauce In My Eyes At Work And Had An Excuse To Cry

Image credits: Dipitydoodahdipityay

#79 She’s Baaaaack

Image credits: Fartfishes

#80 Thanks To All Of You Beautiful Creatures! I Hope I Checked All The Boxes

Image credits: ffieses

#81 No More Than A Second Elapsed Between Shots

Image credits: ya_zamerzla

#82 Gym Photos Always Hit Different

Image credits: sch0f13ld

#83 Day And Night

Image credits: Itcallsmyname

#84 Aliens Do Exist

Image credits: beeboogirl

#85 What Am I Doing With That Pen?

Image credits: Morganwant

#86 Keep ‘Im Guessing

Image credits: Sorry_Ant_221

#87 My Boyfriend Said He’s Sleeping On The Couch Tonight…

Image credits: aben17

#88 The Duality Of (Wo)man

Image credits: captainshitbox420

#89 I Just Stumbled Onto This Sub And I Love It

Image credits: melgina

#90 Release The Chins!

Image credits: JustL00king77

#91 When You’re 9 Months Pregnant And It Takes All Your Energy To Look Nice For A Few Hours

Image credits: rjlupin86

#92 I Think I Am A Fierce Contestant

Image credits: Chaotic-Witch

#93 I Need To Practice More Variety

Image credits: scramberry

#94 Gave Myself Cramps In Every Face And Neck Muscle Just For My Favorite Sub

Image credits: CrocodilesWhoDraw

#95 I Call The Second Pic “Damn Kids, Get Off My Trail”

Image credits: starrie

#96 Missing An Eyebrow, May As Well Paint On The Rest Of My Face

Image credits: tonkatrucktanya

#97 Dang-It Bobbehhhh!

Image credits: aquarelablue

#98 Taken Within Seconds Of Each Other

Image credits: meghanlovessunshine

#99 I’m Loving It

Image credits: RedStringGirl

#100 My Best Friend Told Me I Looked A Little Inbred In The Second Photo… I Wasn’t Ready For That Comment!

Image credits: ChickyRedCheeks

#101 I Apologize In Advance For The Second Pic Lol

Image credits: idrawdickks

#102 Dicking Off During A Meeting. I Checked If My Camera Was On At Least 20 Times

Image credits: PunkinGuts

#103 I Send These To My Friends And Family To Make Them Smile. Sometimes I Do It In Public Places And Onlookers Are Horrified

#104 The 6 Stages Of Madness

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