“You Named Her What???”: 140 Of The Most Unfortunate Names Parents Gave Their Children (New Pics)

Naming a child can become quite a headache. Making lists, trying to come up with a name that doesn’t remind you of a certain someone, thinking about all the possible nicknames and diminutives—there’s a lot to take into consideration.

In such situations, some parents-to-be turn to their loved ones asking for suggestions. Others keep their ideas to themselves as every Tom, Dick, and Harry seems to have an opinion, which might make the parents doubt every option there is. Then there are also people who get creative and come up with something that is very unlikely to be heard of before.

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We have put some of these unheard-of names on today’s list for you to browse and marvel at. Shared by the ‘That name isn’t a tragedeigh, it’s a murghdyrr’ Facebook group, they ought to surprise you and show that when it comes to naming children, some parents sure have enough inventiveness not to need anyone’s help (or an outside opinion, for that matter).

In order to delve deeper into the topic of names and the significance they bear, Bored Panda has discussed it with two experts, psychiatrist Jean Kim, MD, and linguist Valerie Fridland, author of Like, Literally, Dude: Arguing for the Good in Bad English. You will find their thoughts in the text below.

#1 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: Britny Christine Wilson

#2 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: Juniper Rain Robinson

#3 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: Emma Sutcliffe

Started in June 2021, the ‘That name isn’t a tragedeigh, it’s a murghdyrr’ Facebook group is dedicated, in their own words, “For when CSI needs to be called. For the poor sad decomposed body of a name”. The private group is home to a collection of some of the most authentic—even if somewhat unusual, in most cases—names people have encountered, which has already amassed over 211k members.

It’s no surprise that the members have plenty to share, considering that naming a child is up to their parents’ imagination (as long as it doesn’t cross certain lines of decency, of course). In Sweden—home to roughly 10 million people—for instance, around 186 000 people have unique names or unique spellings of names. It’s arguably safe to assume that in the US—a country of nearly 332 million people—the number of unique names ought to be way higher. (As a matter of fact, there are roughly 6,850 Americans whose name is Unique. As in, that’s their actual name.)

#4 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: Megan Gunnells

#5 This Name Is Pronounced “Your Highness.” Enjoy The Rest Of Your Day

Image credits: anon

“It’s a very personal decision, so anything really goes,” psychiatrist Jean Kim, MD told Bored Panda in a recent interview. “You might worry (like my parents did—they picked my first name which was found in both Korean and English) about whether the name ‘fits in’ to a particular culture or era, or you might not really need to care about that aspect either, because people should try to respect all names anyway, as long as it isn’t something blatantly obscene or hateful. You may even purposely want to honor a different culture or special person with a name. It’s totally up to you.”

She added that having a unique name can be both a blessing and a curse. “On the one hand, an unusual name can be memorable and make a person unique or stand out in people’s minds. On the other hand, people may treat it as strange or foreign, or even make fun of it if it’s not part of the status quo of familiar names.”

#6 You Named Her What???

Image credits: Caitlin Barnes

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#7 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: anon

#8 Anonymous Because This Is A Relative And I Am Paranoid. The Worst Part Is Glycerine’s Siblings Are Emily And Jackson

Image credits: anon

“Names are one of the first things people find out about you—often before they have ever encountered you in person—so they carry a big impact and there are definitely some biases we have developed in terms of how we react to names,” Professor of Linguistics in the English department at University of Nevada, Valerie Fridland, told Bored Panda.

“Most of the feelings we develop about names come from socially or culturally learned associations we have with those names—e.g., if a name doesn’t sound like it is from the same culture or language, it might influence how others react to the person in ways that can affect their future. For instance, research reveals that we find more employment discrimination when employers view CVs with ethnic or foreign-sounding names compared to white-sounding names (similar results in the science/math fields have been found with typically female vs. male names).

“There are also names that might be old-fashioned or that have fallen out of fashion like Marge or Gertrude that might tend to call up unfavorable social associations (such as unfashionable, dowdy, boring) even if someone has not met the so-named person yet. Finally, some names might also sound like something else (e.g., Dick as a nickname for Richard) that listeners can’t help but call up when they hear the name, making those with those monikers have to deal with heckling or jokes (and the negative associations that come with those),” the linguist added.

#9 Pistol Rae Rose. I’m Nauseous

Image credits: Abigail Moore

#10 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: anon

#11 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: Sonya Alexys

Jean Kim pointed out that a person’s name is something that others perceive about them, so how others treat them can, for better or worse, be influenced by their name. “Perhaps names that ‘fit in the crowd’ can make people feel included, and others feel excluded, or be viewed as dated or dowdy if their name is viewed as of an older era.

“Gendering of names may also sometimes happen; for instance, women with boyish names may be viewed (whether true or not) as more assertive or spunky. Sometimes having an unusual name may also inspire someone to feel more creative or unique and individualistic. Names are, of course, one relatively small factor among many that influence a person’s overall personality in the end.”

#12 Pls Stop Naming Ur Kids Arson

Image credits: anon

#13 The Fact She Has To Put (Jessica) Next To Her Name

Image credits: anon

#14 Oof

Image credits: anon

Psychiatrist Jean Kim emphasized that names are often associated with honoring others. “Surnames are handed down as a ‘legacy’ from generation to generation, but first names can be used to pay homage or honor someone and memorialize them as well. Perhaps even if there is no personal relationship, someone may like an aspect of a person with that name, especially celebrities or popularized fictional characters, and may hope their child fulfills those characteristics.”

#15 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: Ash Sknab

#16 I Just Posted And Then Came Across This.. It Just Has To Be A Mistake, Right???

Image credits: anon

#17 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: anon

Linguist and author Valerie Fridland seconded the idea that knowing someone with a certain name can alter the way a person views it. “Certainly, past experience with a name, like whether you had a girl named Sagel in 3rd grade that was super nasty to you or if you have met several Mikes who excelled in sports, can influence how you name your child since you will have been conditioned to have a negative reaction to names associated with negative experiences.”

#18 I Had To Dig Into My High School Yearbook For This One – Poor Kiddo

Image credits: anon

#19 Found This On A Cup At Goodwill Today

Image credits: Colin Boswell

#20 Y’all This Can’t Be Real

Image credits: Cee Michele

“While a lot of times we want to give our child a unique name, some research shows that people with more common (or popular) names tend to have better social, self-esteem and employment outcomes,” Dr. Fridland told Bored Panda. “Some interesting German research found that, in online dating forums, having an unpopular name limited how many people viewed one’s profile and earlier research found that having a desirable name helped with social popularity in elementary school. 

“There is also research that suggests that those who like their names (regardless of how popular their names are) score higher on adjustment scales that measure self-esteem and social desirability; and if one encounters social rejection it may lead to them not liking their name. As a study carried out by Jean M. Twenge and Melvin Manis puts it, ‘What you think of your name has something to do with what you think of yourself.’” 

#21 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: anon

#22 Seen At A Swim Class:

Image credits: Elisabeth Beadle McBee

#23 I’m Really Hoping This Is A Nickname

Image credits: Katie Allen

According to Valerie Fridland, “It is important to help your child come to see their name in a positive light (by either choosing one that is popular and therefore socially well accepted and known) or by providing positive associations with their name for them as they grow up (strong models of people with those names, a positive history of that name in their family, etc.).

“A key seems to be that children need to like their own names and that helps with self-esteem (which then helps with how they are perceived by others), though the thing that is hard to control is how others treat your child because of their name and, if negative, this may in turn affect how your child views themselves. Parents need to balance these different factors when considering whether to choose a more popular name or one that is not strongly marked or unique,” the linguist added.

#24 This Is Interesting To Say The Least

Image credits: anon

#25 I Just Watched Season 1 Of Love After Lock Up….”Vajohnna”?!

Image credits: Ashley Marie

#26 Kakarot Why

Image credits: Kate Lewis

“Name-signaling—where names give off messages about the ‘type’ of person someone is—does seem to have an effect on how people interact with others, and it does seem that more familiar and common names (which signal in-group identity) are more positively responded to. So, it is nothing about a name itself that intrinsically means anything, but instead the social associations it carries based on our experience,” Valerie Fridland explained.

#27 A Double Tragedeigh From My Twin Group

Image credits: anon

#28 I Adore This Sweet, Precious Mama… But Her 8 Babies’ Names Are Random, Rare, And Radically Right?! Fun Too: There’s 4 Boys And 4 Girls

Image credits: anon

#29 I’ve Heard Some Wild Names But I’ll Admit I Never Would’ve Thought Of Mapylynne

Image credits: Amberina Powell

Even though unique names can sound like music to one’s ears (or nails on a whiteboard), they are understandably less common. According to the Social Security Administration, the most popular names in the US over the last century have been James, Robert, John for boys and Mary, Patricia, Jennifer for girls respectively. None of the names shared on the ‘That name isn’t a tragedeigh, it’s a murghdyrr’ Facebook group seemed to have made the cut among the top ones.

#30 Wut …. Even Is This?

Image credits: anon

#31 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: Mary Virginia Muñoz

#32 Smh Poor Child

Image credits: Marta Bielakowska

#33 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: Cate Bleuel

#34 I’m Fairly New Here, So Forgive Me If This Has Been Shared Before. But Omg This List Broke Me

Image credits: Yabina Stabina

#35 Having A Stroke Trying To Pronounce This

Image credits: Lara Kellam

#36 Heaven Backwards And Who?!

Image credits: Em Page

#37 “Just Make Something Up, Idk”

Image credits: anon

#38 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: Rachel Vice

#39 I’ve Been Sitting On This List Of Names I’ve Come Across For Awhile

Image credits: Lorin Johnson

#40 Really Wanted To React

Image credits: Nicole McBane

#41 Seen In A Tattoo Group Yeeeeks

Image credits: Alyssa Jordan

#42 Just Leaving This Out There

Image credits: anon

#43 Baby Ragin

Image credits: Tammy Stradley

#44 Horrible

Image credits: anon

#45 F**k Me, I Finally Found One!!

Image credits: Bree HM

#46 Leeuhm….leeuhm??? This Poor Little Kid Is Walking Around My Hometown Somewhere

Image credits: anon

#47 Anon Cause It’s A Friend Of A Friend

Image credits: anon

#48 Posting Anonymously Because I Don’t Wanna Be Kicked From The Group, Was A Thread Of Disney Related Tattoos Comment Was “I Got This For My Daughter”

Image credits: anon

#49 A True Tragedeigh

Image credits: anon

#50 Pronounced Zachary In The Video

Image credits: Janet Bon

#51 I Finally Found Something To Post! I Saw This Twice In A Post And The First Time I Couldn’t Even Make Out What It Said

Image credits: anon

#52 …

Image credits: anon

#53 I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Thought To Post This Here. I’ve Known This Girl My Whole Life. It’s Pronounced ‘Shady’

Image credits: anon

#54 No. Just No

Image credits: anon

#55 Well I’ve Never Seen It Spelled Like That Before

Image credits: Sam Aikenhead

#56 Birthday Decoration Found In The Wild Lol

Image credits: anon

#57 I Had 2 Patients Earlier… Edit: They Both Have 2 First Names. Middle And Last Name Covered

Image credits: anon

#58 Found On Facebook Cake Page… I Think It’s “Vipah” As In Viper?

Image credits: Brittany Carver

#59 Knayte

Image credits: anon

#60 An Email My Husband Received To His Business

Image credits: Lynette Elizabeth

#61 Pov – “Peaked In High School” Has Two Sons: (Another Girl Has A Son Called Banksia)

Image credits: anon

#62 On This Week’s Episode Of “Names My Mom Just Made Up,” We Have…

Image credits: anon

#63 Posting Anon Because I Probably Have Customers And Coworkers On Here… But Huuuuuhhhh?

Image credits: anon

#64 Knayvee????

Image credits: Peyton Morris

#65 Posting Anonymously So I Don’t Get Kicked Out Of The Mom Group I Saw This In. Stereo Really?

Image credits: anon

#66 Really!? Is Nothing Sacred??

Image credits: Rebecca Lynn Cushman

#67 I Saw This On Tiktok Just Now And I’m Not Sure How To Feel

Image credits: Hermione Lloyd

#68 As Seen On Twitter. Not Sure If It’s Made It Here Yet

Image credits: anon

#69 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: Susan Shumpert Martin

#70 Anonymous Bc Idk If She Is In This Group Or Not But….stonee?!? I Feel Bad For Her

Image credits: anon

#71 I Work At FedEx Loading Trucks So I Come Across A Few Tragedeighs. This One’s Super Weird Tbh

Image credits: anon

#72 Like Hell?

Image credits: anon

#73 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: anon

#74 Jakeup?

Image credits: anon

#75 I Feel Queasy

Image credits: Ally Lea

#76 Something Unique, No One Else In Her Class Will Have It. Adorbs. Can Call Her Blaik. Can Call Her Lee. Can Call Her Laik. Can Call Her Iklee

Image credits: Megan Danielsen

#77 Is She Related To Punxsutawney Phil?

Image credits: Kaylene Cribbs

#78 It Took Me A Few Reads To Figure Out What This Is

Image credits: anon

#79 Have To Share This Gem… Or Should I Say Jewel. My Daughter Has Kids Messenger And I Got This Request To Add Her Friend Who I Know But Didn’t Know The Spelling

Image credits: Mary Weber

#80 Oh Wow Just Found This One In The Wild

Image credits: Haizie Grey

#81 What A Mess. And No, None Of Those Are Her Last Name…

Image credits: anon

#82 Found In The Wild

Image credits: anon

#83 Oof

Image credits: anon

#84 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: Lillie Alicea

#85 Anon Because It’s A Friend. Traxon Cruze

Image credits: anon

#86 Anyone Run Across Tragedeighs Around Graduation Time This Year? Found This One Locally Several Weeks Back And Forgot To Post

Image credits: Johnnie Kelley

#87 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: Josh Baughman

#88 Considering My Mom’s Name Is Debbie, This Is Quite The Interesting Twist!

Image credits: Brianna Walter Stoltenburg

#89 Well I’m Back At It With The Bitlife Trhageteighs. Pls Guess What U Think These Names Are And What I Should Name My Other Bitizens

Image credits: Rachel Branton

#90 Yeahhhh What

Image credits: Haylie Coger

#91 Just Seen In My Feed

Image credits: Gee Human

#92 We Tried To Say Against This Name, What Do Yall Think? Its Pronounced Neh-Reyah. Its Cute Ig But No One Is A Fan Really

Image credits: anon

#93 Baby Girl Named Kirwin

Image credits: anon

#94 Found In The Wild

Image credits: Shayne Hensley

#95 Found In The Wild…

Image credits: Sarah Elizabeth

#96 I Believe This Belongs Here

Image credits: Serina Elaine Thrasher

#97 On My Fb Feed This Morning

Image credits: anon

#98 Posting Anonymously Because We Have Plenty Of Mutuals In This Group. I Present Yall The Twins Prairie And Chapel Amen!

Image credits: anon

#99 Oh For Pete’s Sake. Aliceson?? Thought This Had To Be This Group, Nope, A Mom Group

Image credits: anon

#100 I Have No Words

Image credits: Lisa Rose

#101 I’m Upset That This Was Deleted Before I Could Comment On It. This Is One Of The Worst Names I’ve Ever Seen In My Life Oh My Gawd

Image credits: Ali O'Brien

#102 Dear God-Lyn When Will The Cycle End

Image credits: Jamie Briggs

#103 “Lyndelee”

Image credits: anon

#104 Never Thought I’d Have An Actual Submission For This Page! Joy Of Joys This Girl Is Always On My Suggested Friends List

Image credits: Rosie Roberts

#105 There’s A Reason They Were Only Used 5 Times… *some Of These Are Cultural And Are Obviously Excluded From The Name Shaming*

Image credits: Abigail Dexter

#106 Saw Someone Post A Pic From Tinder, This Is Like From 2 Years Ago Though

Image credits: Dominique Rainey

#107 Everything About This Hurts

Image credits: Patrick Kelleher

#108 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: Emi Farmer

#109 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: anon

#110 In A Baby Name Group 3rd Comment Wins!

Image credits: Violet Young

#111 Found In The Wild Today

Image credits: anon

#112 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: anon

#113 Found In One Of My Mom Groups

Image credits: Lillie Alicea

#114 Anon Because She Might Be In This Group And I Like My Baby Group This One Hurt Me

Image credits: anon

#115 Someone Ordered A Name Band For Their Kid’s Water Bottle… Chazleigh?!?

Image credits: anon

#116 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: Stesha Smart

#117 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: Evyn Barnes

#118 Found In The Wild – Reiylee

Image credits: Emily Jayne

#119 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: anon

#120 Baby Girl Named Burleson?

Image credits: Kate Davies

#121 My Friend Just Had A Baby, Interesting Name

Image credits: anon

#122 Someone I Went To Middle School Chose This For Her 3rd (Blurred Her Name Out)

Image credits: Fynn Daugherty

#123 Found On My Timeline. How Would You Pronounce That? Reed? Raid?

Image credits: Angel Brunger

#124 Wren Is Cute By Itself Why Add A Lyn

Image credits: anon

#125 Can You Imagine Mom Shaming Someone Over Sunscreen With A Name Like Saralynd?

Context: Woman posted a video that childhood trauma is more likely to affect your children than the brand of sunscreen you buy so focus on breaking the cycle instead. This was Saralynd’s response.

Image credits: Caitlyn Cruzen

#126 In A “5-Minute Crafts” Video

Image credits: Abigail Whitney

#127 …

Image credits: anon

#128 Found One In The Wild

Image credits: Laura Terrill

#129 Whew

Image credits: Viktoria Partain

#130 Sigh

Image credits: Jessica Riedmatter

#131 La’gwendolyn?? Bffr

Image credits: Jhonnaya Wilcox

#132 Found On My Local Market Place

Image credits: Braid Stein

#133 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: Jonah Breedon

#134 Posted By My Friend, A Professional Baker: Isleigh

Image credits: Hally Hargis Bashor

#135 Dianarra??

Image credits: Alexis Griffin

#136 Not Anon, Because.. Well…. Its A Celeb. Lol

Image credits: Melissa Megginson Singley

#137 Funny Unique Names

Image credits: Lillie Alicea

#138 I’m Sorry Who?

Image credits: anon

#139 Nacole…

Image credits: anon

#140 Touring Apartments Today And… Kendle

Image credits: Sam Gordon

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