“You Should Have Hired An Architect” Facebook Group Shames Bad Building Design Ideas, And Here’s 92 Of The Worst Ones (New Pics)

Human creativity knows no bounds, though that doesn’t mean every idea that crosses our minds is worthy of implementation. Sure, it’s hard to deny that taste is a matter of preference — what is stylish to one person may look completely threatening to another! But when it comes to homes and interiors, there are some pretty terrible design solutions out there that are not just asking to be judged, they are almost begging for it.

Well, we’re certainly not ones to pass up an opportunity to poke fun at tasteless decisions and, hopefully, learn something new along the way. So let us introduce you to the aptly titled ‘You Should Have Hired An Architect’ Facebook group. Members of this community set out on a mission to showcase architectural flaws that prove some people should leave building houses from the ground up to the professionals.

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We have scoured the group and gathered some of the wildest and most jaw-droppingly awful examples it had to offer. So continue scrolling, upvote the ones you enjoyed laughing at most, and tell us what you think about them in the comments! After you’re done with this list, be sure to check out Part 1 of this feature right here.

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#1 That 70s Bathroom

Image credits: Lenore Lowen

#2 Haha

Image credits: Mitchell Matorin

#3 Seen On Twitter Just Now. He Said He Is Still Proud Of Himself For Installing

Image credits:

#4 This Bathroom Ain’t It

Image credits: James Crook

#5 Logical Explanations: Go!

Image credits: Van Thaxton

#6 This Is Not A Solid Floor: These Are Steps

Image credits:

#7 ‘Architect’ Designed Home From 1960 Comes With This Wtf Kitchen And Just Sold For $500k In Suburban Chicago! I’d Constantly Be Worried That Dishes Would Come Crashing Out Of Those Cabinets

Image credits: Roy Dube

#8 Fits Like A Glove

Image credits: Perry Landesberg

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#9 You’ll Get To Know Your Neighbors!

Image credits: John Adducci

#10 All This Bathroom Needs Is A Troupe Of Synchronized Swimmers Emerging From The Tub, En Masse, As If From A Tiny Clown Car

Image credits: Janine Portal


Image credits: Ginny Seibert

#12 Osb Cabinets, Or “When Someone Decides The Inside Should Be The Outside”

Image credits: Michael B. Klein

#13 Project Budgets Go About This Far These Days

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#14 Expert-Level Disabled Ramp Of The Week

Image credits: Kim Galle Luensmann

#15 I’d Hate To Have That Seat During A Game

Image credits: Carol Ann Welsh

#16 I’m Hoping This Isn’t The Finished Condition, But Unfortunately It Probably Is

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#17 I’ll Just Leave This Right Here

Image credits: Kiki Mills

#18 Perfect For A Hairdryer

Image credits: Virosh Siegecraft

#19 A Listing I Saw

Image credits: Stefanie Sharp

#20 Upon First Glance I Honestly Thought This Was A Bunch Of Microwaves On Someone’s Lawn. Scout’s Honor

Image credits: Matthew Litwin

#21 Just… Why?

Image credits: Katja Jalkanen

#22 Now Let That Sink In

Image credits: Stuart France

#23 “I Like Bricks!” “I Like Siding!” “Well I Like Windows!”

Image credits: Charles Benoit

#24 It’s Been A Looooong Time Since I’ve Seen A Terrible Idea This Compelling. A+ Work

Image credits: Michael B. Klein

#25 That Fridge Tho. Let Me Clarify. The Placement Is C**p

Image credits: Holly Tumbleson

#26 In An Oceanfront Miami Mansion

The homeowner committed the unthinkable: he took down the wall that separates the living space and the bedroom and replaced it with a $1.5 million, 800-pound black Pagani Zonda R. Only 15 are produced each year, and this one is exceptionally special

Image credits: Jonathan Kalkstein

#27 Innovative

Image credits: Christopherson Michael

#28 Client: I Need Daylight In This Room, But Need To Stay On Budget! Builder: Say No More

Image credits: Alice Wolke

#29 Staying At An Airbnb Home In Pasadena In A Newer Gated Community And The Layout Makes No Sense. A 7’ Door In The Middle Of The Stairway That You Need To Stand On A Chair To Get To

Image credits: Jamie Burress

#30 I’m Just Gonna Set This Right Here

Image credits: Demetrius Palmer

#31 Be Not Afraid… Of Thee Last Supper

Image credits: Cesil Saldivar

#32 Wtf!?!

Image credits: Aaron Kalbfeld

#33 This House Definitely Has A Mustache

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#34 What In The Sims Is Goin On Here Then ?

Image credits: Denver Warren

#35 This Window Situation

Image credits: Rachel Stephens

#36 This Is A Yikes

Image credits: Alexander Nathaniel Martin

#37 I Really Want To Talk About This House, But I Just Can’t Get Past The Anchor

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#38 Hmmm

Image credits: Nick Gibietis

#39 DIY Tip: Get This Lovely Faux Finish Easily By Storing Dead Bodies In Your Attic

Image credits: Alice Wolke

#40 When You Just Have To Have A Pool

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#41 That House That’s Just A Basement With A Flat Roof? I Found Another Piece Of It While House Hunting Today. (Note: This Is The Garage, Not The 3000-Square-Foot House)

Image credits: Nancy Overman

#42 Put A Plant On It. The Default Response To Awkward Spaces

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#43 Mole-People Unite!

Image credits: Elwood Jacobs

#44 If Cocaine Was A Dining Room

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#45 Only Thing Missing Is A Mirror On The Ceiling

Image credits: India Tuck

#46 Not Exactly The Most Elegant Plumbing Solution

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#47 This One Checks All The Boxes: A Niche, Bad Columns, A Complex Ceiling, Weird Flooring Transition

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#48 Long Live The Queen!

Image credits: Matt Troutner

#49 The Light Seems A Bit Out Of Scale

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#50 Line Something Up For Crying Out Loud

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#51 Perfect!

Image credits: David Brenner

#52 This Bathtub Situation

Image credits: Rachel Stephens

#53 Anyone Fancy A Gutter Running In Front Of Your Window?

Image credits: Graham Flude

#54 Can’t Decide If Those Are Stairs Or If I’m Having A Visual Migraine

Image credits: Alice Wolke

#55 Convenient For Stomach Flus

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#56 Quite The Cathedral Of Bathing

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#57 Well That’s One Use For A Dust Ledge

Image credits:

#58 This Is Definitely A Bit Open For My Taste

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#59 Something Weird Is Definitely Going On In This Bathroom

Image credits: https://www.facebook.com/groups/youshouldhavehiredanarchitect/posts/344476414237530/?__cft__[0]=AZV3XIl48RhIQx13Ze5pVrnPuhf3za6egfpHBJEYghqbIWiK73cW0762Mq9Celzsc37i3g2oV_u2jbyl4qA1XXJBaOtU9026ASxu-EnNpqRwiaLyto6_ZHGOcYk48RuXomzSMh5Hhc1w34ioXNFiIIpL&__tn__=%2CO*F

#60 While Walking We Found This Gem In A Nearby Chicago Neighborhood

Image credits: Jen Terrian Seidel

#61 Interesting. Makes You Wonder Exactly What They Were Thinking?

Image credits: Jack Anderson

#62 Well, That’s A Terrible Location To Add A Tub

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#63 404 Error: Windows Not Found

Image credits: Katie VanHoy

#64 Please Don’t Come At Me But I Kind Of Love This. They Look Like Clutch Purses On Their Sides

Image credits: Ruth Gottesman

#65 Some Call This A Horrible Design Decision. As Someone Who Has Been Married For Over 20 Years… I Call It A Brilliant Solution For A Happy Coupling Situation

Image credits: Bridget Bosch Adell

#66 Tiny Houses

Image credits: Peter Wr

#67 The Stove Is Definitely Sucking In

Image credits: Anna Gilbert

#68 Someone Please Explain

Image credits: Lenny Fontana

#69 From The Folks Who Brought You The Random Closet By The Front Door Comes A New Creation: Random Pantry

Image credits: Alice Wolke

#70 When You Aren’t 100% On Board With Spiral Stairs

Image credits: Sandra Eve

#71 Found This In A Real Estate Listing Near Me. That Upper Deck Looks Pretty Sketchy To Me. Is That Actually Structurally Sound And Safe? The Whole House Looks Cheap And Poorly Made

Image credits: Alice Arnold

#72 This May Be The Most Monochromatic Home I Have Ever Seen. Random Things Seem To Be Turning Blue To Escape The Monotony Of The Architecture

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#73 The Developer Thought The Community Would Appreciate This Bench, With View Of Circle

Image credits: Stan Rifken

#74 Intersting Solution

Image credits: Kim Hanks

#75 This Is The Roof Of Our Old House, After Being Completely Replaced Due To Poor Drainage That Rotted Through The Decking Along The Entire North And East Edges Of The House, As Well As Random Spots Elsewhere

Image credits: Kathryn Probasco

#76 Behold! The Formal Dining Platform

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#77 When You Don’t Know How To Resolve The End Of The Railing, Just Run It Into Wall. I’m Sure No One Will Notice

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#78 Needs More Octagon Windows

Image credits: Katie VanHoy

#79 Tell Me How Much You Love You It!

Image credits: Blake Scheidegger

#80 In A Local Rehab Facility/Nursing Home. Not Sure Who Thought That Was A Good Design

Image credits: Jennifer Stake White

#81 What A Luxurious View

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#82 This Guy Has It Covered. Simplest Design And Simple Elegance. I Saw This On The Internet And Facebook Even So No I Did Not Take The Pic. Ross Cardona’s Post! In Tx The Tax Man’s Assessed Value Would Be About 1.5 Million Bucks, And That Is A Conservative Estimate

Image credits: Mack Mcalistair

#83 What The What??

Image credits: Toni Svrcek

#84 The Handrail

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#85 Details? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Details

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#86 Hey Pete- Bring Me All That Extra Moulding. We Got A Sucker Here!

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#87 Spotted This Seating Area In The Wild At The Graduate Hotel In Nashville

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#88 If Only There Was Some Way To Plan In Advance For Where Pipes/Ductwork Will Be Going

Image credits: Marianna Victoria

#89 One Of Many Things Not Measured Correctly In My Friends House

Image credits: Julianne Sunshine

#90 The “Bath Tub” Of The Airbnb I’m Staying In. For Reference, I’m Only 5’9″

Image credits: Aaron Bishop

#91 Catwalk, Running Track, Egg Drop Experiment Station. The Possibilities Are Really Endless

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

#92 Funny Solution To A Bad Design

Image credits: Allison Beer McKenzie

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