Young Russian Mom Was Seen Delivering Food On The Subway With Two Kids In Tow

Being a mother is never easy. So, you can imagine just how much harder everything gets when a mother becomes single and when she also needs to work not one but multiple jobs to make ends meet. And this is on top of taking care of kids and everything else that life throws at her.

Meet Lada Koroleva, a 19-year-old former food delivery courier who has been making headlines due to a photo of her on the subway traveling to her destination to deliver food together with her two daughters. Needless to say, she does seem like she has her hands full. A bit too full.

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Bored Panda got in touch with Lada Koroleva for an interview.

It’s never easy being a mother, especially when you work as a food delivery courier and have 2 kids

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So, a photo of Lada recently surfaced online and it has been going viral. In this photo, she is seen wearing a “Delivery Club” food delivery courier’s backpack, on her way to her next destination to deliver food.

What is also present in the photo is her two daughters. As it turned out, she took her kids along with her to work as she had no other option: her family is from Rostov-on-Don, and her relationship with them is complicated to say the least, while she was also having trouble with her husband who, according to Lada, spent his days out of work playing games all the time, so leaving the kids with him was also not an option.

There were also reports that he was supposed to be drafted into the Russian Forces, which meant he wouldn’t be able to take care of the kids anyway, but the process was halted due to the pandemic.

The now viral photo has been making rounds online, showing just much a mother will try to make ends meet

Image credits: Lada Koroleva

As the story goes, Lada gave birth to her first daughter, Angelina, when she was 17. She was known as the “Courier Mama” in her hometown as she had also done similar food delivery work, pushing a stroller to every destination. She soon moved to Moscow where she continued working as a food courier as seen in the viral photo.

“I love my daughters very much. I worked in delivery because there was no one to leave the children with,” explained Lada.

The mother of two did receive some help from people in the form of food and kids items, like diapers and toys. Due to the situation with her husband, she was also encouraged to leave him, which she eventually did, but not before her second daughter was born.

Lada gave birth to her first daughter when she was just 17 years old

Image credits: Lada Koroleva

Image credits: Lada Koroleva

It was at this point when a number of people were getting suspicious of her, and started accusing her of running a scam. Because of all of the media attention that Lada had received until now, people were suspecting that she was just using her newfound popularity and creating lies to benefit financially.

Lada denied all of the allegations and conspiracies targeted against her, saying that all of the people who don’t believe her can come to Moscow and see for themselves the life she’s living now. The one thing that she had learned from this unpleasant experience is that you can’t take gifts or money from people. This prompted her to ask for jobs instead, as she’s more than eager to work hard so that her kids could have a good life and future.

She had an estranged relationship with her parents, and things were also complicated with her husband, which is why she always took her kids with her to work

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Image credits: Lada Koroleva

She ended up quitting her courier job and is now working whatever job she can to make ends meet: “People started condemning me, saying that I’ve brought this on myself by having kids, and child protective services also started getting involved. Besides that, the delivery company was often late with paying out salaries, violating the rights of the couriers.”

Lada continued: “I ended up quitting delivery and am now looking for a remote job so that I could take care of my kids. Thanks to my previous job as a courier, I met many people who helped me get a job cleaning apartments and working as a nanny.” She now lives separately from her husband in a single-room apartment in Moscow together with her two lovely daughters. Reportedly, the divorce process was also halted due to the coronavirus situation in Russia.

She ended up quitting delivery and now cleans apartments, whilst also looking for remote work

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The now viral photo drew a lot of attention on the internet when Natie Artistry reshared the photo on Facebook. At the moment of this article, the photo has over 94,000 reactions with 2,700 comments and more than 77,000 shares. Regardless of the story behind the image, many were surprised to see just how tough mothers can really be to be able to pull off working and also taking care of two kids alone at the same time.

If you’re looking for someone to help you out or know someone who’s looking for a helping hand, preferably a remote job, consider getting in touch with Lada. But before you go, why not let us know what you thought of this in the comment section below!

Here’s how the internet reacted to the photo of Lada and her two daughters delivering food


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