Ze Frank Announces His True Facts Animal Awards

In showing us the world’s creatures most worthy of a laugh, Ze Frank has encountered some very weird animals. Many have impressed him so much that they deserve an award, but for some superlative accomplishment that no other awards will cover, because their being all sciency and back-to-nature. So he had to make up his own awards show.

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With categories like Animals That Look Like Ants, Most Horrifying Orifice, Oh So That’s What You Sound Like, Most Creative Use of Mucus, Most Adorable Thief, An Ass That’s Happy to See You, and Least Likely to Become a Team Mascot, you can imagine some of these animals are pretty gross. Or if you’ve ever seen a True Facts video from Ze Frank. While technically SFW, this video contains jokes and images that you don’t really want to discuss with your supervisor. Or your kids. The video has a one-minute ad at 4:24.

Source: neatorama

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