107 Times Hospital Food Was So Bad, People Just Had To Shame It Online

If hospitals are supposed to help you get well, then they ought to be doing this in every single way possible. From making the surroundings warm and welcoming to providing you nutritious, wholesome, and homely meals so you can get your strength back as fast as possible. Unfortunately, you Pandas and I all know that this isn’t the case. Hospital food is absolutely horrid in a huge number of hospitals. And, frankly, we deserve better.

We wanted to show you just how bad hospital food can get all over the world, so our hard-working team at Bored Panda compiled this list that’s bound to make you angry like professional chef Gordon Ramsay. Remember to upvote the best of the worst photos and let us know what the food was like during your most recent stay at the hospital.

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The reason why hospital food is so bad and so banal it hurts is because of money. Or rather, the lack of it. And let’s not forget the fact that often hospitals don’t even make the food that they serve to patients and the staff members themselves; they outsource it. As you’re about to find out, there are quite a few things that look as lonely on a plate as two tiny sausages with some parsley.

#1 What You Get For Breakfast In A Hungarian Hospital

Image credits: abraabraka

#2 My Hospital Roast Dinner

Image credits: EncryptedMyst

#3 This Is The Meal My Wife’s Hospital Had The Audacity To Serve For Nurses Appreciation Week. I Live In Phoenix

After a year nurse shortages, running out of PPE, working employees to the bone without hazard pay.

Image credits: colton310

Financially speaking, feeding people well is expensive. And the thinking tends to be, why bother giving someone nutritious, healthy, costly meals when you can get away with a piece of bread and a sad chunk of cheese? After all, a hospital is all about helping you get better, not feeding you.

However, that line of thinking simply doesn’t work when you consider the huge importance that food has on our health. In fact, have a think about how you feel when you’ve been eating fresh food for a while versus how lethargic you feel when you’ve been consuming plenty of sugar and fast food. The difference is night and day.

#4 Friend Sent This To Me – It’s From A Hospital Canteen In Ireland

Image credits: markybar

#5 Hospital Food In Italy

Image credits: RonaldTheGiraffe

#6 Hospital Administration Told Us They’d Be Treating Us To Dinner During Our Shift. “Dinner” Is One Individual, Frozen, Uncooked Meatloaf Per Person. This Is Georgia

Happy nurse’s week, y’all.

Image credits: reddit.com

According to ‘Wise Geek,’ hospital food is a subset of institutional food which focuses on cutting costs and appealing to the widest number of customers as possible. Though, to be fair, it’s tough to imagine how the bland/disgusting food that’s served is meant to appeal to anyone.

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Is it enough for you to survive in a tight spot? Probably. Is it something that’s going to rouse your spirits and give your body the necessary nutrients to get stronger quickly? Doubtful. The secret ingredient might be love, but there’s not much of that around!

#7 This Hospital In USA Failed

Image credits: AliMaadelat

#8 My Hospital Food Memories Are Scary. It’s Lithuania

Image credits: Kristina Galinauskaitė

#9 Hospital Lunch In Romania

Image credits: Andrei144

For the majority of us, hospital food will only ever be a quirky anecdote to tell our friends. But we forget about the people who stay in hospitals for weeks, months, and even years at a time. Imagine having to eat that swill every day. Food and cooking are important parts of being a human being and a member of your local community and society at large.

I’d actually argue that by feeding people bland, ghastly, and shocking food, you’re depriving them of one of the biggest joys of being human. And that can’t be good for your health. Physical, emotional, or spiritual.

#10 Celebratory Steak Dinner Offered By Hospital For Proud Mother And Father

Image credits: Johnmcguirk

#11 Groats With Vomit, From My Stay At A Polish Hospital

Image credits: MamWidelec

#12 German Hospital Food

Image credits: FurFlux

#13 This “Chicken Tikka” My Boyfriend Got Served In Hospital Today. We Are From Wales In Britain

Image credits: meadilicious

#14 Yesterday’s Hospital Breakfast In Chicago. The Garnish Really Makes It

Image credits: jjjkkkjkjk

#15 Mums In Hospital Over The Weekend With Heart Trouble. She Sent Me A Picture Of Her Lunch. It’s England

Image credits: Flatcapspaintandglue

#16 Hospital Food. Note The Garnish

Image credits: lordwagglestan

#17 Can You Identify My Austrian Hospital Food?

A good guess might be “depression”, but actually, it was some sort of cow paste (it immediately fell apart, it was basically the consistency of mousse) in paprika sauce, mashed potato, and mushy pea purée.

Image credits: malta3

#18 Dinner In Irish Maternity Hospital

Image credits: pockets3d

#19 My Breakfast Today In The Hospital. Dry Bread, One Slice Of American Cheese, Bit Of Jam, Sugar And Milk For Instant Coffee. It’s Not Prison, Just A Belgian Hospital

Image credits: Gordondel

#20 Since We’re Posting Our Hospital Meals (UK)

Image credits: Buddahfinger666

#21 “Lasagna” According To Adventist Hospital

Image credits: OpheliaMorningwood

#22 The Toasts One Of My Patients Got At The Hospital For Breakfast

Image credits: alternageek2

#23 I Present An American Hospital Cheeseburger

Image credits: hambosammich

#24 Hospital Food Looks Like The Opposite Of Food. America The Great US

Image credits: sebaylward

#25 I Knew I Took This Picture For A Reason. Feast Your Eyes On My Hospital Breakfast In America

Image credits: Calimaree

#26 Hospital Dinner In Germany At 16:30

Image credits: DieMitDenRotenHaaren

#27 Yum, Hospital Food

Image credits: wolksvagon

#28 Polish Hospital Food

Image credits: Zanowin42

#29 My First Meal In A Week, At A Hospital For Meningitis, Entertain Me, Please. Milwaukee​, Wisconsin

Image credits: Sivispacemparabellum

#30 Vegan Hospital Food: Potato

Image credits: UnlessYouDala

#31 Nutritious Swedish Hospital Breakfast

Image credits: grimsexton

#32 Horrible Vegan Hospital Food, New Mexican Style

Image credits: ApostateLibrarian

#33 Hospital Cafeteria, Bon Appetit

Image credits: hausofpurple

#34 This Hot Dog From The Toronto Hospital For Sick Kids

Image credits: PM_ME_YOUR_XBOX_KEYS

#35 This Veggie Burger Was Served To Me In The Hospital. 10/10 For Presentation

Image credits: tveir

#36 Hospital Food At Its Best! Just What A New Mother Needs After A Long, Traumatic Delivery. This Is UK

Image credits: gemsaell

#37 Staying At A Hospital In Montreal. No Dietary Restrictions (Injured My Leg). This Was What Was Presented This Morning Along With A Cup Of Coffee

Image credits: Maybebaybe

#38 A Hospitals Take On Vegetarian Cuisine. Germany

Image credits: FurFlux

#39 Good Old Hospital Chicken Parmesan

Image credits: VioletUser

#40 Vegetarian Meal Sent Up For My Friends Hospital Meal

Image credits: Yauchness

#41 Chicken Teriyaki Given To Us For Nurses Week By My Hospital

Image credits: Ididntknowthathaha

#42 I See Your Walmart Philly, And Raise You A Hospital Cafeteria In Philly

Image credits: sysco_foods_rep

#43 Side Of Bacon At The Hospital In Florida

Image credits: buckeyediver

#44 2 Buttered Slices Of Bread, Some Kind Of Sweet Bun And Strawberry Jam. Hospital Food Hours. Honestly The Bread Is The Best Part. Southern Poland

Image credits: ihave_noname_bro

#45 My Girlfriend’s Grandma Is In The Hospital. This Is Her Dinner. Yes, It Came Labeled That Way

Image credits: BLiNKiN42

#46 My Breakfast In The Hospital This Morning. I’m Sure It Only Cost Me About $75.00

Image credits: generic_von_erich

#47 Tasty Full English Breakfast From Raffles Hospital, Singapore

Image credits: kushATX

#48 Third Week Of Living On Vegan Hospital Food And I’ve Lost 10 Kg. I Have No Idea What This Is

Image credits: grimsexton

#49 Vegan Option From My Hospital Breakfast

Image credits: Cloud_Garrett

#50 My Lovely Vegan Lunch While I Was In Hospital In UK. Dry Potato No Vegan Spread

Image credits: Foxjessie

#51 This Is What The NHS Call A Turkey Dinner And All The Trimmings For Someone Recovering From Cancer

Image credits: Trixiefire666

#52 Looks Like It Was Cooked About 4 Weeks Ago

Image credits: Markgsparrow

#53 This French Hospital Food Is Getting Worse – Potatoes And What I Think Was A Boiled Cabbage

Image credits: WhyArrest

#54 It’s Bad

Image credits: daddyhope

#55 Wow, Looks Like A Healthy Meal

Image credits: MariaEmmerich

#56 Steak Hawaii I Got At A Hospital In Germany

Image credits: hansmueller1

#57 Vegetarian Dinner Option At The Hospital

Image credits: Jennyvarela

#58 Cooked Sauerkraut With Uncooked Turkey Fillet In My University Hospital In Germany

Image credits: Adernain

#59 Hospital Breakfast

It’s baked eggs covered with American cheese.

Image credits: anuncommontruth

#60 Stuck In This UK Hospital All Weekend. This Does Not Make It Any Easier

Image credits: MatiasUK

#61 Hospital Food Yummy

It’s mashed potatoes, something you’d feed to your bunny (or is it some kind of chicken pellets?), and water I guess?

Image credits: Mattho

#62 Although I’m Grateful My Hospital Is Concerned And Busy With Covid, This Is My Omelet After 48 Hours Of ER/ICU Call

Image credits: KmcDocJones

#63 I’m A Cancer Patient In The Hospital. Instant Mashed Potatoes Mixed Into Chicken Broth

Image credits: __Rocketpop__

#64 Girlfriend’s Clear Liquid Only “Meal” At The Hospital

Image credits: fuegointhekitchen

#65 Love Me Some Crappy Hospital Food. Germany

Image credits: Frischfischfabrik

#66 Hospital Vegetable Lasagne

Image credits: BeefCentral

#67 Since We’re Sharing Hospital Food, Here Is What We Receive For Breakfast Every Day At A Public Hospital In Rome, Italy

Image credits: jmmaldonado

#68 US Hospital Food: Gourmet Baked Potato, Fresh Steamed Baby Carrots, And Fresh Fruit Cup. And Cranberry Juice. And That’s The Description On The Menu

Image credits: jasonvictory86

#69 In The St. Michaels Hospital, Toronto, And They Just Served Dinner

Image credits: AlwaysWantedN64

#70 In This Hospital In Ontario, When They Say “Fresh Poutine”, They Really Mean “Frozen Fries Topped With Demolished Cheese Slices”

Image credits: chunkyfunkymonkey

#71 My Mom Was Vegan And This Is What They Brought Her

Image credits: CatbellyDeathtrap

#72 Puerto Rico Hospital Food

Image credits: Pastel_rose_thorn002

#73 Breakfast In Hospital In Serbia

Image credits: Euphoric-Winter-4234

#74 Hong Kong Hospital Food. The Same 4 Meals On Repeat For 3 Weeks

Image credits: avendu

#75 Hospital Food Makes Me Wanna Cry

Image credits: TaruPotat

#76 Yummy American Hospital Food. Ketchup And Mustard, Salad With A Side Of Lettuce

Image credits: helterskelter2123

#77 The Hospital Food In Norway Is Fantastic. This Is Dinner. I Thought They Were Joking

Image credits: kaxl

#78 Hospital Breakfast

Image credits: longdickstyl

#79 Hospital Food Services At Local Hospital In Halifax, Nova Scotia

Image credits: Tim_McDermott

#80 In Case You Were Wondering If There’s Been A Change In Hospital Food For New Mamas. Nope. Still Unappetizing And Uneaten. Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto

Image credits: rachels_nd

#81 I’ve Been Nil By Mouth For 48 Hours In UK Hospital Due To Surgery – This Was My First Meal – The “Vegan Option”

Image credits: shatpostshutpost

#82 What Kind Of Weird Combo Is That

Image credits: YemieFASH

#83 Lasagne And Mashed Potatoes

Image credits: Kellie_Tallant

#84 Hospital Breakfast In Australia. Day 3 In The Hospital And Only The Third Meal I’ve Had. They’ve All Been Jelly And Apple Juice

Image credits: Jacmaree

#85 Looks Like Its Regurgitated Beef On A Bun And Carrots For Lunch Today

Image credits: carolh1978

#86 A Friend’s Pregnant Wife Has Been Taken To Hospital In Torun, Poland. This Is What She Got For Dinner And Breakfast

Image credits: moonlightinsamosa

#87 Lunch At The Cardiovascular Surgery Hospital

Image credits: MorrisM

#88 NHS Hospital Food, Cottage Pie And Beans

Image credits: Allenspawn

#89 The Food I Got In The Hospital I’m Recovering In. I Don’t Even Know What I’m Looking At. Ph And The Bread Is Hard As A Rock

Image credits: XxSHARKZILLAxX

#90 Hospital Food In Lithuania

Image credits: Dominyka Michalkevič

#91 This Is Called A Fancy Dinner Here In Lithuanian Hospital

Image credits: Tomas Visockas

#92 Is This Page Still Accepting Hospital Food?

Image credits: DaRealZezima

#93 Egyptian Hospital Food

Image credits: AdrianIsBeast

#94 Hospital Omelet

Image credits: mancxvi

#95 Someone Posted Their Japanese Hospital Food. Here Is What I Got In America

Image credits: Sketchycat716

#96 Hospital Food From Konstanz, Germany. And I Had To Hobble Down The Hallway And Pick It Up Myself

Image credits: kcjenta

#97 Hospital Dinner, England

Image credits: gallaxygas

#98 This Chicken I Woke Up To In The Hospital. Had Been Sitting For Quite Awhile. Not Like That Could’ve Made It Much Worse

Image credits: HKtx

#99 My Fiancée Is In The Hospital In Canada. Hospital Food Sucks

Image credits: Boblynnjoe

#100 Hospital Food In Lithuania

Image credits: Mr__Pope

#101 Hospital Food Korea

Image credits: alamadu

#102 Coworker Had A Surgical Procedure Relating To Diverticulosis. This Was His Hospital Food A Couple Days Post-Recovery. American Healthcare

Image credits: BUXpartner4life

#103 QLD Hospital Food. Or Mr Hanky

Image credits: GrannyRista

#104 Vegan Hospital Food

Image credits: Morganxrose

#105 Third Day At The Hospital And The First Time I Got Served Some “Veggies”. Really? And Everyone Wonders Why People Get Sick, Overweight Or Diabetes

Image credits: klarafuchs

#106 Bad Hospital Food. At Least This Had Something Green Thrown On Top

Image credits: crochetgurl

#107 Be Very, Very Glad You Are Not Eating Hospital Food. My Mom’s “Appetizing” Dinner

Image credits: elliepickles

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