Andrew Tate Claims Sleeping With Women For Pleasure Is “Gay,” Gets Roasted Online

Andrew Tate, notable for making controversial statements, exceeded his reputation’s expectations after claiming that being intimate with women defined a man’s queer sexual identity. 

Taking to his X page (formerly known as Twitter) on Wednesday (April 24), Andrew wrote: “Sex is for making children.

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“Any man who has sex with women because it ‘feels good’ is gay.

“Oh my pee pee feels good this is great!

“In fact if you are 40 with less than five children you’re probably gay.

“All that feel-good pee pee sex and hardly any genetic legacy?”

Andrew Tate stirred controversy by suggesting that men who have sex with women solely for pleasure are essentially gay

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Naturally, social media users have since had a field day with this one, with a person commenting on X: “I miss the business, fitness, motivation, Tate. This whole breeding obsession is just f*****g weird.”

An X user asked: “Didn’t you talk dirty to men online for money? That’s pretty gay.”

Someone else penned: “Remind me how many kids you have again, sweetie?”

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The 37-year-old former kickboxer has claimed in the past that he does have children, never giving a specific number, but he stated nonetheless that he had a “double-digit” number of kids, The Sun reported last year.

As of November 2023, no woman has come forward to say she’s had a child with him.

Andrew’s questionable X statement might be one big joke after all, as a commenter noted: “The fact some people take posts like this dead *ss seriously and clutch pearls over them for days on end is precisely why they’re amusing,” to which the businessman replied with two crying laughing emojis.

Andrew’s claim of having a “double-digit” number of children remains unverified

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Another person quipped: “I am 55 and I only have two children, is it too late for me?” Andrew answered: “NEVER!”

In an episode on Patrick Bet-David’s podcast in June 2023, the Big Brother alum said: “I have nothing against gay people. 

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“I don’t care and that’s actually another point I want to make into about this thing. 

“I think most people don’t care and I think that bothers them.”

Andrew previously reiterated his indifference towards gay people in a podcast episode with Patrick Bet-David

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Bored Panda has contacted Andrew’s representative for comment.

Last month, Andrew and his brother, Tristan, were detained in Romania over rape allegations dating back to 2012-2015.

Romanian authorities detained the Tate brothers for 24 hours following the issuance of arrest warrants by the UK.

Naturally, social media users have since had a field day with Andrew’s claims

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A Romanian court subsequently approved a request from the UK to extradite the siblings but said it would postpone the extradition until his criminal trial in Romania had come to an end, Al Jazeera reported.

“We are innocent men, we are very innocent men, and in time, everyone is going to see that, and we are very excited to finish this judicial process and clear our names,” Andrew reportedly said as he was released from police custody.

The case has since been with the Bucharest court’s preliminary chamber, which needs to decide whether the trial can start. A decision has yet to be made, with Romanian courts backlogged, Al Jazeera reported

Andrew’s X post continued to fuel mixed reactions on social media


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