113 Examples Of Awful Taste And Awful Execution, As Shared In This Online Thread

It is absolutely fascinating to discuss the balance between function and form when it comes to various designs. Here’s the problem, though: many people tend to assume that a product, ad, or work of art has to necessarily be either aesthetic or super-functional if it doesn’t strive for balance. How naive! We’re here to show you that there are some truly horrible design ideas out there. Awful taste, as well as awful execution, is putting it mildly.

And that’s where the ‘Awful Taste And Awful Execution’ (aka ATAAE) online community comes in. A subreddit uniting 81.5k members, it’s a celebration of everything that’s awful, taste-wise. We’ve collected some of their best (or would that be ‘worst’?) pics to share with you. The images are a great reminder that you, Pandas, have far better taste.

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Scroll down, and let us know which of these designs you loved to hate the most by giving them a big ol’ upvote. Oh, and don’t be shy—share your honest thoughts with everyone in the comments.

#1 Maga-Themed Wedding Dress

Image credits: Dim_Innuendo

#2 Yeah Nice

Image credits: bymikebaker

#3 Curves

Image credits: reddit.com

The ‘Awful Taste And Awful Execution’ subreddit has been around since 2017. In the 5+ years since, the members of the ATAAE community have scoured the internet for some of the biggest insults to good taste to ever exist in our timeline. It’s truly puzzling how some people completely lack any and all aesthetic awareness.

#4 There’s A Lot To Unpack Here

Image credits: bobilygarvelan

#5 Out Of This World! I Was Told You Guys Would Appreciate This!

Image credits: emma-smfc

#6 Toilet Brush Christmas Tree

Image credits: PedroGonzales99

Our tastes might play a large role in whether or not we find a design, product, or work of art appealing, but it’s important to remember that there are such things as objectively good or bad designs. Good design means putting the user first. Designs ought to be functional, pleasing, and ergonomic.

#7 Don’t Actually Wear This

Image credits: Americana84

#8 This Baby Announcement — Sent To Relatives

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Image credits: _zukos_honor_

#9 Found Outside A Xiaomi Store

Image credits: Slamduck

Tim Antoniuk, an expert in Design Studies at the University of Alberta, previously spoke to Bored Panda about good and bad design. He noted that good designs ought to constantly adapt to a changing, modern world.

“Given the speed of change that we encounter today in our lives in the digital environment that we live in, I believe that some great design is not necessarily timeless. One example is seen in Interface Design, Ux Design, and in-service design. As new layers get added into our lives, things naturally have an evolutionary cycle,” the design expert told Bored Panda earlier.

#10 Getting A Bad Tattoo Of An Egirl Might Be The 2021 Version Of Hitting Rock Bottom

Image credits: john_fckinwayne

#11 I Think The Flooring At This Banquet Belongs Here

Image credits: BetosReddit

#12 Music Festival Season Coming Up

Image credits: pvrata62

“This is different from furniture which naturally can be more ubiquitous and designed to fit the human body. There is a great deal of fuzziness in this discussion but I do believe that the essence of this idea is true,” the professor said that certain product designs have far more longevity than others, depending on the area.

#13 Both Of These Look Like Cow Shit Mixed With Dog Vomit. I Pity Their Poor Family

Image credits: reddit.com

#14 Horrible Tattoo And Use Of A Birthmark

Image credits: TruckFluster

#15 Yeah. Dumb

Image credits: Soybeans-Quixote

“The gray area comes in when people start to talk about taste and about degrees of aesthetic. I may love the design of Bauhaus furniture, for example, while somebody may feel that it is too cold and void of personality,” the expert accounted for people’s differing tastes.

#16 Renovations Done To 500-Year-Old Caldwell Tower In Scotland

Image credits: Gangleri_Graybeard

#17 Awkward

Image credits: SoftDreamer

#18 Only The Finest China

Image credits: reddit.com

“Not unlike great art, I believe that much of what came from this era is ‘great design,’ in part because it represents an era and a philosophy. When we start to mix in discussions of taste and preference, that is where the gray areas of good and bad design get blurred,” he said.

#19 Lil Uzi Vert Pierced His Forehead With A $24 Million Pink Diamond

Image credits: chagin

#20 100k And He Still Doesn’t Look Like The Biebs

Image credits: yomamasamilf

#21 This Hairway To Heaven

Image credits: Fifi_Leafy

According to Antoniuk, from the University of Alberta, people can generally intuitively feel what designs are good and which ones aren’t.

“Quite often, this relates to ergonomics and the usability or functionality of the products and services and systems. Having said that, I think far too many people expect poor design that doesn’t really work well,” he told us.

#22 Wtf

Image credits: csrzj

#23 This Is Disgusting

Image credits: Kyomei-ju

#24 Originally Posted On Atbge, But Definitely Belongs Here

Image credits: aupdegrove24

“For me, great design is what Dieter [Rams] talks about—it is also intuitive, it is deeply sympathetic and empathetic to the user at all levels, and at some level, it is emotional. It is a catalyst for giving us feelings.”

#25 This Is The Logo Of A Local Bakery. Looks Like The Angel Is About To Eat Some A**

Image credits: Gangleri_Graybeard

#26 I’m Unsure If This Atrocity Has Made Its Way Here Yet.. I Can’t Unsee

Image credits: Sherlockhomey

#27 This Monstrous Paper Mache Chair That Someone Understandably Threw Away

Image credits: patarama

Which of these pics did you find the most painful to look at, dear Pandas? Why do you think some people have such a hard time realizing that their sense of what does and does not work totally doesn’t match what’s actually aesthetic? How would you break the news to someone to tell that they might just lack taste and may need to develop it more? Let us know in the comments!

#28 What Exactly Is On Her Face

Image credits: reddit.com

#29 (Literally No One:) Kyle:

Image credits: RogueKirito33

#30 Poor Thing Needs To Be Put Out Of Its Misery

Image credits: wolfie360

#31 This Christmas Ornament

Image credits: ImHereForTheEggNog

#32 A Sweater Made Out Of Dryer Lint

Image credits: stillmebutdgaf

#33 This Sports Bra That Looks Like It Is Covered In Stains

Image credits: NeedMmmeeeemmmmeeees

#34 Balloon Elsa

Image credits: QualityCucumber

#35 It Looks So Bad Its Almost Good

Image credits: kapouw

#36 Well

Image credits: AlecTheDalek

#37 Camp Auschwitz

Image credits: SnuggleMeister

#38 Happy Birthday! Here’s Some More Ptsd

Image credits: Pussyxpoppins

#39 11-9

Image credits: 2accforstuff

#40 She Will Totally Not Regret That Tattoo

Image credits: butt-sniffler

#41 Jojo Siwa’s Car

Image credits: caIeidoscopio

#42 I’ve Never Been More Terrified Of Stuffed Horses

Image credits: jessm85

#43 This Adidas Suit

Image credits: Chlo_Bo124

#44 This Is How You Write

Image credits: AVRGMXXNY

#45 Notice The Vip Upgrade

Image credits: peachjay

#46 Guess Which State

Image credits: dogsdawgs

#47 I Dont Know Why

Image credits: Horsefress

#48 Acrylic Glass Over Vomit Texture

Image credits: peacedetski

#49 Statue Of Elon Musk In My Hometown

Image credits: Cam1947

#50 F**k Me

Image credits: curiousiceberg

#51 Anything Can Be Improved By Gluing Human Teeth To It

Image credits: TheAxThatSlayedMe

#52 Is This Deliberate?

Image credits: GreyandDribbly

#53 This Baby Yoda Tattoo

Image credits: brockmclaughlin

#54 When You’re Trashy But Also Complex

Image credits: SarcasticBarbie96

#55 Bin Frunklin

Image credits: Kingweb08

#56 Jord

Image credits: lazyshrimpo

#57 This Company Selling These Ugly Masks That Are For “Fashion Purpose Only, Not Medical Grade” During A Pandemic

Image credits: halica84

#58 This Is Just Weird

Image credits: Walusqueegee

#59 These Constitutional Rights Forever Inked

Image credits: kikk89

#60 Can Someone Please Tell Me How You’re Supposed To Use This Mug I Found At IKEA

Image credits: Machonacho7891

#61 This Abomination Of A…doll?

Image credits: guessimkindaemo

#62 My Butt Hurts Just Thinking About This

Image credits: CookieOmNomster

#63 It’s Supposed To Be Fried Chicken ?

Image credits: _femj

#64 Making The City “Greener”

Image credits: LilGeeky

#65 Hot Glue Bug Pendant

Image credits: Aiiga

#66 Gucci, Wyf

Image credits: reddit.com

#67 Man Cave Nightmare Catcher

Image credits: whiskeydreamkathleen

#68 Not The Worst Lada Mod I’ve Seen, But Definitely The Cheesiest

Image credits: Ravesti

#69 Somewhere Out There, A Circus Is Missing Its Clown Car

Image credits: stevieweezie

#70 These Cuffed Jeans

Image credits: Zodchy

#71 Kanye’s New Merch

Image credits: therasaak

#72 A Baby Nursery Door Hanger

Image credits: Pussyxpoppins

#73 This Bloody Mary

Image credits: PlopsMcgoo

#74 Went For A Walk Around The Neighborhood And Saw This Monstrosity Today

Image credits: Aurteur

#75 The Maskinator

Image credits: KhrisBKream

#76 Dora Car Seat

Image credits: zezozose_zadfrack

#77 Let Us Give Thanks, Or Not

Image credits: Queenstine0106

#78 Less Denim Mask, More Shorts On My Face

Image credits: rishcast

#79 Lil Wayne Cake

Image credits: reddit.com

#80 The Bean Bag Onesie

Image credits: Scruffaduff

#81 Even The Cupholder Is Frowning. Linoleum In A Minivan

Image credits: ToakHammer

#82 “Can You Make This £60,000 Car Look More Like £600? Thanks.”

Image credits: Kevster020

#83 Justin Bieber Couch

Image credits: arotenberg

#84 This Was The Final Evolution Of My Scooter Until The Frame Cracked

Image credits: superchargedautism

#85 This Person’s Tattoo

Image credits: Floodbucket

#86 This Steve Irwin Couple Costume

Image credits: strip_club_dj

#87 Hearts

Image credits: fetus-wearing-a-suit

#88 Swim With A Hot Bod

Image credits: gstickery

#89 Great Car If You Need To Vent After A Long Day

Image credits: goatviewdotcom

#90 This Toilet Seat In My Dentists’ Office

Image credits: TravestyDiner

#91 I Was Told This Was The Correct Place For This. I’ve Seen This Car Twice And Both Times Weren’t On Halloween

Image credits: kenowastaken

#92 Roomate Got An “Adam Sandler Click Tattoo” On His Chest For Some Reason

Image credits: grranby

#93 Bort Samson

Image credits: Sanyladd


Image credits: mc2205

#95 You Guys Liked The Last Tattoo I Posted

Image credits: Floodbucket

#96 I Present To Ye, Trump Burger, A Burger Joint I Just Found

Image credits: joaquom_the_wizard

#97 Everything About This Is Terrible

Image credits: darthphallic

#98 When You Get A New Stencil Pack But Aren’t Sure What To Do With It

Image credits: buuntyn

#99 Birthday Party In Calabasas

Image credits: PerciFlage88

#100 This Strawberry Cow Seat

Image credits: Coversyl

#101 Furbie-Nomicon

Image credits: Sad_Transition2094

#102 These Creepy Crochet Babies

Image credits: whiteshine

#103 This Guy’s Tattoo & Outfit Are Still One Of The Worst I’ve Seen

Image credits: reddit.com

#104 My Friends Marge Simpson Costume

Image credits: RicciBoi

#105 This Bathroom. With Stairs

Image credits: sophaea

#106 Found Thrifting

Image credits: Scotcheye

#107 Who Likes The Grinch That Much??

Image credits: aaron61798

#108 This Terrible Tattoo

Image credits: EJ_Dyer

#109 Helping A Friend Move, Discovered This Masterpiece Of A Tiger Painted On Fur/Fabric. Hung Over His Parents Bed In The 70s

Image credits: hikaro22

#110 My Cousin’s Boyfriend’s Car. Everything’s Drilled, Glued, And Painted With Normal Room Paint

Image credits: Alexsrobin

#111 Gotta Flex The Porsche Brake Calipers

Image credits: reddit.com

#112 In A Mexican Restaurant In Ky. He Had A Fisherman Next To Him, For Some Reason. Look At His Human Knees And Toes!

Image credits: Drelecour

#113 This ‘Modded’ Car At My Work

Image credits: JoeSwingJoe

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