115 Honest Kids That Humbled Their Parents In The Funniest Ways

You wouldn’t expect this level of sassiness coming from our precious baby angels who seem like the incarnation of innocence, curiosity and the life ahead of them.

But children are notorious daredevils and they never cease to amaze their parents by serving a shock bomb of various kinds.

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This time, we’re looking at times when parents got put in their place not by their bosses, not by their own parents, not by their colleagues or angry Karens ruling the parking lots, but by their own children. You see, this is somewhat of a common occasion parents would much rather remain silent about, because being humbled by your offspring is not always the best feeling in the world, right?

Scroll down through the funniest tweets below!

#1 The Disrespect

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#2 Ouch. Kids Say The Harshest Things

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#3 This Seems Like Some Excellent 7-Year-Old Attitude

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While many kids humble their parents now and then, reminding them they have their own view of the world too, which is just as valid, if not even more, some children take this behavior to a whole new level. On some occasions, children become too assertive and even bossy, not only knowing what’s best for them, whatever that’d take, but also being sure what’s best for others, adults included.

#4 My Daughter Roasted Me For Father’s Day. I Couldn’t Be More Proud

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#5 Nope, Not Cute

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#6 Having “The Talk”

Image credits: ktmartinez

Usually, bossy behaviors appear as children begin to explore power in a social context with peers and within the parent-child relationship. There can be many signs that a child is bossy, including: A child has a great idea in mind and she needs others to bring it to life. (“Put the castle over here. You play the baby and I’ll play the mommy.”); A child feels strongly about controlling the outcome of a situation. (“Don’t put the peas next to the mashed potatoes,” “I’m going first.”); A child is insecure and unsure about who makes the final decisions in the household, so he asserts his own power. (“Gimme the cookie before dinner. I want it right now!”)

#7 Kids Really Are Brutal

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#8 Kid Has Her Priorities Straight

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#9 A Scary Kid Right There

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Parents are often to blame for bossy behavior in kids because the chances are it was brought out by confusion about who makes decisions at home and inconsistency in parenting. That’s why parenting experts remind parents time and again about establishing clear rules and boundaries at home so there will be as little room for the grey area as possible.

Some children carry on with dominating behavior well into adulthood when parents fail to stand up for themselves. If the adult child lives with parents, new rules may be especially hard to set, not only because they haven’t been already, but also because the child is an adult now and sees him/herself as autonomous.

#10 Children Are Savages

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#11 Just Lost My Foot After A Motorcycle Accident. This Is The Sticker My Son Chose To Decorate My Brace

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#12 My Husband Took Our Almost 13-Year-Old Son’s Phone Away For The Day Yesterday. Of Course, My Husband Had To Slid This Under His Door Last Night

The real kicker was our son’s response. Wise man.

Image credits: aworsh

In order to find out more about such instances, we spoke with Lynn How, a professional educator with years of experience of working with kids and the author of “Positive Young Minds.” Lynn specializes in supporting educators, parents, and children with improving and prevention of mental health issues. “Both parents and children should have a mutual respect for each other’s space. The children should remember that they are now adults and their parents should not be picking up after them,” she told us and added that “They should also offer to help with cooking and cleaning.”

#13 He’s So Sassy

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#14 My Kid’s Grounded So She Had To Help Power Wash The Deck. I Came Back To This. Grounding Extended

Image credits: Qrusader62

#15 This Kid Is Going Places

Image credits: Why1sGam0Ra

Having said that, Lynn argues that “parents should not be treating their adult kids like children (unless they are behaving like them!) and should encourage their children to help out, learn to cook, etc. for when they do move out.” Meanwhile, according to her, “adult children with jobs and who pay rent and contribute to the household should be free to buy what they want if it doesn’t impact the parents’ house – A room taken over by a new drum kit might be a step too far, for example!” The life coach added that parents are entitled to an opinion, though, and they may need to share their opinion tactfully.

#16 My Friend’s 6-Year-Old Daughter Drew This At School

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#17 That’s Harsh

Image credits: AndeWall

#18 This Daughter Is A Savage

Image credits: Vanurtle

#19 Poor Dude

Image credits: lucasstefanos

#20 Life’s Waterslide Where You Pass Away At The End

Image credits: brian_sack

#21 Good Problem-Solving Skills For A 4-Year-Old

Image credits: XplodingUnicorn

#22 Nobody Can Drag U Like The Babies

Image credits: aubreyhirsch

#23 Never Forget

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#24 My 13-Year-Old Daughter Left Me These Notes On A Saturday Morning

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#25 Found Out My Kid Had This On His School Classroom Wall All Year

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#26 Life With Kids Is Never Boring

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#27 World’s Best Dad

Image credits: dorsalstream

#28 Bring On The Presents

Image credits: jennypentland

#29 Not To Brag, But My Daughter Has Me Ranked As The 11th Best Dad

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#30 Or The Fat Sea Witch

Image credits: Marlebean

#31 That Had To Feel Good

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#32 No One Tells You This Stuff Before You Have Kids

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#33 Burn

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#34 Snap

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#35 My Daughter Made Me This Bracelet Today

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#36 Children Are Honest

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#37 Sure, He Did The Math

Image credits: carriemelago

#38 World’s Best Dad

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#39 As A Father, I Was Touched By My Daughter’s Entry In Her Journal

Image credits: fizzybunghole

#40 Quiet, Kid

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#41 7-Year-Old Girls Really Know How To Hit You Where It Hurts

Image credits: tank5209

#42 Daamn, That’s Harsh

Image credits: Manda_like_wine

#43 I Drew My Dad’s Vasectomy In My Kindergarten Journal

Image credits: conwpj

#44 Kids Don’t Have Filters

Image credits: XplodingUnicorn

#45 See How Well Turning Your Mom Into A Bear Would Work For You, Ya Little Evil

Image credits: alixeharrow

#46 Mother’s Day

Image credits: womIntrovert84

#47 Ouch

Image credits: ReasonsMySonCry

#48 My Daughter’s Question Of The Day, This Morning

Image credits: dearsirstrokemadam

#49 My Son Got Me A Sympathy Card For My 40th Birthday

Image credits: 110111000101

#50 She’s Smiling Through The Pain

#51 Thanks, Kid

Image credits: lezzimomof2

#52 Maybe A Little Too Honest

Image credits: lvalencsin

#53 Found This Cursed Drawing I Did Of My Dad When I Was Little

Image credits: imUrpersonalDemon

#54 Tough Decision. The Boots Don’t Talk Back

Image credits: HousewifeOfHell

#55 That’s Gotta Hurt

Image credits: Wayjay83

#56 Do U Smell That? Ooh Right. Burn

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#57 At Least She Is Honest

Image credits: MumInBits

#58 Fifty Million Years Ago

Image credits: ReasonsMySonCry

#59 Oh, At 14, You’ll Be Lucky If He Says Two Words To You On The Same Day

Image credits: HenpeckedHal

#60 Daddy’s Funnier

Image credits: MumInBits

#61 Thanks, Son

Image credits: vipersporthp

#62 Kids, No Filter

Image credits: ThisOneSayz

#63 Bad Haircut

Image credits: XplodingUnicorn

#64 Well, She Couldn’t Hear Him

Image credits: bwecht

#65 A Letter From My Daughter

Image credits: Str8upbored

#66 That’s Harsh

Image credits: XplodingUnicorn

#67 My 4-Year-Old Added Something To Our Grocery List After Being Put In Timeout

Image credits: BishopGodDamnYou

#68 But Cool

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#69 My 4-Year-Old’s Drawing Of Me In The Bath

Image credits: Mangovanilla1

#70 She’s Totally Ready For A Management Role

Image credits: LizerReal

#71 Parents With Young Children In These Trying Times

Image credits: taikawaititi

#72 My Friend’s Kid Made This At School

Image credits: PsychicTWElphnt

#73 Showed Our 2-Year-Old An Older Picture Of Mom At Disney World. He Correctly Identified Mommy And Then Pointed To And Said, Daddy. I’m Hurt

Image credits: darkpollopesca

#74 So When I Was A Kid, I Wanted To Make A Mother’s Day Card For My Mom, And This Is What I Came Up With

It says: “Get a job. I love you”

Image credits: mitcHELLcracker

#75 Poor Dad

Image credits: matthewjh

#76 Gonna Be A Lawyer Someday

Image credits: pro_worrier_

#77 Check Mate

Image credits: XplodingUnicorn

#78 Thanks, Kid

Image credits: AbandonPretense

#79 This Kid Has Zero Faith In Mom’s Cooking Skills

Image credits: LurkAtHomeMom

#80 You Could Have Done Better

Image credits: LetMeStart

#81 My Daughter Wanted To Be In The Photo With Us. We Didn’t Tell Her We Were Going To Kiss

Image credits: ohineedascreenname

#82 How My Kid Views Me And My Wife

Image credits: bhornet2008

#83 Just A Little Sad

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#84 That’s Terrible

Image credits: emloositch

#85 Stuff Kids Say

Image credits: justbusyliving

#86 Kid’s Admiration

Image credits: JennyPentland

#87 My Boyfriend’s Kids Were Making His Sims Avatar And Damn, Kids Are Honest

Image credits: Ellekm730

#88 Perfect, Thanks For Pointing It Out

Image credits: BunAndLeggings

#89 God I Love Watching My Little Sister Get Tormented By Her Daughter

Image credits: BachelorTrainwreck

#90 “You’re Not Very Stable!”

Image credits: GabnDad

#91 Kids Just Have No Filter

Image credits: itskashaj

#92 Well That Sucks

Image credits: lurkathomemom

#93 Poor Mother

Image credits: amomuncensored

#94 Work Harder Mommy

Image credits: KidsArentOnFire

#95 Compliment Of The Day

Image credits: redenius_kris

#96 My 14-Year-Old Step Daughter Put This Outside My Bedroom. She “Hates” Me

Image credits: ShinyShadowMawile

#97 Kids Keep You Grounded

Image credits: XplodingUnicorn

#98 Kids Say The Harshest Things

Image credits: XplodingUnicorn

#99 Smart Kid

Image credits: xplodingunicorn

#100 Dad Life

Image credits: XplodingUnicorn

#101 Kids Say The Harshest Things

Image credits: lizyourdrfriend

#102 Friend’s 5th-Grade Son Made Her This Card On Mother’s Day

Image credits: lightsoutbs

#103 Smart Kid

Image credits: JennyPentland

#104 My Almost 3-Year-Old Told Me She Was Drawing A Pig. Then Said, That Kinda Looks Like You

Image credits: coffeemakesmenice

#105 Thankful For This Sweet Memory

Image credits: lisafenimore

#106 Gotta Teach Them While They Are Young

Image credits: KevOnStage

#107 Stuff Kids Say

Image credits: JazmynSimon

#108 I Think I Was 8 Or 9 When I Made This. I Got Grounded By My Mom So I Wrote A Note In Retaliation. I Don’t Know How I Thought That Was Going To Help My Case

Image credits: Withafloof

#109 A Friend Of Mine’s Kid Wrote Them This Card For Mother’s Day

Image credits: darkasylum

#110 That’s Savage

Image credits: wsbtv

#111 “Who’s That?”

Image credits: _CFierroLopez_

#112 Mother’s Day Card

It says: “Mothers are for scrubbing and keeping things neat. Mothers are for cooking delicious things to eat”

Image credits: Brandon_4565

#113 Father’s Day Surprise. Snitches Get Stitches

Image credits: bamenace83

#114 I Guess My Son Thinks I Need To Lose Weight

Image credits: Pencreus

#115 You’re Not Saying Anything

Image credits: dethmtlcardigan

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