116 Cringy And Sad Moments That Will Forever Live As Screenshots On The Internet (New Pics)

Life is a tough nut to crack, and no matter how much we want it to be easy, fun, and fair (to us!), the truth is that’s not always the case. Let’s face it – humans are notorious embarrassment (and secondhand embarrassment) machines that, time to time, end up in the weirdest, most questionable and seriously cringey situations.

Some of those moments end up in this corner of Reddit that reminds us all, even the most successful human specimens, that we are… just hoomans. “Sad Cringe” describes itself as “a place for awkward or embarrassing situations that also make you feel sad,” and from its 1.3M members, you can see that people are clearly living for this kind of content.

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Below we selected a new batch of the sad cringe moments shared on the group, and after you’re done, make sure to check out our previous features with more sad cringe posts here, here, and here.

#1 F’s In The Chat For Poor Jeremy ?

Image credits: uberfacts

#2 That Is Just Sad

Image credits: tkatoday

#3 Three Years

Image credits: jackothereturned

You called your teacher “mom.” Again. You slipped and fell at work in the middle of an important meeting. You… put your embarrassing scenario in and you will feel that heat wave coming on your cheeks, encompassing your heart, challenging your self-image, and shaking your dignity to its very core. It’s incredible how much we react to these seemingly insignificant situations; it’s part of what makes us humans.

Embarrassment is best described as an emotion dictated by a disconnect between how we feel we should respond or act in public and how we actually respond or act. We are most likely to be embarrassed when we believe we have not lived up to what society asks of us or when we are on the receiving end of undesired attention.

#4 Unexpected Ending ?

Image credits: emptax

#5 My Dad Forgot My Birthday Again And This Text Exchange Hurts To Look At

Image credits: Fawful_had_fury

#6 Man Tries To Get Two Lesbians To Marry Him And His Homie

Image credits: itzirenebae

Sometimes, however, when these unfortunate and unpleasant situations multiply, you feel like the whole world is against you. In these moments, resilience and positivity are key, but these are skills many people still have to learn.

“There are days, weeks, months and even years when it seems like everything possible goes wrong. In my practice, sometimes my clients experience this, and we wind up joking that they are like Job, from the Old Testament,” Lise Deguire, a clinical psychologist and the author of multi-award winning book “Flashback Girl: Lessons on Resilience from a Burn Survivor” told Bored Panda.

#7 Ouch

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Image credits: Vermille

#8 Over-Compensating

Image credits: Fearless-Purpose-133

#9 Man Pays To Get Cheat On

Image credits: Alternative-Elk4003

And while sometimes life is like that, the good news is that there are ways to cope. “Maintaining a sense of humor is key, as well as maintaining a sense of perspective. Even many truly unfortunate people still have blessings in their lives,” Deguire explained.

Moreover, when we are miserable, we tend to focus repetitively on what has gone wrong. However, Deguire argues that it will improve your mood to turn your attention to what you do have. “Also, remember that life goes on. You won’t always be unfortunate; it’s a phase,” she added.

#10 My Friends Daughter Just Died … Giveaway Time!!

Image credits: expertlycore541

#11 Do You Remember Back In Early 2010’s There’s A Trend Where You Take A Picture Of Your Partner Holding Your Hand Leading You Somewhere? Years Ago Me And My High School Bros (Who’s A Bunch Of Kissless Virgin) Decided To Fake One So We Can Post Them Once We’re Back From Our Trip

Image credits: crispymendowan

#12 Time To Rock Your World!

Image credits: EmPenguin884

Having said that, the clinical psychologist agreed that it can certainly seem that some people are much unluckier than others. “Life can be random, and tragedies can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Still, we can make choices to improve our ‘luck,’” she said.

We can all get back control by choosing supportive friends, making time for the people we love, saving extra money for the future, and eating healthy foods… “all these are examples of ways we can improve our lives.”In the long run, it can seem like we are lucky to have good relationships, savings, and good health, but Deguire points out that it’s probably because we did little things to help us attain these blessings.

#13 Doordash

Image credits: D0NK3YSL4PP4

#14 “Worst She Can Say Is No”

Image credits: tsNevergiveup

#15 Op Gets Some Bad News

Image credits: IllllIIllllIll

#16 Nothing More Cringe Than This Fan Base

Image credits: coffeetabletsla

#17 The Ultimate Incel

Image credits: Teslim-bot

#18 Capitalism Level: 500%

Image credits: Market_Insider

#19 Sadge

Image credits: AlwysTRVSH

#20 Yeah No Shit

Image credits: CptMatt_theTrashCat

#21 “Worst She Can Say Is No”

Image credits: UltraGigachad69

#22 Redditor Gets A Job To Try To Get Laid With Coworkers

Image credits: MissNibbatoro

#23 Of Pika’s And Roses

Image credits: Bedonkohe

#24 They Did The “Math”

Image credits: IllllIIllllIll

#25 Wife Wants A Sperm Donor Because Husband Is Too Short

Image credits: DDsLaboratory

#26 “It Still Even Has Smell

Image credits: TheRealTayler

#27 My 45 Year Old Mother Thinks That Donald Trump Is Her Father

Image credits: TheOnlyICEY

#28 I Dont Even Know What To Say About This

Image credits: putridcorer

#29 I Just Don’t Really Know What To Say About This One

Image credits: throwawaydddsssaaa

#30 Guy Draws Imaginary GF To Feel Less Lonely…

Image credits: meltingblack

#31 A Beautiful Romance

Image credits: Moviemanyadig

#32 Crypto Bro Goes Broke

Image credits: Spicy_Spagh

#33 When You Try To Revive A Long Dead Chat Group

Image credits: JoleenSkip

#34 Even The Wings Were Bad This Time

Image credits: Downwardspiralhams

#35 Ads Will Stop At Nothing

Image credits: hearsdemons

#36 From A Friend Of Mine

Image credits: Deep_Significance936

#37 He Just Wants A Dominant GF, But He’s Too Alpha

Image credits: 19Cula87

#38 Anytime Now

Image credits: LordLockedPlock

#39 Friend Of Mine From High School Posted This A While Back… I Have No Words

Image credits: dwqwog

#40 This Whole Thread And The Fact That The Dude Is 33…

Image credits: evesyxx

#41 Using Cash App To Beg Your Ex To Unblock You

Image credits: buckbrown89

#42 Wow Just Wow

Image credits: ninjassassin51

#43 Ouch, Gotta Start A Petition Just To Get Affection From Your S/O?

Image credits: tenebrificlavalamp

#44 Hopefully They Didn’t Try Again

Image credits: Memeit99

#45 I Winced

Image credits: SAHLOFOLIDA

#46 You Ever Realise That It’s You Who Is The Sad Cringe?

Image credits: Nyctofaz

#47 Streamer Gets Note From Parents

Image credits: chueffen

#48 Sub Checks Out

Image credits: TeflusAxet

#49 Oh No

Image credits: Caraqualquer01

#50 Iconic

Image credits: biggest-nibba

#51 Guy Gets Lucky After Crazy Party Games (:

Image credits: Rude-Ad4816

#52 This Was Posted On Twitter By Some Random E-Girl

Image credits: ectICElE

#53 Dude, Take The Hint

Image credits: Throwaway-0364

#54 Found On Another Forum

Image credits: ComfortableRoyal2471

#55 Any Other Caption And I Wouldn’t Have Thought This Was A Sad Cringe Moment

Image credits: ggboi7367890002

#56 No, I Think That’s A One Man Boat

Image credits: Lord-Wombat

#57 He Didn’t Need To Dig Himself Into This Hole

Image credits: balamusia

#58 Gotta Appreciate The Honesty At Least

Image credits: SHOwSHOrTAge

#59 This Is From A Meme Group I’m In. We’re All There To Share And Laugh And This Guy Shows Up

Image credits: Mojo-Jojo-6285

#60 I Cannot Believe A Friend Of Mine On Facebook Posted This

Image credits: fortheloveofvoltron

#61 Hmm…

Image credits: DizzyDandelion

#62 Got No Mates

Image credits: AlwaysBlue86

#63 Asking Someone To Stream After Cancer Tweet

Image credits: BUN1GRL

#64 Come On Jeff!

Image credits: Honest_Lawfulness

#65 My Ex Texted Me At Work Asking For *pics* Thinking I Was Someone Else, And Now I Pray For Whoever Alice Is

Image credits: tengamtoidi

#66 Mental Illness And Wealth Are Not A Good Match

Image credits: ExcellentQuality69

#67 The Coping Mechanism Of Some People Make Me Laugh Sometimes

Image credits: Doorbell28

#68 Bro…

Image credits: Successful_Stay_5319

#69 Yikes

Image credits: BasedGamerDio

#70 I Feel Pain

Image credits: brocros

#71 Be Careful Giving Out Your Number In Public!

Image credits: Beanedkg

#72 Actually Feeling Kinda Bad For Him Ngl

Image credits: TBNSK74

#73 Who Woulda Guessed

Image credits: Gamefreak_2438

#74 Ah Yes, Exactly What I Want In A Partner

Image credits: situary

#75 I Winced

Image credits: georgeyellow

#76 From An Etsy Store. Poor Sam

Image credits: Initial_Elderberry

#77 Left Is My Ex Boyfriend (C) And Right Is My Boyfriend During The Time (G)

Image credits: RebVixen

#78 Girlfriend Went Out With Him 3 Years Ago, Once…

Image credits: hold_on_im_coming

#79 Found On Twitter

Image credits: Gfy_BabyYoda

#80 Anime Girls

Image credits: Powerful_Cockroach_5

#81 🙁 Ah, Buddy?

Image credits: islandshrivel

#82 Op Mulls Over An Enticing Offer

Image credits: IllllIIllllIll

#83 I Found A Guy Trying To Find A Girl To Pay Her To Play Overwatch With Him

Image credits: gamingbandicoot

#84 You Only Needed One

Image credits: randomfool3

#85 Why Would You Want To Raise Your Own Children Anyway?

Image credits: wasteddrinks

#86 Yikes

Image credits: regular_john2017

#87 I Don’t Even Know What To Say About This One

Image credits: ComicallyLargeSpoo

#88 I Was Just Trying To Find A Cute Leotard…

Image credits: sammythekitten

#89 Rip To Their Friendgroup Indeed

Image credits: fattyacyd

#90 Can Youtube Couples Go One Video Without These Horrible Thumbnails, Especially Under This Type Of Circumstance?!

Image credits: WishMyHusbandHadAJar

#91 Small Ball Size…

Image credits: JJJC16

#92 Guy I Met At A Music Bar Last Week Sends Me This Kind Of Stuff Multiple Times Every Day

Image credits: FarmerChicken

#93 Anything For Clout…

Image credits: berserker_rush

#94 Bro What Compelled Him To Say This

Image credits: Thick_Tooth_9522

#95 How The Mighty Have Fallen

Image credits: BurningBernie559

#96 Been Browsing The Sub For A Little Wanted To Post My Own Cringe

Image credits: saab_story9090

#97 Ouch. I Feel Bad For Him

Image credits: JJJC16

#98 I Am A Male With A Relatively High Voice, Just High Enough To Sound Like A Girl. Get On A Vc, Talk For A Few Minutes, Get Creeped Out, Leave, Then Find This In My Pms The Next Day

Image credits: Dr3emar

#99 Boy Needs To Move On

Image credits: Substantial_Body_774

#100 ?

Image credits: bbycalz

#101 On A Deleted Scenes Video From Better Call Saul

Image credits: Trason_Neo

#102 Bing Bang Theory Bestie

Image credits: iHave2Moms

#103 Oh God, This Is A New Low

Image credits: AmeeForet

#104 Girl You’ve Been Using Him

Image credits: PlantDromedary

#105 Guy I Worked With About 3/4 Years Ago, Haven’t Spoken In At Least 2 Of Those And Have Him Blocked On Everything Else

Image credits: gamergrill96

#106 Who Hurt This Man

Image credits: RainingJayy

#107 This Will Always Be My Response From Now On

Image credits: bigboobstonerfreak

#108 Hanji Companion

Image credits: JefflJ1

#109 Straight Out Of R/Incles

Image credits: MaFines

#110 That’s Gotta Be The Problem, The Color Of The Bubbles…

Image credits: HeavyHandSwings

#111 Found On An Mma Forum

Image credits: SEND_N00Dzzz

#112 Just Happened To Me Today

Image credits: babebeautygigi

#113 Bro Called The FBI

Image credits: SeveralFrosting6781

#114 I Threw Up In My Mouth

Image credits: ddanilo1204

#115 Gains Hack

Image credits: sofiarosexx

#116 A Little Real Estate Agent Sadcringe

Image credits: cherry_armoir

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