12+1 Project: more walls to visit in Barcelona

12+1_ December 2018 


The project 12+1 says bye to 2018 with three new walls, very different proposals which help introducing art to the citizens. 12+1’s interventions are ephemeral, the walls get transformed each month: 12 artists, 12 months, one just wall.


The 12+1 is is a project which has behind the foundation Contorno Urbano, thought to break stereotypes and prejudices about street art. Throughout the year there’s a large variety of artists, disciplines and techniques that can be found on the walls. In December, the protagonists have been Sepe in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, El Rughi in Sant Feliu de Llobregat and Margalef in Barcelona.



L’Hospitalet de Llobregat: Sepe

Location: Exit of Torrassa metro station (Torrent Gornal avenue)

Sepe’s artwork, Samsara. Photos: ©Clara Antón.



The artwork: Samsara

Samsara is a Sanskrit word that means “wandering” or “world” with the connotation of cyclic, circuitous change. It also refers to the concept of rebirth and cyclicality of all life, matter, existence. The cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound. In matter of my mural it is also a metaphor of constant dynamic and change.


This concept fits perfectly to the 12 +1 project where one mural is being replaced by another one, and another and another… Also it has a symbolic meaning for the spot where the mural was created – under the railway tracks where you can observe passing trains – almost all bombed with illegal graffiti. For Sepe murals are just another incarnation of graffiti. He used to be a graffiti writer himself. He used to paint on trains as well. That path led him to draw illustration, than study painting than painting murals… Nothing is eternal, everything is ephemeral. Everything is a constant change.


The artist: Sepe

Born in Warsaw in 1982, Michal SEPE Wrega has dedicated his career to grafiti and Polish street art since he was a teenager. He graduated on Graphic Design at the Fine Arts Academy in 2009 and works as a graphic designer, painter and illustrator since then, as a freelance. He grew up with the traditional graffiti movement, rooted in book illustration and then by his studies interested in graphic and poster design. Sepe is searching for his individual art language mixing those three paths on paper, canvas and walls as well.


Sant Feliu de Llobregat: El Rughi

Location: c/ Verge de Montserrat, 2

El Rughi’s artwork: Travellerz. Photo: ©Álex Miró.


The artwork: Travellerz

His artwork represents a world where scientific laws have never existed as we know them. A world reigned by magic and imagination, where dreams can’t be distinguished from reality, where oneiric and psychedelic creatures can easily be found. This world isn’t a utopia neither a dystopia. There, animals make use of archaic technology and beings wander around places that, perhaps, don’t exist either.



The artist: El Rughi

El Rughi was born in a city in the South of Italy, Martina Franca. He began to paint everything he had near him since his childhood, so as that he could kill boredom. He travelled around Italy, Spain and Germany, experimenting techniques and forms until he found his own artistic style. He therefore mixes the classic graffiti with children illustration, tattoo and comic language. He is currently living in three different places: London, Barcelona and Italy, and apart from painting walls, he works on tattoo, serigraphy and self-production of fanzines about street-art, illustration and underground comics.



Barcelona: Margalef

Location: Centre Cívic Cotxeres Borrell

Margalef’s artwork, Hazard. Photos: ©Clara Antón.


The artwork: Hazard

The hazard is a current coincidence, theoretically, in different phenomena characterized by complex causes, non-lineal and, above all, causes that don’t look too predictable if we consider all their details. The artwork presents the disjunctive between a human being and a community, and how both of them live together depending on the interaction in a social environment such as the city. The color concentration makes us think of some small random unities that, even if they look similar, each of them goes in its own direction.


The artist: Margalef

Margalef is an experimentation platform focused on projects that combine art and architecture in different urban contexts. A great part of his artwork are ephemere installations that intervene the public space and build new cartographies to interact with the spectator and the environment.

Geometrics, patterns and color characterize his art. Margalef usually works with industrial materials, but he treats them through a honest artisan technique in order to adapt them to the urban language codes.

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