123 Parents Share The Funniest Moments Their Kids Were Responsible For In 2021

Being a parent is hard work. Especially during the pandemic. Luckily, it’s also full of good vibes, and one of the main reasons why is simple: comedy.

Kids can easily fill the room with laughter. Whether they’re trying or not. They’re natural pranksters. Full of limitless creativity. And a bit clumsy. Meaning, they can look, sound, and act funny any day, anywhere.

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So let’s take a moment to enjoy it. Let’s call this post the Bored Panda Child Entertainer Awards 2021. Continue scrolling to cast your votes!

#1 My Daughter Won Our Town’s “Name The Street Sweeper” Contest

Image credits: LordRupertEverton84

#2 My Son Asked If He Can Make Himself A Hotdog For A Snack After School. I Said Yes. I Hear Him And His Sister Laughing In The Kitchen, And Walk In To Find This

Image credits: Havocfyw

#3 My Son Thought It Would Be Funny To Put His Toy In Front Of The Baby Monitor

Image credits: Iwillpaytheway

#4 Arr, Son

Image credits: gregoceallaigh

#5 Asked My Sister If My Nephew Was Enjoying The Wedding; This Is The Picture She Sent Back

Image credits: caityfaced88

#6 Truly Inspiring

Image credits: JessicaValenti

#7 My Son Doing What The Sign Says, Haha

Image credits: jediclaire

#8 My Little Daughter Had To Draw The Wings And Feet Of The Dragon As Homework

Image credits: ChrisStoneGermany

#9 My Daughter Made Me This Bracelet Today

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: Archaic_Hero

#10 My Son Was So Excited To Show Me The Art He Drew On My Car With A Rock

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 Just Lost My Foot After A Motorcycle Accident. This Is The Sticker My Son Chose To Decorate My Brace

It says “Daddy long legs”

Image credits: roersmat

#12 I Don’t Want To Brag, But My Son Might Be A Math Genius

Image credits: jbartho

#13 My Son, The Thief

Image credits: swansonsmeat

#14 When Your Son Loves The New Toy Trucks In Daycare

Image credits: HenpeckedHal

#15 Apparently My Daughter Is Good At Science

Image credits: cjd3

#16 My Neighbor’s Toddler Was A Little Too Quiet

Image credits: HeyT00ts11

#17 Had A Sneezing Attack (Not Sick) And My Daughter Made Me A “Potion” To Feel Better

Image credits: pewnanner

#18 Over And Out

Image credits: HenpeckedHal

#19 Stepped Out Of The Kitchen For A Moment And My Daughter Tried To Help Season The Potatoes

Image credits: aIextkd

#20 My Daughter Wanted To Paint A “Covid-Inspired” Rock. Wasn’t Expecting That But Loved It

Image credits: GuidoZ

#21 “This Seat Will Do Nicely For My Diaper Bottom!”

Image credits: Barnhay

#22 Things I Fished Out Of My Subwoofer Today

Image credits: LunarFisher

#23 This Child Collapsed When Santa And His Elves Showed Up

Image credits: HaydenScramble

#24 Playing Hide And Seek With A Toddler Is Always A Thrill

Image credits: KingD88

#25 My Daughter Thought This Set Of Sherlock Holmes Book Spines Looked Like A Koala Wearing Earrings Playing Maracas

Image credits: admiral_clam

#26 Just Watched A Kid In My Apartment Lobby Get Excited About Seeing His Dad Outside, Run Face First Into The Glass Panel, And Crack It

Image credits: Doocoo26

#27 What My Aunt Encountered When She Went To Pour Herself A Whiskey On The Rocks

Image credits: carbornz

#28 Said “You Can Pick One Toy” And She Chose A Mango

Image credits: invaderluj

#29 I Am Greatful

Image credits: Angel_0f3pic

#30 We Were Playing Hide And Seek

Image credits: graspingwind

#31 My Daughter Had My Wife’s Phone On A Long Car Ride. She Ordered All The Barbie Dream Houses From Amazon

Image credits: NinkovichPlease

#32 My 3-Year-Old Angry Because The Beavers Keep Chomping On The Tree

Image credits: Juan911411

#33 Wrangled All The Seats Put Of The Minivan, Got 30 Seconds Into My Vacuuming When Suddenly It Shuts Off And A Kid Starts Crying. Kid Was Fine Btw

Image credits: MeanMugSJ

#34 The Way My Brother Likes To Watch Youtube

Image credits: Sad_Fly834

#35 My 14-Year-Old Daughter Decided To Stir The Smoothie With A Metal Spoon. While The Blender Was Still Blending

Image credits: DrByNight

#36 Thanks Son

Image credits: vipersporthp

#37 Best Place To Put The Switch To Charge?

Image credits: future_lard

#38 My Nephew Wanted A Portrait Of George Washington. Thank Goodness He Didn’t Want A Portrait Of Ben Franklin

Image credits: Marabakes

#39 My Son Thought This Light Switch Would Control The Lights In The Store

Image credits: IHateDolphins

#40 Kid Causing A Traffic Jam At Legoland

Image credits: Bigringcycling

#41 My Kid Torturing Our Robot Mop Is How The Robot Revolution Starts

Image credits: bowb4zod

#42 My Daughter Gave My Son A Signed Picture Of Herself For Christmas

Image credits: Nomad-Rambler

#43 My Daughter Just Came Around The Corner Wearing A Lavender Face Mask And Scared The Absolute Hell Out Of Me

Image credits: a-light-at-the-end

#44 My Daughter Is At The Ivan The Terrible Torture Museum. I Consider This A Masterpiece

Image credits: Slivnikov

#45 Kid Wearing The Wrong Mask In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time.

Image credits: maaanthathurts

#46 This Is My 12-Year-Old Nephew Doing His Homework

Image credits: Breezie1213

#47 My Toddler Squeezed A Bottle Of Powdered Creamer Until It Exploded In Her Face. Now Creamer Is Continuously Draining Out Of Her Nose

Image credits: emileif

#48 2-Year-Old Put Crayons In The Dishwasher. There’s No Coming Back From That

Image credits: CharmingTuber

#49 My Son Got Some Juice Out Of The Pantry. He Waddled Over To Me Carrying This Asking For Help

Image credits: MagnificentTwat

#50 My Son Said He Was Hot And Wanted Ice Cream. This Is Not What I Expected

Image credits: PotentialApathy

#51 “Quack Quack” (Courtesy Of My 7-Year-Old Daughter Who Thought This Was Hilarious And Wanted To Share It With Y’all)

Image credits: ground_truth

#52 My Son Turned 1 Yesterday. This Was The Topper To His Space Themed Cake. Left Is What We Ordered, Right Is What We Got

Image credits: Drewlyn

#53 My Kids Inherited My Childhood Toys, And Only My Daughter Wants To Play With “Dolls”. Action Man Is Now Loving The Sweet Life

Image credits: ChrisDnmnm

#54 I Thought I Had Put Socks On My Son This Morning. Turns Out They Were Gloves. My Mother-In-Law Sent Me This

Image credits: shedreamsofunicorns

#55 12-Year-Old Daughter Had Some Anxiety With Me Watching Her Guinea Pigs Unsupervised

Image credits: blakethornton

#56 Valentine’s Day Peti From My Daughter! Massacre

Image credits: CmdrClit

#57 My Daughter Turns 1 Next Week. She Learned To Play Hide And Seek Today

Image credits: buttertoast313

#58 That’s Big Brain

Image credits: kids_kubed

#59 My Son Asked Why There Was A Picture Of A Woman Throwing A Baby On The Ground

Image credits: bluurd

#60 My Son Was 6 When He Was Helping Us Move. Each Year This Memory Pops Up And It’s A Family Favourite

Image credits: pianoman1969

#61 Father To A 5-Year-Old. Glad I Made The Cut

Image credits: cvernie

#62 My Kid Is So Much Cooler Than I Am

Image credits: BrickTamlandsTrident

#63 The First Time My Son’s Been In A Toy Store Since The Pandemic Hit Last Year. Rioted Like It Was Toilet Paper

Image credits: somegirlfromsask

#64 Kid: That’s A Risk I’m Willing To Take

Image credits: ceciatl

#65 What’s In A Quesadilla?

Image credits: maustermuhle

#66 I Cancelled A Zoom Call Mid-Presentation Because My 9-Year-Old Told Me Water Was Running All Over Her Bathroom Floor

Image credits: tonikyat

#67 He Didn’t Want His Shoes To Get Wet, So He Put Paper Bags On His Feet And Waded Into The Ocean

Image credits: WhoIsTheUnPerson

#68 If You Look Closely, You Can See My Son Hiding From Me

Image credits: tardis15

#69 Guess I’m Stupid

Image credits: angelboss13

#70 I Can’t

Image credits: MeikakFG

#71 Yes, It’s Totally Cool To Put Flower Stems In An Outlet

Image credits: mindshards

#72 Couch Baby

Image credits: Nothiledo

#73 Me Too. Me Too

Image credits: deenashanker

#74 My Five-Year-Old Daughter Cut Holes In Her Socks Just In Case Her Feet Get Hot

Image credits: GypsyCub

#75 “Can’t Wait For 2020 To Be Over” They Said. They Obviously Never Met My Kid Who Decides To Swallow A Screw To “Transform” Into Optimus Prime

Just hours after our deductible reset to $0.

Image credits: jbilliot28

#76 My Kid Had A Small Tantrum After I Refused To Touch The Electrified Fence

Image credits: Friendlymots

#77 Life With A Toddler

Image credits: Mrjapedo

#78 Trying To Potty Train My Teething Toddler. She Took A Chomp Right Out Of The Foam Seat

Image credits: gemrunner

#79 Son Decided To Swallow A Nickel And Turn $.05 Into $4400.00

Image credits: Kingsdontbeg

#80 My Nine-Year-Old Niece Personally Picked Out A “Get Well” Card For Her Baby Sister. I Can’t Stop Laughing

Image credits: RaccoonJim

#81 My Kids Apparently Invented A New Way To Play Jenga

Image credits: NuevoJerz

#82 I Asked My Kids To Take Some Books Upstairs. This Is My Bedroom Door.

Image credits: dahamsta

#83 Now That The Streets Are Safer To Drive On My Son Is Trying To Cause Accidents In Front Of My House

Image credits: pauldraws

#84 Totally Worth Losing Tears Over

Image credits: KelgoreTrout

#85 My 10-Year-Old Brother Is Stupid As Hell

Image credits: bekal69

#86 My Daughter Has Always Been A “Think Later” Kinda Girl

Image credits: TheDiscoStud

#87 My 2-Year-Old Lined Up His Cars For The Big Race

Image credits: k2yip

#88 My Son’s Upset Because I Don’t Believe The Dog Made The Hole On Our Yard

Image credits: McChicken6677

#89 My Son Came Home From School (2nd Grade) And Had A Cooked Asparagus In His Workbook. He Says He Can’t Remember How It Got There

Image credits: reddit.com

#90 My Daughter Was Being To Quiet So I Went To Check On Her

Image credits: screepthecreep

#91 A Ninja In The Production

Image credits: bwecht

#92 Enemies That Cannot Be Overcome

Image credits: UweBollocks

#93 He Asked Me To Pick What Hand Had His Sock? Hmmm

Image credits: porkchopz-

#94 My Brother (5-Year-Old) Inhales The Remaining Gas From The Soda Can Because It Makes His Throat “Itch”

Image credits: nico_linno

#95 Sigh

Image credits: 8slipknot8

#96 My Child Has Tons Of Toys And Is Playing With An Onion

Image credits: DarkDayzInHell

#97 My Daughter Is 2nd Percentile In Weight, So We’re Trying Out Some New Feeding Techniques

Image credits: RudyWillingham

#98 My Daughter Called Me On My Way Back From The Store Stating That Our Toilet Has A Huge Leak. I Came Home To This

Image credits: razor10000

#99 My Daughter When She Said She Wanted To Be A Transformer For Halloween

Image credits: brandoj23

#100 My Son Received A Playdate Business Card From A Classmate

Image credits: nuclearDEMIZE

#101 Father’s Day Gift From Daughter. I Must Say I Am A Great Pillow Layer

Image credits: Jpfeife

#102 When I Turned 4, My Mom Gave Me The Decision To Either Be Normal And Go To The Zoo For My Birthday, Or To A Fan Store. Guess What 4-Year-Old Me Wanted?

Image credits: Shanaman23

#103 Not Sure Who Is More Dumb, My Kids For Not Shutting The Door, Or Me For Not Making Sure It Got Shut

Image credits: aldidog

#104 She Dressed Herself; It’s Definitely Backward

Image credits: ImOKatSomeThings

#105 My Diary As A Little Kid, Apparently I Took Stranger Danger Very Seriously

Image credits: catradish

#106 “Come Find Me, Dad”

Image credits: j3horn

#107 My Son, Attempting To Climb The Stairs While Sitting In A Chair

Image credits: Jwgotti

#108 His New Favorite Spot. Climbs Up, Can’t Get Down, Cries Until We Come Get Him, Repeat

Image credits: ipickscabs

#109 It Was At Exactly This Moment That My Son Realized His Mistake

Image credits: frisbm3

#110 My Daughter Walked Into The Living Room Looking Like This

Image credits: hogphan

#111 If Your Kids Want To Take A Picture Of You, They Will Use It For Evil

Image credits: Shaneblaster

#112 My Kid Found A Better Use For Our Halloween Wine Holder At The Cookout Tonight

Image credits: fugawf

#113 Took My Daughter To Work. She Found This Mask In A Prop Drawer. Not Much Work Was Done That Day

Image credits: parothed28

#114 Lost Track Of The Toddler For 2 Minutes

Image credits: gemrunner

#115 Parenting

Image credits: slow-lane-passing

#116 My Son Decided To Rick Roll The School For Halloween

Image credits: Doom____Slayer

#117 My Friend’s Daughter And The Masked Intruder

Image credits: Sundownls1

#118 I Was So Busy In The Kitchen, My Little Brother Asked Me What He Can Do To Help. I Told Him To ‘Get That Bag Of Potato, Peel Half Of Them And Boil.’ He Is A True Genius.

Image credits: AbanaClara

#119 Wife Captured This Beautiful Moment Today

Image credits: manstanband

#120 Was Unable To Convince My Worried Son That This Was Not A Mini Beehive Filled With Mini Bees

Image credits: shlomo127

#121 Kid Sleeps With His Pet Goldfish

Image credits: Simagosk

#122 No. That’s Not How It Works

Image credits: lesqie

#123 My Daughter Just Discovered How To Work Hair Clips

Image credits: eraser_dust

#124 Couch Baby

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