129 Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas That You May Need This Holiday Season

Ho ho ho! It’s that time of year again: the time for ugly Christmas sweaters. If you’re a regular on Bored Panda, you probably know the ones I’m talking about. Here’s a piece we did on them in 2021 and here’s an older one where some of you submitted your own designs, too.

But if you need an introduction, just think of the one your grandma gave you that’s covered in reindeer and snowflakes and has little bells that jingle when you move. The one you swore you would never, ever wear, but somehow end up sporting at your office holiday party because “it’s tradition”.

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I don’t blame you. Those things can be pretty darn cute. Sure, they may be tacky and over-the-top, but that’s kind of the point. They’re a way to embrace the holiday cheer and let your hair down. Relax. Have some fun. Because ultimately, that’s what this season is all about, right?

#1 Amazing Novelty Christmas Sweater

Image credits: Imalwaysgrump

#2 When There’s “An Ugly Christmas Sweater -Day” At The Office… Go Big Or Go Home

Image credits: MissBellevue

#3 I Ordered A Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: jbenz

#4 My Friend’s Brother Designed His Own Christmas Sweater This Year

Image credits: austin49

#5 My Dad Got My Fiance This Christmas Sweater

Image credits: Muffinman1111112

#6 Made My Own Holiday Sweater For My Company Party

Image credits: thinkdeep

#7 Best Ugly Sweater For Couples

Image credits: chandlerriggs

#8 Found The Perfect Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Me And My Boo At The Local Goodwill The Holiday Season Can Now Officially Begin

Image credits: alicia.magic.boogie

#9 Friend’s Christmas Sweater

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: mdr28

#10 Any GOT Fans Here? I Decided To Try Something Different For My Ugly Sweater This Year

Image credits: jen_wexxx

#11 I’m Ready For Christmas. Goodwill Coming In Clutch With The Silly Sweaters

Image credits: litzilitzo

#12 My Friend Wore This To An Ugly Sweater Party

Image credits: hedgehog15

#13 Carrie Won Our Staff’s “Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest”. Congratulations! We Applaud Your Creativity. Fireplace And Mantel On The Front And Christmas Tree On The Back

Image credits: monarch.gardens

#14 Won 1st Prize Today At The Office, “Ugly Sweater” Contest, Very Proud To Take This Award. Gracias

Image credits: joaquinsototazzy

#15 The Best Ugly Christmas Sweater I Have Ever Seen

Image credits: 99LivesGaming

#16 Christmas Sweater For The Win

Image credits: dannyoflaherty

#17 My Sister Made A Sweater Of A Reindeer Puking Christmas

Image credits: pruittmckean

#18 Ugly Christmas Sweater: Level Star Wars

Image credits: nekocase

#19 Christmas Sweaters Are Really Common Nowadays, But This One Is Just Amazing

Image credits: wafflespete

#20 Ugly Christmas Sweater: Home Alone

Image credits: MyPinkElephants

#21 Y’all Liked My Chest Nuts Sweater Last Year. So Here’s This Year’s Mistle Toe

I made this for a friend’s ugly Christmas sweater party last night. Literally glued nuts to my chest… It was worth the first-place prize of a Taco Bell gift card.

Image credits: mrspetie

#22 Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest You Say? I Crocheted The Entire Thing With No Idea How You’re Actually Supposed To Make A Sweater. I Won

The longer you look at it, the more you see and the better/worse it gets!

Image credits: FoxInKneeSocks

#23 My Bonus Son Needed An “Ugly Christmas Sweater” For A Party Tonight. Fingers Crossed He Likes It (I Can’t Stop Laughing)

Image credits: imuandurme

#24 My Girlfriend And I Got Matching Christmas Sweaters, I Don’t Normally Do Matching Outfits But Made An Exception This Year

Image credits: darthphallic

#25 My Mom’s Ugly Sweater Was Fantastic

Image credits: MusicIsMyForte

#26 Apparently, I Said I Wanted An Ugly Christmas Sweater And I Completely Forgot That I Said It. But My Sister Remembered, And She Got Me One, And I Have To Smile

Image credits: DoYuNoDaWae6321

#27 Crafted Myself Some Christmas Puddins’ For An Ugly Sweater Party. So Sparkle, Much Jingle

Image credits: TVdesignimator

#28 I Made My Pregnant Wife A Snow Globe Sweater For Her Company Christmas Party

Image credits: thebilldozer_69

#29 Christmas Sweater Time. This One Isn’t Ugly

Image credits: cynd.dy

#30 Perfect For Those Office Sweater Parties

Image credits: plainrocktweets

#31 My Ugly Christmas Sweater Arrived Today

Image credits: hurtin4asquirting

#32 Awesome Sweater From The Office’s Christmas Party

Image credits: MakeJcQuaid

#33 The Christmas Sweater My Store Carried About Two Years Ago Before Discontinuing Due To Complaints

Image credits: UWCG

#34 I’m Starting A New Trend. I Will Get Rid Of My Ugly Christmas Sweaters And Going With Tree Skirts

Image credits: Minner227

#35 We Are Dropping This To Serve As An Inspo For Your Ugly Sweater Party

Image credits: Blue Man Group

#36 Same Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Image credits: shaggy30005

#37 Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest At Work. I Hope I Win

Image credits: Reikozu

#38 Just Two Crazy Cat Ladies Getting Festive

Image credits: missangiesplace

#39 It’s The Season For Ugly Christmas Sweaters And I Found This One-Of-A-Kind Jingle Balls Sweater At My Favorite Store Goodwill. Handmade And Hilarious

Image credits: riseandshinerevivals

#40 Need A Colorful Christmas Sweater? We Got You Covered

Image credits: backstagevf

#41 What Happens When You Have A Town Hall Meeting At Work? Well, I Don’t Know About You But I Have Fun And Yes, I Made My Own Hat

Image credits: travelingwithdeenlee

#42 My Boyfriend Asked Me To Make Him A Festive Christmas Sweater. This Is What I Came Up With

Image credits: samtron3100

#43 What Do You Think Of My Christmas Sweater?

Image credits: fabmol

#44 This Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: spoa69-4ever

#45 Ugly Christmas Sweaters Became Mainstream This Year, So I Decided To Make My Own. That Is A Mirror In The Middle. It’s Far And Away The Ugliest Sweater I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: surfrock66

#46 A Christmas Sweater Of A Christmas Sweater. Aka The Best Thing I Ever Found At Goodwill

Image credits: uhh_sara

#47 One Of My Teacher’s Friends Sent Me Photos Of The Christmas Sweater She Handmade

Image credits: holdontothatfeline

#48 When Your Stepbrother Sends You A Christmas Sweater

Image credits: abbieos

#49 “Ugly” Christmas Sweater Score

Image credits: SweetC8686

#50 Our Tacky Christmas Sweaters Got Here

Image credits: tiger63010

#51 Boyfriend And I Were Gifted An Early Christmas Gift. I Have A New Favorite Christmas Sweater

Image credits: esfull

#52 Great Gift Idea You Can Get From The Local Walmart, It’s A Sweater With A Spot To Hold Your Nog

Image credits: markomailey2018

#53 Awesome Sweater

Image credits: LordXenu23

#54 I Made An Ugly Christmas Sweater For A Contest Tomorrow

Image credits: gggloe

#55 Couldn’t Find An Ugly Sweater So I Made One, What Do You Guys Think?

Image credits: JEH89

#56 Wanted To Share The Pure Joy My Ugly Christmas Sweater Brings Me To Others This Year. Merry Christmas

Image credits: jessiesgirl8011

#57 My Dad Entered An Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition But Lost To Someone With A Store Bought Sweater. That $1000 Should Have Been His. He’s Proud Anyways

Image credits: jnels808

#58 My Stepdad’s Christmas Sweater

Image credits: freelnd2

#59 Found This Cute Sweater Today For Christmas

Image credits: Rebeccca1020

#60 My Mom Bought Me This Christmas Sweater Thinking It Was Unisex. It Wasn’t

Image credits: diggtrucks1025

#61 Merry Christmas-Ugly Sweater Style

Image credits: ilackwittycreativity

#62 Taking Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties Very Seriously

Image credits: c_marleau

#63 I Don’t Think My Mum Paid Attention To The Jumper She Got Me For Christmas

Image credits: CallMeCurious

#64 Team Lidl

Image credits: lynchthekathy

#65 I Just Imagine The Design Meeting For This Sweater: “The T. Rex Isn’t Festive Enough.” “Could We Add A Disco Ball?” “Bingo”

Image credits: bcs1836_library

#66 Have To Lay Under The Tree To Remind My Family I Am A Gift

Image credits: pibblezelda

#67 Amazing Goodwill Christmas Sweater

Image credits: adorasaurusrex

#68 2021 Ugly Christmas Sweater! I Hope It Sparks Joy At The Contest Even If We Don’t Win

Image credits: Aesuan

#69 Just Wanted To Share This Ugly Sweater I Got For A Christmas Party Next Month

Image credits: The_alchemist667

#70 My Bus Driver Today. Said He Has Lots Of Similar Sweaters

Image credits: slinkslowdown

#71 Can’t Wait For Cold Weather

Image credits: misafop

#72 Sweater Weather

Image credits: kcrtu

#73 The Perfect Christmas Jumper Does Not Exist… Oh, Wait

Image credits: squonk1966

#74 I Decided To Capitalize On My Hairiness. Here Is My Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: lsmallsl

#75 Southpark Christmas Sweater At Spencer’s

Image credits: functionalmisery

#76 Found The Best Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: don_katsu

#77 I’ve Been Lucky Over The Past 2 Weeks: 80s-Ish Kokanee Ugly Christmas Sweater (Drink Pocket Included)

Image credits: jj_ayda

#78 The Most Festive And/Or Ugliest Christmas Sweater, Ever

Image credits: JacksonBark

#79 Saw This On Poshmark. An Ugly Christmas Sweater That’s Actually Quite Cool

Image credits: samtron767

#80 My Friend’s Ugly Ho-Liday Sweater

Image credits: y0immatt

#81 Our Family Ugly Christmas Sweater Is Saved

Image credits: LisellaM

#82 This Ugly Sweater That I Bought Shows That Santa And His Friends May Have A Summer Home Somewhere In Campton

Image credits: Entire-Championship1

#83 Wanted To Show How My Mom Dresses Up For Christmas For Her Elementary Kiddos

She and my stepdad spent hours adding the lights themselves and she won the ugly sweater contest that year.

Image credits: Etmokih

#84 My First Christmas Morning That My Toddler Will Get To Enjoy This Year. The Only Time She Ever Sleeps In And I’m Jacked Up On Caffeine And Lack Of Sleep

Let’s see some sweaters people this is not a drill.

Image credits: front_yard_duck_dad

#85 This Ugly Christmas Sweater Also Can Be Used As A Christmas Tree

Image credits: mediumlaurabethmain

#86 This Look Takes Christmas Spirit To A Whole New Level

Image credits: ironsanctuary

#87 Christmas Sweater

Image credits: hobbular

#88 Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: stitchandstuffs

#89 Neat Mario Bros Christmas Sweater

Image credits: reddit.com

#90 Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Image credits: robin_nichole322

#91 I Just Got My Christmas Sweater

Image credits: b172010

#92 How Could Someone Have Thrown This Holiday Sweater Away In The Laundry Room Trash Many Years Ago?

Image credits: cprwarner

#93 It’s Ugly Sweater Time

Image credits: tammymillerlee

#94 I Wish It Fit Better, But It Was Still Worth Buying. I’m Ready For The Christmas

Image credits: CatTuff

#95 My $4 Christmas Sweater, With Working Bells

Image credits: honeybeeMA

#96 Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: savagebolts

#97 My Christmas Jumper

Image credits: am1202

#98 Day 21 – Getting Time To Light That Stuff Up

Image credits: kosherhamm

#99 Looking Cute For The Holidays. Merry Christmas And Happy Yuletide

Image credits: flow3rgurl20

#100 It’s Safe To Say That I Won The Ugly Sweater Contest

Image credits: flow3rgurl20

#101 I’m Joining In The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Image credits: daisyroocockapoo

#102 Whatchu Know About Minesweeper?

Image credits: MKBHD

#103 My Ugly Christmas Sweater For Work Christmas Party. It’s Glorious

Image credits: fc196mega

#104 My Friend Made This Sweater For Her Christmas Party

Image credits: km8907

#105 Something Tells Me The Internet Would Approve Of My Wife’s Find For Our Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Image credits: scarbnianlgc

#106 Merry Christmas From Santa’s Fattest Elf

Image credits: GeekMarine72

#107 K3485 – Made For An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. 3rd Coat I’ve Ever Made, 1st Time With This Pattern

Image credits: TheCivilJerk

#108 Snoop Sent This To Willie Nelson For Christmas

Image credits: willienelson

#109 Ugly Sweaters For My Twins. They Are So Into Christmas

Image credits: steastea22

#110 Interesting Christmas Sweater At My Local Goodwill

Image credits: ArtsyChickTravels

#111 Made Myself A Christmas Sweater

Image credits: SmttyWrbnjgrmnjnsn1

#112 I Made A Christmas Sweater Four Years Ago And Haven’t Been Able To Wear Them Until Today

Image credits: spaceisroomy

#113 My Physics Teacher Took The Christmas Jumper Day A Bit Far

Image credits: WeeReid123

#114 So We All Had Ugly Sweater Kits For Christmas Eve

Image credits: senorbolsa

#115 Kyle’s Mom, Marie Hollaway On Twitter: Two Christmas Ago We Had An Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest. This Was My Homemade One. Look Who Is In The Middle

Image credits: coolyeahokay420

#116 Figure Y’all Will Like My Christmas Sweater

Image credits: serginge

#117 My Coworker Used My Face For The Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Image credits: FatManNoCandy

#118 Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: ziddarr

#119 Christmas Sweater For The Office

Image credits: LaughingLumberJack

#120 My Friends And I Made Holiday Sweaters, And This Is How Mine Turned Out. Sadly, Not Everyone Understood The Movie Reference

Image credits: Linnet2011

#121 I Won The Ugly Sweater Contest Today

Image credits: alcohall183

#122 I Made My First Wearable An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: Matilla_the_Hun

#123 The Perfect Christmas Sweater Doesn’t Exist

Image credits: devgal

#124 My Cousin’s Christmas Sweater Ko

Image credits: Noogie_Power

#125 This Is My Fiancé’s Christmas Sweater For The Tacky Sweater Party We’re Going To Tonight

Image credits: EanmundsAvenger

#126 Christmas Sweater For My Nephew Who Doesn’t Need Santa Because He Has Memaw

Image credits: cheesemosa7

#127 Hand Painted Grinch On The Ugly Green Sweater I Found At Goodwill. All For My Ugly Christmas Sweater Party This Sunday

Image credits: RabidDragon88

#128 It’s That Time Of Year Again. Presenting The 2018 Ugly Christmas Sweater. 5th-Year Edition

Image credits: Aesuan

#129 Vinyl Wu-Tang Christmas Sweater My Friend Made. He Hand-Drew Each Section And Pressed It In Pieces

Image credits: CaseAub12

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