133 Interesting Comparison Images To Give You A New Perspective On Things (New Pics)

Change is a completely natural—and unavoidable—part of life. In fact, it might be the only consistent thing we know. And yet, the world around us seems to change so imperceptibly at times that we might not notice what’s happening. That’s why photos are so powerful.

They can show how the passage of time has affected people, places, and objects. Others, meanwhile, directly compare similar things. Bored Panda has collected some of the most powerful comparison images from around the net to help provide you with a fresh new perspective on life. Odds are that you won’t see the world around us the same way after this. Check out the best photos below and upvote the ones that had the biggest impact.

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#1 Had My Facial Reconstruction Surgery 2 Months Ago. Was Called Megamind, Ken Griffey Jr, Jimmy Nuetron, Etc. 8 Weeks Later And Feeling A Lot More Confident In How I Look

Image credits: StarksTwins

#2 My Parents Have Been Married For 25 Years Today. Then And Now

Image credits: ISmellManFlesh

#3 Bald Eagle Nests Are Generally 5 Feet Wide And 3 Feet Deep. The Largest Recorded Bald Eagle Nest Is 9.5 Feet In Diameter, 20 Feet Deep And Weighed Almost 6,000 Pounds

Image credits: quince6

Seasons change, but the essential things necessary to live a good life stay the same. Having an active social life and spending time with the people you love. Finding purpose in your job or hobbies. Spending time in nature and traveling to new and exciting places. Taking care of your body and mind with the help of exercise, good food, and meditation. Slowing down to enjoy the world around you. Being grateful for what you have. Reading books. Sleeping in. Making art. Writing bad stories. Laughing—loudly and often! And just plain having fun.

These are but a few ways to fill your days with joy and meaning. No matter what age you are, having the courage to connect with others and taking care of your body is what will help you make the most of new opportunities that come your way.

#4 My Dog Next To My Mom’s Puppy, 8 Months Difference Between The Pictures

Image credits: cabeleirae

#5 Manitoba, Canada

Image credits: KulfgarTheViking

#6 2,200-Year-Old Hellenistic Theatre In Laodicea, Southwestern Turkey, After Recent Excavation

Image credits: reddit.com

As we grow older and our bodies change, it becomes more and more important to watch what we eat and how much we move and sleep. We can’t binge on fast food like we used to, nor can we party until the break of dawn every single weekend. Taking care of our bodies becomes more and more important as time goes by.

So it makes sense to build good habits while we’re still young (though it’s never too late to start!). Regular exercise and nutritious food are key. In short, no matter who you are or what you do, prioritize your health. 

#7 My Dad Is Two Different People

Image credits: illbeyournursetoday

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#8 My Dog And I Have The Same Size Foot

Image credits: Thea_From_Juilliard

#9 Got A Small Iced Coffee From Tim Hortons In Canada, Then Crossed Into The US And Placed The Same Order

Image credits: AcerRubrum

US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy warns that loneliness is as dangerous to one’s health as smoking a whopping 15 cigarettes a day. Social isolation is a problem that is affecting as many as half of all Americans.

“I had neglected my family and my friends during that time, thinking that it was too hard to focus on work, and focus on family and friends. I was really suffering from the consequences of that, which were a profound sense of loneliness that followed me for weeks, which stretched into months,” Murthy told the BBC.

#10 A Doctor Chronicled The Progression Of Alzheimer’s Disease In One Of His Patients By Collecting Her Signatures From Medical Forms Over Several Years

Image credits: bazoid

#11 The Size Of My Hand Versus My Friend’s Hand

Image credits: aint_no_wifey

#12 My Dad And I, 1990 And 2012. He Had High Hopes For Me

Image credits: krazikanaidian

Loneliness is a devastating force. It increases the risk of premature death by almost 30% via conditions like diabetes, heart attacks, insomnia, and dementia. The BBC also reports that people who lack social connections also perform worse at work and academically. The consequences of social isolation are very far-reaching indeed.

#13 Shaking Hands With A Harpy Eagle

Image credits: joke-is-on-you

#14 A Friend’s Aunt Gifted Me Her Deceased Father’s Car. “If You Think You Can Get It Running, You Can Have It”. Before And After

Image credits: Whoiscw

#15 Today I Got To Fly In My Grandfather’s Restored WW2 Hurricane

Image credits: missbazil

According to Murthy, “pro-connection public policies” can help tackle the issue on a societal level. Meanwhile, everyone has the power to help fight against social isolation on an individual level, too. For instance, you can spend 15 minutes with your loved ones each day, without the distractions of modern life—like constantly checking your phone.

#16 The Inflation Has Now Reached My Butt

Image credits: MidasStrikes

#17 My Mom Next To This Moderately-Sized Cactus. Mom For Scale

Image credits: jjimahon

#18 Eye Test For “I Want To Speak With The Manager” Types

Image credits: kalvinoz

Being grateful for what you have now can help you stay focused on the present and take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. You could, for instance, make a gratitude list where you note everything in your life that you’re thankful for: a roof above your head, good relations with your family, a loving partner, loyal friends, a happy pet, a stable job, etc. It doesn’t matter how small you think something is, it’s still worth mentioning it.

Being grateful helps us get through tough times because we recognize how fortunate we’ve been, despite the challenges we’ve had to face.

#19 Found My 6’3″ Husband’s Newborn Footprint, Compared It To Our Early-Term Son’s Newborn Footprint

Image credits: brandideer

#20 The Smallest And Largest Keys We Sell At My Shop, As Compared To A Typical Door Key

Image credits: Saxy_Shane

#21 Worn Down Escalator Landing: Left Foot vs. Right Foot

Image credits: GrandDukeConnie

Just like gratitude, reminiscing about the good times we’ve had in the past can help inspire us to remain resilient despite any troubles coming our way. Kemi Omijeh, a child and adolescent therapist based in London and a member of the BACP, previously told Bored Panda that nostalgia can be a good coping strategy “for times of low mood and challenges.”

#22 One Of My Hens Laid A Really Tiny Egg Recently. Normal Size Egg And A Quarter For Comparison

Image credits: Agitated-Mind-9081

#23 He Really Does Have Tiny Hands (I’m A 5 Ft. Tall Woman For Reference)

Image credits: kaitlyn_does_art

#24 My Appearance While Unknowingly Living With HIV For 5 Years vs. 2 Years With Treatment

Image credits: eyeswideblue

However, if nostalgia starts interfering with our everyday lives, as well as our ability to be present here and now, it might become another problem. 

“If we end up comparing it to our experiences today and feeling like nothing is as good as it was, then this will inevitably affect our mood and our ability to do what we need to do. We can become stuck in our nostalgia; in which case it might be best to seek help from a counseling professional to help you process your past in order to enjoy your present,” Omijeh told us during an earlier interview.

#25 These Blackberries

Image credits: _Mr_Fil_

#26 Shark Brain vs. Dolphin Brain

Image credits: artemsaldaev

#27 Works Like A Charm

Image credits: misterperry

Which of these comparison pics impressed you the most, dear Pandas? Which ones really got you to see things from a perspective you’ve never considered before? Let us know in the comments.

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#28 Borat vs. My Dad. Very Nice

Image credits: ruecifer8

#29 .22 Round vs. .50 Cal Round

Image credits: Kondred

#30 This Big Toblerone Compared To A Small One I Bought

Image credits: Flappertje

#31 African Pixie Frogs Get Massive. Human Legs For Scale

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 McDonald’s In The 1980s Compared To Today

Image credits: RonSwazy

#33 Small High School vs. Big High School In The State Championship Game Last Saturday (Illinois)

Image credits: TimeLord1012

#34 Neighbor’s Lawn vs. My Mom’s Lawn

Image credits: Apyllos

#35 The Difference Between A Smoking Side vs. Non-Smoking Side In My Century-Old Quadplex

Image credits: offensivemailbox

#36 10 Days Of Wildfire Damage In Greece

Image credits: European Union, Copernicus Sentinel-2 imagery

#37 The Size Difference Between A Wolf Track And My Dog’s Paw

Image credits: lostinapotatofield

#38 The Size Of This Leaf That I Found In The Park. Me For Size Comparison

Image credits: ComanderCupcake

#39 The Difference Between A Restaurant And A Kitchen

Image credits: raptortijn

#40 The Difference Of DVD Covers Between Comedy Movies Against Sci-Fi And Horror

Image credits: resay5

#41 The Color Difference Between The Fall’s Honey Harvest And The Summer’s

Image credits: PapiSilvia

#42 The Size Difference Between These Two Allen Keys

Image credits: timotyjh

#43 The Texture Difference Between The Pages Of My Journal I’ve Wrote On And Those I Haven’t

Image credits: IamEclipse

#44 Both Sides Of A Neon Sign In NYC

Image credits: viciousdv

#45 My Mom Asked If I Wanted To See Her Melon. Mom For Scale

Image credits: dne416

#46 Picture Of My Hotel Room On Booking Website vs. Picture I Made When We Walked Into The Room. I Hope My Roommate Doesn’t Need To Use The Toilet Tonight

Image credits: Th3_Accountant

#47 Found A Dog Toy That Is A Less-Spooky-Version Of My Husband’s Tattoo

Image credits: hideandsee

#48 My Son And I Have The Same 2-Freckle Spot On Our Hands

Image credits: dxsubomni

#49 A Week Before Wisdom Teeth Extraction vs. A Week After

Image credits: nookisaclasstraitor

#50 64gb USB Drive vs. 70gb Worth Of CDs

Image credits: TheAlexProjectAlt

#51 The Thickness Level Of A Strand Of One Of My Red Hairs, Compared To One Of My Blonde Hairs

Image credits: geicolookalike

#52 1-Year-Old (Left) vs. New (Right) Home Reverse Osmosis Filter

Image credits: poulox123

#53 This Small Plantain, Locust For Scale

My God, locusts are huge. No wonder swarms of them are considered plagues. No banana on hand for scale, had to use the most banana adjacent thing I had.

Image credits: Titan_Arum

#54 My Morning Pill Dosage. Leukemia Post Stem Cell Transplant (Apple Airpod Pro For Scale)

Image credits: Zegerman

#55 Saltwater Crocs Are Kinda Big. Human For Scale

Image credits: BoosieStojakovic

#56 Absolute Unit Of A Coke Bottle

Image credits: couch-_potato

#57 Just Saw Black Beauty – One Of The Most Complete T-Rex Skeletons Ever Found. Excited 5’5″ Primate For Scale

In classic ‘death pose’, her bones are black from a specific mineral exposure during fossilization. 

Image credits: ramence

#58 How Big This Toilet Seat Is (Safety Glasses For Scale)

Image credits: _pachysandra_

#59 A Friend Found Some Hummingbird Eggs. Fingers For Scale

Image credits: WatchAdamRise

#60 The Hanja-No-Ontachi Sword, In The Hananoka Hachimangu Shrine In Japan. Stands At An Amazing 15.25 Feet. Human For Scale

Image credits: Luci___888

#61 My Left Thumb Compared To My Fiancée’s Thumbs

Image credits: NickAndHisGuitar

#62 The Wear On The Croc Worn By My Meat Foot Versus The Wear On The Croc Worn By My Prosthetic Foot

Image credits: stalnoypirat

#63 A Comparison Between My Drawing Of 2013 And 2017 – Victoria Justice Is The Subject

Image credits: VFreddyART

#64 This Massive Wrench I Use At Work. Size 11 Boot For Comparison

Image credits: MrSirChris

#65 Got This Big Roll Of Toilet Paper As A Gag Gift For Christmas. Usual Size Toilet Paper Roll For Scale

Image credits: Mikebenitez10

#66 First Class Airline Utensils – Today vs. The 1960s

Image credits: big_red2018

#67 McDonald’s Grand Big Mac And Regular Big Mac Side By Side

Image credits: someawe45

#68 This Is My First Paint Layer Side By Side With My Finished Painting

Image credits: gustavoramosart

#69 A Size Comparison Between A (Left To Right) 90s Tape Camera, 2000s Disc Camera, And 2010s And Modern Chip Cameras

Image credits: marktherobot-youtube

#70 Can You Tell Who’s Related?

Image credits: borrow_a_feeling

#71 My Mom vs. A 10-Month-Old Great Dane

Image credits: Noback68

#72 Bugatti Now And Then

Image credits: benzs.blogspot.com

#73 Maine Coon vs. Siamese Size Comparison

Image credits: the_catbeans_mainecoons

#74 Utz Pub Mix And Their Ratio

Image credits: ThatAlex13

#75 They Were Talking About My Local Animal Shelter On National TV, And They Focused On Alys, The Cat We Adopted 7 Months Ago. We Got To See Where She Came From. We Were In Awe

Image credits: mvppaulo

#76 On Christmas Of 2019 I Got Two Pillows And Used 1 Of Them Every Night For A Year

Image credits: mayday987

#77 My Brother’s Father-In-Law (6’6″) Working In Angola With His Crew

Image credits: Virgoan

#78 How My Girlfriend Makes My Sandwich vs. How She Makes Hers

Image credits: nollsgame80

#79 This Absolute Unit Of A Stone Cutting Blade In My Work. People For Scale

Image credits: tino3101

#80 My New Work Pants vs. 6 Months Of Use

Image credits: justsomeguyonEarth

#81 8 New, Fluffy Gym Towels vs. 8 Much Older, “Deflated” Towels

Image credits: Average–Boi

#82 1950s Grain 2×4 (Bottom) vs. Current

Image credits: madmadhatter1313

#83 Michelangelo’s David Being Restored. Human Hand For Scale

Image credits: delboy85

#84 $8 Worth Of Gochugaru At A Regular Grocery Store vs. $4.39 Worth At A Korean One

Image credits: dcbluestar

#85 This Italian Hoagie I Got Today

Image credits: Chaz_Beer

#86 My Hand In The Summer Versus Winter – Raynaud’s Phenomenon, Do Not Recommend

Image credits: SligPants

#87 The Butter, Extra Butter, Double Butter, And Movie Theater Butter Popcorn Have The Same Sodium And Fat Content

Image credits: celsius032

#88 Brand New Loofah vs. The Same One Bought 5 Years Ago

Image credits: TheBiggestDookie

#89 The Number Of Political Ads Versus Bills And Personal Mail In The First 3 Days Of The Month

Image credits: SJane3384

#90 Smarties Size Comparison With Mini And Large

Image credits: eekaman

#91 Giant Zippo Lighter vs. Regular One

Image credits: alwexsgd

#92 Picture Of My Friend Taken On iPhone vs. Film

Image credits: SaigonShooter

#93 A Giant Orange. These Are The Hands Of An Adult

Image credits: bobafett01992

#94 8 Years Of Dental Work Correcting Missing Teeth Shown In The Comparison Of Start To Finish

Image credits: tyrokaart

#95 Dark And Light

Image credits: enisvisuals

#96 My Biggest And Smallest Playing Cards Compared To Normal In The Middle

Image credits: Einiman

#97 These Two Cars Have Opposite Paint Jobs

Image credits: DirtyMikeG

#98 My Cousin Just Caught The Biggest Lobster I’ve Ever Seen. She For Size Comparison

Image credits: Hrmnsn

#99 My Child’s Tablet Compared To My Childhood “Computer”

Image credits: alsobewbs

#100 An Apple From My Local Orchard vs. From The Grocery Store

Image credits: monochrome-rainbow-

#101 Spalding Neverflat Basketballs After Five Years Of Use Strictly Indoor vs. Outdoor

Image credits: 0b0b44

#102 A Live Sand Dollar vs. A Dead Sand Dollar

Image credits: MisterBuzz

#103 A Card My Sister Just Found In A Store vs. A Picture I Posted On Reddit Six Months Ago

Image credits: seidmel19

#104 Dad Retired Recently And We Found These While Cleaning Up His Office (Phone For Size Comparison)

Image credits: usernamenotallocated

#105 Massive Harvester Ant Mound On My Land, Banana For Scale

Image credits: Blahblahcomputer

#106 This Sign Compares Regular Snacks To Insect Snacks

Image credits: ninaunst

#107 After Almost 8 Years Of Service, I Replaced My Office Chair With An Exact Replica I Happened To Have Bought From The Exact Same Store

Image credits: PolskaPenguin

#108 An Exhibit Showing The Earth’s Water Resources In Comparison To Its Size

Image credits: qasqaldag

#109 Huge Lemon From My Mother’s Lemon Tree – Posed Next To My 100 Lbs Dog For Comparison

Image credits: farrahramona

#110 Giant Earth Worm, Shoe Size 9.5 For Comparison

Image credits: GoldenChinchilla

#111 I Found This Old Head And Shoulders In The Cabin I’m Staying In. It Says 1992 On The Back. Compared To The 2014 Model I Brought With Me

Image credits: ManintheVape

#112 The Size Of A Snickers Bar From The 1980s vs. One Bought Now

Image credits: jweic

#113 Pulled Up My Carrots To Find I’ve Grown A Monster. Store-Bought Carrot For Comparison

Image credits: hilltophermit

#114 Size Difference Between The European And Asian Pringles Cans

Image credits: Daedross

#115 This Fake $1 Bill Made For Use In Movies That Ended Up In My Wallet. Real Bill For Comparison

Image credits: fob911

#116 Cereal – US Box vs. Canada Box

Image credits: Darthmunky

#117 The First Crop Top I’ve Ever Made (2020) vs. Now (2022)

Image credits: HighLifeCrochet

#118 I Received Two Identical Cases For Christmas Last Year. This Is What 10½ Months Of Daily Use Looks Like

Image credits: gene26

#119 Making Tea For My Wife And I In The Dark. Grabbed Tea Bags That I Thought Were The Same. Will Report Which One Of Us Pooped The Bed And Who Slept Through It

Image credits: DavidIWright

#120 Here’s My Echium Pink Fountain. It’s About 2.5m Tall And Still Growing. Me For Size Comparison

Image credits: Demongeeks8

#121 Difference Between A Waxed And Unwaxed Floor, Taken At My Janitor Summer Job

Image credits: 6Bignasty9

#122 I Saved All My Junk Mail For A Year. iPhone For Scale

Image credits: IronNobody4332

#123 Today I Realized That My Husband Has An Extra Section Of Pinky (Mine For Comparison)

Image credits: ijustwanttobehonest

#124 This Naturally Occuring Ficus Tree Root Bridge, Me For Scale

Image credits: Flippiewulf

#125 Male Alligator Snapping Turtle With Me For Scale

Image credits: PaleChick24

#126 2022 Mid-Sized Pickup vs. Early 90’s Mid-Sized Pickup

Image credits: Lastminutebastrd

#127 The Size Difference Between Kirkland (Costco) Versus Angel Soft Toilet Paper

Image credits: _iron_butterfly_

#128 Wild-Grown vs. Domesticated Raspberry

Image credits: stevecrse

#129 My Aunt’s Hand Compared To The Claw Of A 25 Pound Lobster Caught Off Cape Cop In The Early 1960s

Image credits: levelupyours

#130 Chinese Painted Quail Chicks (Aka Button Quail). Hands For Scale

Image credits: kensurridge

#131 This Tide Pod Is Large Compared To The Rest In The Package

Image credits: Biggie_Popps

#132 One Of The Biggest Trees In Our County. A Sycamore, And My Friend Bob For Scale

Image credits: SoVeryKerry

#133 In France, You Can Buy Giant Babybel Cheese. Normal One On The Bottom For Size Comparison

Image credits: britishbrick

#134 A Really Small Turtle I Found On The Road The Other Day. (Shoe Is For Size Comparison)

#135 My Hand In The Summer Versus Winter- Raynaud’s Phenomenon, Do Not Recommend

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