135 Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos Of The Month (April Edition)

Another month, another set of wholesome pet adoption photos. Bored Panda has yet again collected some of the most heartwarming images of animals enjoying their new families and homes. We’ve got cats, dogs, even ferrets, and hens for you this time, all finding comfort after suffering abandonment.

Best Friends Animal Society estimates that 5.4 million cats and dogs entered US shelters in 2019 (52% of them were dogs and 48% were cats). 79% of these animals were saved. And while it breaks my heart that 625,000 cats and dogs were killed, we’ve come a long way since 2014, when as many as 4 million animals were killed in American shelters and the national save rate was just 50%. And we’re not going to stop!

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If you want more similar pics (why wouldn’t you?), check out our March, February, and January editions of the series.

#1 Two Weeks Ago, I Adopted A Boy With The Saddest Face From A Nearby Shelter. He’s Really Come Out Of His Shell In That Time, And Has Already Grown Attached To Me. Meet Tom Bombadog!

Image credits: dickgunslinger

#2 Say Hello To Our Retired Military Working Dog We Adopted. He Gets Toys For Life Now; Including The Biggest Tennis Balls He’s Ever Seen

Image credits: trentth1

#3 I Was Fostering This Goof When A Family Adopted Him. The Family Brought Him Back For Being “Too Large” So I Adopted Him. Welcome Home, Big Guy

Image credits: harding44

#4 I Adopted My First Ever Cat Last Month. I Was Nervous About It, But I Think She’s Found Her Home. Meet Blueberry

Image credits: gray8219

#5 Going To The New Home. Adopted

Image credits: mrObry

#6 This Is Old Lady (Almost 18), Her Family Of 16 Years Gave Her To A Shelter Where She Lived For Almost A Year, Until We Adopted Her A Few Months Ago. Giving Her The Best Life Possible

Image credits: Bmansway

#7 We Adopted Him Two Weeks Ago. This Is Their First Cuddle

Image credits: dutzi_thecat

#8 Our Dog Adopted A Puppy

Image credits: No_Step_0n_Snek

#9 We Adopted This Five Year Old Shelter Cat Last Week, I Adore Her And She Adores Us. Couldn’t Ask For A Better Girl, Ily Rosie

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Image credits: chadburryeggs

#10 Akali Was Returned To The Shelter By Her First Adopter, But Now I Have A Best Friend

Image credits: voodlesnoodles

#11 This Is My New Friend, Harvey! Took This Just Minutes After Adopting Him!

Image credits: mightbedylan

#12 A Few Weeks Ago I Adopted A Puppy (Right) And Today A New Dog Appeared In Front Of The Door And He Looks Like He Is The Same Dog From The Future And He Is Trying To Warn Himself About Something

Image credits: Clear-Relief-1424

#13 After Fostering 4 Pups Over A Period Of 3 Mths, I’ve Decided To Adopt The 5th One! You’re Coming With Me Wherever I Go From Now On! Welcome To Your Forever Family, Haribo!

Image credits: nicholastaii

#14 Meet Van Gogh. Trying To Get Him To Pose For His Adoption Photo

Image credits: Da_da_da_daaa

#15 I Think The Ol’ Bastard Is Starting To Fall In Love With Me. We Adopted Him Last Month And He’s Just Now Getting Comfortable Enough For Some Attention

Image credits: non_curamus

#16 Recently Adopted A Stray Cat, Two Weeks Ago She Wouldn’t Be In The Same Room As A Human. Tonight, She Scratched At My Bedroom Door To Come In. No Touching Though!

Image credits: Pokuchefski

#17 4 Day Old Kitten! Her Mama Disappeared, So I’m Bottle Feeding And Adopting Her

Image credits: CharlieTrees916

#18 I’ve Been Wanting To Adopt A Cat For Such A Long Time And I Finally Got The Chance To Do It. Here Is Kiki, My 3 Months Old Kitten!

Image credits: gonzalofuster

#19 I Adopted An Anteater

Image credits: 99percentCat

#20 Adopted Baby Flora After She Was Found Left Outside An Elementary School. Who Could Ever Do Such A Thing After Seeing This Pretty Face?

Image credits: eneroquatro2

#21 This Little Girl Decided To Break In Through Our Front Window Every Day For A Week And Adopt Us. It’s Been A Month And No One’s Claimed Her, So We Adopted Her Back

Image credits: NyxWaterhouse

#22 We Adopted This Cat And Now He Sits Like He Is About To Drop The Worst Dad Jokes Ever

Image credits: KuppeRL

#23 I Adopted This Little Guy A Couple Of Weeks Ago. He’s Extremely Very Shy And Has Been Hiding Under My Bed Since Day One. I’m Happy To Finally See Him Out Enjoying The Sun—even Though I Had To Hide To Take This Picture. I’ll Win His Little Heart One Step At A Time!

Image credits: Snazzy_SassyPie

#24 A Barn Cat Adopted Us. Meet #turkeycat

Image credits: ohfergodssake

#25 All Five Of My Hen’s Adopted Babies Ate From My Hand For The First Time!

Image credits: GrackleWing

#26 My Girlfriend And I Adopted This Little Lady Today, Had Her For 4 Hours And She’s Spent About Half Of It Purring Our Laps, And The Other Half Demanding Strokes. Meet Verity!

Image credits: Sir_Wormalot

#27 I Adopted This Itty Bitty Kitty In Indonesia, Her Mom Abandoned Her In Our Attic Space. She Could Fit In The Palm Of My Hand And Didn’t Even Have Her Eyes Open Yet! First Photo Is From A Few Weeks After We Found Her, Second Is Now, In Ohio, 8 Years Later

Image credits: kucing3

#28 Just Adopted This Old Lady And I’m In Love. Sushi, 9 Years Old

Image credits: heonyswag

#29 I Adopted Two Special-Needs Kittens Separately. Today They Held Hands

Image credits: skeletonclock

#30 Adopted A Dog Last Week. This Is How She Slept The Other Night

Image credits: Code3LI

#31 This Guy Got No Shows For 3 Different Adoption Days. When We Met He Climbed Right Into My Lap And I Fell In Love. Now He’s My First Dog And Lifelong Best Friend. Meet Winston!

Image credits: olda1tewz

#32 Wasn’t Planning On Adopting A Kitten Until She Jumped Up On My Back. Libby Is All Mine Now

Image credits: OHenryTwist

#33 Yesterday, I Helped This Sweet Girl Get Adopted. Her Parents Sent Me This Photo Of Her In Their New Home

Image credits: younoloveme

#34 Before And After Adoption. Meet Dixie

Image credits: JohnnyLaw16

#35 Say Hi To Puppy “Zemo”. Adopted Yesterday And Is Now Master Of All He Surveys

Image credits: ba-na-na-way

#36 After Spending Most Of My Adult Life Living In Tiny Apartments, I Finally Moved Out Of The City And Was Able To Adopt This Happy Girl. Meet Grace!

Image credits: Casandy420

#37 We Just Adopted This Beautiful Senior Lady And I’m So In Love With Her Already

Image credits: Gonefeywild

#38 My Recently Retired Parents Adopted A Pair Of Kittens And They’re Literally Two Halves Of A Heart

Image credits: suite214

#39 Two Days After Adoption And They’ve Already Settled In

Image credits: tally__ann

#40 Just Adopted Her, Already Made Herself Comfy

Image credits: L0rdC0rgi

#41 I Adopted A Silly One

Image credits: flexilexie

#42 Baxter Lived To Twice His Life Expectancy (8/16.5). I’m So Proud To Be His Rescue Mom. Love, Boop Snoots And Adopt!

Image credits: B00KW0RM214

#43 We Adopted The Smaller Kitty 3 Days Ago. They’ve Bonded So Quickly

Image credits: lifeofacookie

#44 Meet Luna! We Adopted Her From A Local Shelter A Week Ago And All She Wants All Day (And Night) Long Is Belly Rubs

Image credits: theBird956

#45 Shelter Doggo With A Huge Smile Being Adopted

Image credits: Thund3rbolt

#46 The Kittens I Just Adopted

Image credits: seik_22

#47 Today We Got To Bring Home Our Little Guy From Adoption! Girlfriend Is Loving It

Image credits: Pairomedics

#48 Adoption Day

Image credits: Altruistic_Field_372

#49 We Adopted A Corgi Two Weeks Ago. One Of Her Ears Just Popped Up Overnight!

Image credits: no_modest_bear

#50 I’m So Happy I Adopted This Boy

Image credits: EeveeGirl411

#51 Meet Sally. She’s 12 Weeks Old And We Just Adopted Her From A Rescue

Image credits: EBone12355

#52 This Little Aussie Tyke Was Adopted For My Mom. Can’t Wait To Introduce Her To The Rest Of The Family

Image credits: peatitty

#53 My Name Is Newton And I Just Got Adopted!

Image credits: teendog80085

#54 Adopting A Second Cat Was The Best Decision. They Love Each Other!

Image credits: rosebudmeow

#55 Adopted This Sweetheart Yesterday: 65lb, 7 Months Old, Supersonic Hearing

Image credits: attachedmomma

#56 Little Kratos Sleeping From The Excitement Of Adoption Day

Image credits: clapkittycat

#57 He Literally Fell Right Into Our Lap, How Could We Not Adopt Him? Meet Alfie!

Image credits: coreybb

#58 After Waiting A Week For Our Adoption Appointment To Finally Come, My Kids Are Smiling As Much As This Happy Boy Is

Image credits: ajmeraz82

#59 Meet Louie! We Adopted Him Last Weekend From A Local Rescue Shelter!

Image credits: amprhs612

#60 We Adopted A 5 Yr Old Catahoula Leopard Mix, Meet Mocha

Image credits: Mementose

#61 Hardest Thing About Fostering? Trying To Convince Yourself You Won’t Cave In And Adopt Them. Well, I Stopped Trying To Convince Myself. Here’s My Newest Foster Fail, “Chopper”!

Image credits: chaoticbellezza

#62 Read Here Yesterday Black Cats Aren’t Adopted As Much As They Don’t Look As Good In Photos. Meet Morningstar

Image credits: Fioraously_Fapping

#63 My Shy Adopted Kitty Is Becoming Less Shy By The Day! He Said Hi To Me This Morning. Yay!

Image credits: Snazzy_SassyPie

#64 My Newly Adopted Girl Is Recovering From Anaplasmosis And Heartworms, But Despite Everything She Is The Biggest Cuddlebutt And Has Opened Up So Much In Just A Week. Hoping For Many Healthy Buttscritches With Gigi

Image credits: casualcamus

#65 Just Adopted Today, Abby (Left) Doesn’t Seem Impressed, But Kidding, They Are Really Getting Along Great. Welcome To Forever Home!

Image credits: IzabellaGypsy

#66 I Adopted My First Pet Today! Evie Has Stolen My Heart Already!

Image credits: DragonMother67

#67 Went To Look At New Born Cats And This Guy Crawled Into My Hoodie Filled Out The Adoption Papers Not Just A Minute Later With The Fluff Ball Still In My Hood

Image credits: superbunnymonkey

#68 We Adopted The Middle One Three Weeks Ago

Image credits: flydove7

#69 Took About A Hundred Attempts To Get This But Here’s My Pupper Named Milo. Adopted 3 Weeks Ago

Image credits: Whats-A-MattR

#70 My Poor Foster Dog Wanda Had Her Bag Packed To Go To Her Forever Home, But The Adoption Fell Through Because The Adopter’s Apartment Complex Doesn’t Allow Pit Bulls. Nothing A Pup Cup Can’t Fix!

Image credits: sammierc

#71 Adopted This Little Girl Today. Named Her Venus

Image credits: SuccubusDemon666

#72 Adoption Day For The King Of Hearts

Image credits: Fabulous-Flan-3583

#73 My Recently Adopted Little Girl. Found On The Streets

Image credits: flokiheim

#74 Adopting This Absolute Angel

Image credits: JesusRox77

#75 We Adopted This Sweet Girl Piper Today. She’s Very Photogenic

Image credits: luckbealady92

#76 Adopted A Deaf Kitten, My Wife Picked Him Out Specifically For Those Amazing Eyes!

Image credits: unsetname

#77 Picture Of Our Rescue Boy A Few Days Before We Adopted Him. The Shelter Never Even Got To Post The Pic, So They Sent It To Us Instead. We Named Him Admiral Linguini

Image credits: ampleviolet

#78 Won Some Money Playing Blackjack Last Weekend, So I Adopted A New Kitty, Moonworm!

Image credits: oct8vius

#79 At 31 Years Old And After Years And Years I Finally Adopted A Dog. This Is Brownies And I Love Him

Image credits: andresostos

#80 Just Adopted This Handsome Boy. Welcome Home Finley

Image credits: fsbeck

#81 Our Sweet Girl Ruby. Adopted Her A Little Over A Week Ago And She’s Fitting Right In!

Image credits: EndlessPawsibilities

#82 My Cousin Found (What Seems To Be) A 6 Week Old Puppy On The Streets And Adopted It… Meet Duke

Image credits: LuckyLecture

#83 Doggo Who We Are (Hopefully) Adopting Very Soon. She Sits On Your Lap And Will Happily Kiss Your Face Off

Image credits: EmoDwarfUK

#84 Adopted Bug A Week Ago Today, He Is Now The King Of The House

Image credits: bubbasmum

#85 First Day After Being Adopted And He’s Already Making Himself Comfy

Image credits: McClumsy

#86 I Just Adopted This Long Legged Foxyboi And Renamed Him Pepperjack!

Image credits: MistThePerfume

#87 This Babe Just Got Adopted!

Image credits: throwawayhealing

#88 Adopted Two New Puppies Today. Cute Little Fellas Asleep In The Box During The Road Home

Image credits: Taugay

#89 When I Adopted Rumi It Didn’t Take Long To Realize I Had Adopted My Spirit Animal. He’s The Bestest Boy

Image credits: woodmandesignco

#90 My Brother Went Out And Adopted A Rescue Yesterday. Her Name Is Zoey And My Family Already Loves Her!

Image credits: fatheadmandoTM

#91 Meet Sid! Our Adopted 1.5 Yr Old Mountain Cur/Shar-Pei Mix

Image credits: ccaalliiee

#92 His Adoption Date Was 4/12/21! He’s A Four Year Old Sweetheart Who Already Cuddles. His Name Is Sylvester, He’s My First Pet

Image credits: Vicious_Vixen22

#93 Just Recently Expanded Our Family! Little Girl Was Up For Free Adoption After Being Rescued From An Animal Hoarders Home. My Sweet Redditors, Meet Mavis!

Image credits: earthbound00

#94 Adopted This Beautiful Boy Today, His Name Is Charlie, And He Is A Mixed Breed Birman. I Got Him From The Local Cat Shelter. Their Theory Behind Him Was That He Escaped From A Backyard Breeder. He’s Very Shy And Timid At The Present, But Is Settling In Well

Image credits: monaro_1996

#95 This Beautiful Baby Started Eating My Cat’s Food And Asking For Us To Pet Her Every Once In A While. A Week Later And She’s Inside, Sleeping In My Bed. She Adopted Us! This Is Nico

Image credits: lavenderbloodxx

#96 I’m Adopting This Little Guy Soon!

Image credits: moonycove

#97 He Shoots Snot Everywhere, Needs Regular Anal Gland Maintenance, Is Deaf, And Has A Silly Broken Tail. But One Thing He Is Not Is Unadoptable……because I Foster Failed And Adopted Him Before He Got Labeled As Such. Welcome To Our Family, Figaro!

Image credits: Sheschle

#98 I’m No Expert, But I’d Say The Adoption Is A Success! This Little Lady Here Arrived Only A Few Hours Ago In Her Forever Home, And Is Already Claiming All The Hugs For Herself

Image credits: dalaigh93

#99 My Angel That We Adopted A Few Months Ago, She’s Awesome Wicked

Image credits: MandatoryDDs

#100 I’m 25 And Today I Adopted My First Furry Friend !! Everyone Meet Sterling !

Image credits: rossboss96

#101 Adopted A New Kitten On Wednesday!

Image credits: RiveDroite

#102 Adopted Her Today. She Hasn’t Told Me Her Name Yet. Shelter Said She Was Shy And Would Probably Hide For The Day

Image credits: cemeteryridgefilms

#103 Adopted My First Puppy Yesterday, Good Morning From Alphie!

Image credits: Westacious

#104 We Adopted A Kitten

Image credits: winwinbothways

#105 Just Adopted My (Rescue) Dog! Meet Iggy!

Image credits: missripper

#106 Adopted My Jessi Girl From The Shelter Today

Image credits: Elle2NE1

#107 I Recently Adopted A Kitten And I Personally Find Him Rly Cute (His Name Is Zeke)

Image credits: boberian

#108 So Here Is My New Adopted Kitten! His Name Is Fry!

Image credits: SneakySpoopySnek

#109 The Stray Cat We Adopted Just Had Kittens

Image credits: bigboiyot

#110 We Just Adopted Toula, 4 Months Old!

Image credits: TheLazyLounger

#111 Tried Adopting For Months And Had Given Up. Then On My Birthday I Found Ludo. Or Did He Find Me?

Image credits: futtadd

#112 Adopted These Two Little Brothers Last Year. They Grow Up So Quick

Image credits: McRambe

#113 Reddit, Meet Kodi (8 Weeks Old Mixed Breed Adopted Week Ago)

Image credits: burtekd

#114 Our Adopted Cat

Image credits: ZGplay

#115 Gracie Is My Quarantine Rescue

Image credits: bubbalubbagrubhub

#116 My Wife Adopted 2 Beagle – Maddie And Coco

Image credits: K4Kerala

#117 We Adopted A 7 Week Old Kitty Today. This Is The First Pic With My Son

Image credits: Nech1492

#118 Look Who I Adopted This Weekend! His Name Is Albus — Or The ‘Bus, As He’s Called On The Streets

Image credits: neeeonwhales

#119 The Adoption Agency Gave Her The Name Donna And It Was Too Weird Not To Keep

Image credits: rehabforcandy

#120 Adopted This Good Boy Today. Henceforth You Shall Be Known As Darth Vader

Image credits: smitedr3amz

#121 Adopted A Mixed Puppy A Couple Weeks Ago, She’s 3 Months Old; Can Anyone Identify What Kind Of Mix She Is?

Image credits: ClarkCarl126

#122 Just Adopted This Little Guy Yesterday

Image credits: Ironlungs420

#123 I Planned On Adopting One- But When I Got There I Didn’t Have The Heart To Separate Him From His Sister. Now I Have Two

Image credits: jadevcoop

#124 It’s Been Three Weeks Since I Adopted A Shy Rescue Girl, And This Morning I Woke Up To This! Meet Willow

Image credits: cmonyy

#125 Brother And Sister Kittens Me And My Girlfriend Recently Adopted

Image credits: almagentry

#126 Adopted These Two Siblings Last Week. Cliff And Cleo

Image credits: Void_Sky

#127 My Newly Adopted Boy Riot, Age 20 Months

Image credits: webreid

#128 I Adopted My Favorite Dog From My Job. Welcome Home, Buster!

Image credits: HanSoloEspresso

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