141 Mischievous Pets Being Shamed For Their ‘Crimes’

We love our pets but they can be incredibly naughty and mischievous animals at times. Like when your ferrets ‘accidentally’ order a phone from Amazon. Or when your doggos make a mess by eating toilet paper and pieces of a puzzle (and you were so close to finishing it, too!).

Pet owners are shaming their misbehaving pets by posting photos of them along with signs stating their ‘crimes.’ Bored Panda has collected some of the best pics, so scroll down, enjoy, and remember to upvote your fave ones. We’re sure that you’ve got some stories about your pets getting into shenanigans, too, dear Pandas—we’d love to read them in the comments!

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When you’re done with this list, we invite you to look through our earlier posts about the hilarious times that fish got shamed for being naughty, about mischievous cats, and about farmers who are shaming their chickens for their ‘crimes.’

#1 He Even Looks Proud

Image credits: codylab

#2 Left This Note For My Husband

Image credits: plant_doctor

#3 Dog Ate Husband’s Teeth

My husband lost 2 front teeth due to a skateboarding accident. His new flipper wasn’t comfortable and he took it out and left it on the end table. Leaving the room for a moment was all it took for our Daphnie to get a hold of them.

Daphnie was NOT hurt, what ever pieces she actually ingested passed without incident. The only thing this hurt was our budget! Even the best Dental Coverage doesn’t replace teeth when your dog eats them.

Image credits: eaclem

The pet shaming meme is a spinoff from the ‘Dogshaming’ Tumblr blog that was launched in 2012. It all started with a photo of a dachshund (aka a sausage doggo) with a sign saying, “I am an underwear eating jerk!” This then led to the creation of the ‘Dogshaming’ online community. They even have a website.

Eventually, people started posting photos of other misbehaving pets, not just dogs. We’ve had people shaming cats, fish, birds, and plenty more. However, not everything might be as innocent as you might think.

#4 True Story

My husband and I went out to the garage to feed our black lab thus leaving the ferrets to their own devices. After a short time we returned to the following:

1. Someone had opened one of my husband’s Harbor Freight emails and searched for item number “1q”””smffmnnnn”. There were no results.

2. Wesley (on the left) had ordered a Samsung Galaxy S4 for $180 using the ever so convenient Amazon one-click option.

3. Ryan (right) turned off the power strip which supplied the laptop, phone charger, ferret litter box ventilation fans, and the internet, but not before Wesley’s purchase went through.

This is a true story. We canceled the order. We weren’t really sure what to put in the explanation box.

Image credits: idahocowgirl5

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#5 Throwback To When Dad Decided To Make Home Improvements I Didn’t Agree With

Image credits: gsdzelda

#6 I Found Out I Wasn’t Included In Mum’s Next Holiday, So I Ate Her Passport

Image credits: whipp.it.lucy.real.good

Some animal welfare experts and vets believe that pet shaming might be detrimental to their wellbeing and undermines the animals’ dignity. According to some vets, the photos of pets that are looking guilty might actually show them afraid or anxious.

“The idea of shaming a dog is daft. Dogs don’t like having the mickey taken out of them and can undoubtedly plug into that. So why would you do that to your pet? You wouldn’t mock your family or your friends like this, so why your dog?” secretary of the Kennel Club, Caroline Kisko, told The Telegraph.

“It might be a bit of fun when it is kept to a reasonable level, but people take them too far and it stops being funny for the dog. Dogs have a level of dignity and we don’t want to undermine that. They are meant to be a companion, not a joke.”

#7 There Are Two Types Of Doggos

Image credits: hugoandursula

#8 This Cat Being Publicly Fat-Shamed

Image credits: baquea

#9 These Bad Dogs Deserved To Have Some Dog-Shaming For This One

Image credits: aryaandthegang

#10 Apparently Puzzles Are A Delicious

Image credits: cjenglishauthor

#11 I Just Thought My Mom Would Like Some Company

Image credits: darrelthebarncat

#12 Sneaky Pooper

Image credits: Beccers

#13 Then I Run Into My Cat Cave And Hide

Image credits: ambrosefamilypets

#14 This Just Happened

Image credits: guelma13

#15 I Was Having A Good Morning. Everything Was Going Well. Then I Came Home To This Glitter Bomb

Image credits: delilah_and_luna

#16 And This Happened

Image credits: theperfectparrot

#17 Eleven Busted Through The Glass Front Door Like The Kool-Aid Man

Image credits: farmer_lynn

#18 Colin My Naughty Cockeral. The Kids Are Scared Of Him And So Are The Neighbors

Image credits: athomewiththerobinsons

#19 Self-Sufficiency Level: Unlocked

Darcey tore up the screen door, and now she uses it to go in and out

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#20 Groundhog Day

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#21 Stealth Licker

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#22 She Screamed At Dingleberry

Image credits: Shibaru-in-a-Subaru

#23 Meatball Is A Jerk

Image credits: countvonmeatball

#24 Well, Pete Wasn’t Such A Good Boy Today

Image credits: cshel718

#25 The Smile Says It All

Image credits: ellieconclavi

#26 Taste-Test Concludes: February Least Filling

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#27 You Don’t Need Memories, You Have Me

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#28 “I Just Had To Explore That Noise In The Bushes At 3am, I Only Wanted To Play But Mr. Skunk Was Not Having It”

Image credits: officialapollothehusky

#29 Shih Tzu Shaming

Image credits: Gimmee-cReddit

#30 Not The Most Incorrect Response, But I’m Not A Fan Of The Visits From Animal Control

Image credits: soullessredhead

#31 Candy (Left) And Casper (Right). Casper Is Pretty Stupid. Picture Says It All

Image credits: sjrbookworm

#32 He’s More Of A Used Coffee Grounds And Banana Peel Kinda Dog

Image credits: tiffer007

#33 Hamburger Thief

Image credits: Aspyr99

#34 I’ve Been Told This Belongs Here, And I’m Inclined To Agree

Image credits: CreatrixAnima

#35 Little Furball Cost Me $65 And An Hour In The Cold

Image credits: leia709

#36 This Happened Today On Our Walk

Image credits: gnoc.gus.mav

#37 Unfortunately, Things Don’t Always Go According To Plan

Image credits: huskybohrcurie

#38 Binx Has Officially Destroyed All The Living Room Blinds

Image credits: samantha_wa11ace

#39 I Ate Alexa And I’d Do It Again I Tells Ya

Image credits: shibagram__inari_kitsune

#40 Pearl Had One Job

Image credits: kimbrleyb

#41 Last Night Was Fun

Image credits: Chels40

#42 I Thought Public Shaming Was Banned In The Middle Ages

Image credits: inki.finnish.lapphund

#43 I Feel Like A Little Bit Of Cat-Shaming Is Ok Here

Image credits: norwegianpuddycat

#44 Bovine Business Calls

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#45 Let’s Not Forget About The Other Sketchy Character Living In Our House

Image credits: ellenbarford

#46 Atlas The Service Dog Sits In Front Of The Camera With A Toothy Grin Wearing A Sign That Says “Mom’s Underwear Is Not A Present For Guests”

Image credits: disablednotdefeated

#47 Cat Shaming

Image credits: buddythebunbun

#48 Rated 7/10 (Imdb), 81% (Rotten Tomatoes) & 4 Paws Out Of 5 (Josie Scale)

Image credits: josie.the.dane

#49 Shame On You

Image credits: fchrzan

#50 I Don’t Fart Often, But When I Do…

Image credits: macies_goldenlife

#51 MJ And Gizmo

Image credits: gizmo_griffons

#52 I Chew Holes In Mommy’s Panties So I Can Fight Crime As The Masked Wrestler Dynamite Daisy

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#53 Yeah I’m Pet-Shaming A Turtle

Image credits: chrisdipiazza

#54 Oops Poops

Image credits: 1crazywriter

#55 I Ate The Couch

Image credits: luna_june_the.terrier

#56 Next Time, Pay Attention To Me

Image credits: rera_pops

#57 He Can Be Such A Pain. I’m Pretty Sure He Stole Them Cause I Cleaned His Cage When He Didn’t Want Me To

Image credits: that.darn.ginger

#58 Shots Fired, Litttle Jerk

Image credits: age_of_aquariums

#59 Sorry Not Sorry

Image credits: bubba_luna

#60 Parrot Shaming Is A Thing, Right?

Image credits: shannondiblasio

#61 Mango Enjoys Riding In Mom’s Hoodie. And Also Pooping In Mom’s Hoodie

Image credits: cas.thedragon

#62 I’m Pretty Sure It’s A Delicacy Somewhere

Image credits: monkandbean

#63 And She Loved Every Minute Of It

Image credits: lizardlife77

#64 Cat Shaming Post. I Love You You Old Fart

Image credits: damnitcarolj

#65 Of Corso I’m Stressed

“It was stressful times. I was left to my own devices at my grandparent’s house when my mom’s grandfather was in the hospital dying. I had to eat my grandma’s tasty couch. So sorry”

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#66 What You Snackin’ On, Willis?

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#67 There’s No Place Like Home

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#68 I Was Labrador Retrieving Them

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#69 It’s Not What It Looks Like

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#70 Happy Birthday, Linda

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#71 Precision Chewer

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#72 Poppy

Image credits: ashley.the.adventurous

#73 Had A Bit Of A Scare Yesterday When I Got Home. There’s Never A Dull Moment With These Two, I Swear

Image credits: rantandraeve

#74 Now That We Are 24/7 Together, I Thought It Was Time To Public Shame This Girl For Everything She Does In Front Of My Eyes

Image credits: mig.209

#75 Pawblo Pupcasso Is Back

Image credits: champaagnepupi

#76 Silly Scout

Image credits: mrs.j.metty

#77 He Only Pulled The Plants Out And Left Them On The Floor To Die, The Pot And Plants Were Unharmed Otherwise

Image credits: TOMKINSMOM

#78 Monty’s Little Fetish

Image credits: HotBananaBread

#79 This Cute Dachshund Surely Loves Pizza

Image credits: sheslosingit247

#80 Her First BnE

Image credits: janglebo36

#81 Cat Doesn’t Know How To Cat. He’s Lucky He’s Cute

Image credits: LynnMarie0789

#82 I Tried To Keep It For Later

Image credits: aoifeshibawhippetandme

#83 I Had No Idea The House Two Doors Down Had A Feeding Station For Stray Cats

Image credits: affordable_alaskan_attorney

#84 Well, This Happens On The Regular And In A World Of Animal Shaming

Image credits: bbblue75

#85 I Was Super Busy While Mom And Dad Were At Work Today. Mom Is Dog Shaming Me For It

Image credits: dapper.pug.reginald

#86 My Bad

Image credits: albus_is_my_spirit_animal

#87 Asha’s Attempt At Cubism

My loving malamute likes to leave me toilet-paper art to express her anger about me leaving her. This is one of a long series

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#88 You Like My New Wig?

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#89 Beds Are For Eating

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#90 No Comment

Image credits: abbey.laird629

#91 Lani Was A Little Embarrassed And Didn’t Want Us To Post This

Image credits: alealanicat

#92 This Is Nola. Nola Likes To Eat Underwear

Image credits: deuteranopia

#93 I Made A Mistake Today, And Mom Got Real Mad. I Had To Sit In My Crate For Awhile, Then Take My Mugshot. I Think I Learned My Lesson

Image credits: pipernfinn

#94 Book Worm

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#95 Does Apple Care Cover This?

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#96 After 1.5 Years With Us, Dixie Mae Did Her First Naughty Thing

Image credits: meaghanlb88

#97 I Didn’t Mean We Were Literally Going To Devour This Book, Goldfish

Image credits: sarandipity920

#98 Remember To Smile

Image credits: little_coop_the_lab

#99 I’m A True Gastronaut

Image credits: pritty_pitty_nyc

#100 Mhm ..

Image credits: brit_allen_

#101 Sometimes They Deserve Their Shame

Image credits: steppedinhairball

#102 Fun Fact: I Wasn’t Always A Very Good Girl

Image credits: mojo.not.jojo

#103 My Little Diva

Image credits: DirtcoreGoblin

#104 Someone Had To Clean It Up

Image credits: kingcow1006

#105 Also, That Is A Little Piece Of Her Shame Sign In Her Mouth

Image credits: lady_vader_the_pug

#106 My Name Is Baxter And I Have Had 2 Baths In 2 Days Coz I Like To Play With My Own Poop And Dead Rats

Image credits: megjgrace

#107 This Naughty Bearded Dragon

Image credits: clemthebeardie

#108 I Am So Mad About This

Image credits: RuthinVt

#109 It’s My Dane’s First Birthday Today

Image credits: Filipp0

#110 Expensive Meal, I Should Really Learn To Chew My Food. Don’t Swallow Manderins And Lemons Whole

Image credits: joe_the_boxer

#111 Unfortunately, They Have No Appreciation For Art

Image credits: jennysday

#112 After That I Ate Some Coupons

Image credits: mia_the_minipin

#113 Oops

Image credits: inspiredandi

#114 Way To Ruin The Party Hooman

Image credits: stoutthechocolate

#115 Boys Spa Day! Ears, Nails, Brushing And One Of Us Had A Bath

Image credits: adventures_of_louis_the_lab

#116 Destroyed Shoes

Image credits: martyhol

#117 “I Over Trusted A Fart On My Mom’s Pillow”

Image credits: frankie_and_beans_

#118 Poop Happens

Image credits: tomtheyork

#119 I Like To Shred, Chew The Crotches Out Of Panties, And Then Proceed To Eat Them. I Have Already Eaten 5 Pairs. My Hooman Tries To Hide Them From Me But I Chewed A Hole In The Hamper And Hit The Jackpot

Image credits: merlin.the.magic.mutt

#120 Ouch, This One Hurts

Image credits: tulipthelionhead

#121 These Two

Image credits: clairebearsa

#122 Cat Shaming

Image credits: girlandkat

#123 On The Plus Side, I’m Not A Picky Eater

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#124 It’s Called A Trash Can, Not A Trash Can’t

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#125 Minty Fresh Dog Breath

“We ate the mints. But we unwrapped them first”

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#126 Someone Got Out Of His Kennel Last Night And Reduced Two Clothes Baskets To Mulch

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#127 Wall Nibbler

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#128 Missy Is On The Constant Look-Out For A Dog Treat. Today, She Thought She Could Find One In Our Closet. No Luck

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#129 Selt-Suficient Treat Bandit

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#130 Jack-Hammer Renovations

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#131 She’s Hot-Boxering Me

Image credits: dogshaming.com

#132 Uh Oh! They Found Out I Chewed The Wii Sensor Bar Today

Image credits: cashtheyorkie17

#133 “I Like To Bark & Rip Paper During Mommy’s Work Conference Calls!”

Image credits: boaz_thejackrussellmix

#134 A Little Cat Shaming On This Wonderful Monday Morning

Image credits: ambrosefamilypets

#135 At Least Bathing The Dog Was Something To Do

Image credits: katreenacarrasco

#136 He’s A Very Needy Puppy

Image credits: viking_machina

#137 Yet She’s Still My Best Friend

Image credits: mscatamaran

#138 Baylee On The Left, Buddha On The Right

Image credits: Oniblook

#139 Kaia Is Sick Of This Quarantine As Well

Image credits: jptimetogetfitnobs

#140 She Has No Shame

Image credits: Citizenerased1989

#141 Mizzy’s Yearly Reminder Every Time This Photo Pops Up Again

Image credits: mizzy_and_oz

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