144 Times Foxes Were Caught Being The Cutest

Has anyone figured out what the fox says yet?

Whether it’s a ding-ding-ding or a pow-pow-pow, or any other combination of monosyllabic nonsensical gobbledygook, it goes without saying that the fox is not only a cute, but also a very majestic animal.

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Most folklore describes the fox as a cunning and wise animal, often either full of wisdom, or full of mischief in ways nobody, except for the reader or the listener of the tale, really expects.

The fox has had such a huge impact on folk tales that, in Finnish folklore, for instance, it is the inspiration for the name of the Aurora Borealis or the northern lights—they call it fox fires. Incidentally, there is a short film about this which Bored Panda covered some time ago.

And to celebrate just how cute foxes are, here’s a list of the cutest pictures out there on the internet. Scroll down, upvote, comment, and share your fox stories (or better yet, fox pictures) in the comment section below. So, go fur it, I dare ya!

#1 My Wife Shot This Photo Of The Two Of Us In Today’s Sunset!

We’ve been getting almost daily visits from this wild fox over the course of the past couple of months.

Image credits: maxadrums

#2 Too Hot For The Fox In London Today!

Image credits: sfindlay90

#3 Fox With A Hat!

Image credits: Castlemight

#4 Baby Fox In A Hurry

Image credits: Custergrant

#5 A Good Morning Stretch

Image credits: imgur.com

#6 Lil Sleeping Fox Cub

Image credits: Pigoonlet

#7 Little Fox Doing A Nom

Image credits: Igor Shpilenok

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#8 Foxy Tongue

Image credits: redimage1

#9 What You See When You Zoom In On A Sleeping Fox

Image credits: healing_storage

#10 Planted Fox

Image credits: _helendale

#11 Baby Fox With A Flower Crown!

Image credits: iwantanap__

#12 I Didn’t Know Foxes Too Could Make These Eyes

Image credits: unknown

#13 Happy Little Fox

Image credits: ruth/Photographs

#14 Hello

Image credits: askapetfox

#15 Foxy Local We Met While Hiking High Tatras

Image credits: kuosa

#16 Little Fox Eating A Ice-Lolly

Image credits: EpicGamer420th

#17 He Was Found And Brought To My Friend’s Veterinary Hospital

Now He’s Healthy And Is Staying At A Wildlife Center With Another Baby Fox

Image credits: loglow_

#18 A Baby Fox Showed Up To Say Hi At My Grandmother’s House

Image credits: Vechrotex

#19 Planted Foxtails On The Patio This Year; They’re Doing Well

Image credits: Llandryn

#20 This Fox Came Up To My Brother And I While I Was Walking My Dog. Wasn’t Hostile At All!

Image credits: kachigga75

#21 Found This Fox Chilling In The Backyard Lol

Image credits: ltc_ir1

#22 Security Light Went Off At 1 Am. This Little Guys Found My Dog’s Ball

Image credits: scaredoftheman

#23 Ssh, Don’t Want To Wake Him Up

Image credits: Danjjs

#24 Say Hello To My Daily Visitor For The Last Two Years

Image credits: Rauca

#25 One Of The Fox Pups That Lives In Our Backyard. We Call Him Jasper!

Image credits: n1cen1cholas

#26 Go Veggie

Image credits: VulpesPerson

#27 I Photographed The Fox That Visits Our Garden Often, Putting My Phone Against Binoculars

Image credits: Gr4b

#28 This Little Fox Has Been Visiting My Family Several Times Lately

Image credits: mAtiPTF

#29 My Family Found A Fox On The Road And They Kept It For A Day

Image credits: Raziel2642

#30 This Japanese Fox Sanctuary Was A True Hidden Gem

Image credits: sebastianrtj

#31 So I Was In Zao Fox Village That Are Located In Japan, And I Saw Those Foxes That Waits For Their Water

Image credits: LittlePrayer

#32 Found This Fox Den Today While Fishing; It May Be The Luckiest Picture Of My Life

Image credits: imgur.com

#33 I’ve Been Watching A Family Of Foxes This Spring. Here’s One Of The Better Photos I’ve Taken

Image credits: ScummyWallows

#34 Bat-Eared Fox, Africa

Image credits: safi kok

#35 Wet Baby Fox

Image credits: Ivan Kislov

#36 Bundle O’ Foxes

Image credits: cherrythief1989

#37 Friendly Fox Has A Present For You

Image credits: unknown

#38 Why You Do This?

Image credits: julius_p_coolguy

#39 Cute Arctic Fox

Image credits: Sean Gordon

#40 A Curious Fox – Pretty Aww To Me! In A Friend’s Backyard In Ks

Image credits: leighaeroe

#41 Cute Fox Cuddling

Image credits: Igor Shpilenok

#42 Aww Needs More Cute Foxes

Image credits: Rob Lee

#43 I Heard Foxes Were Now Acceptable On R/Aww…now I Can Finally Reveal My Fox Fetish

Image credits: Nyan_Tardis

#44 A Dinner Date With A Cute Fox

Image credits: allobruno

#45 Cuteness Overload. Baby Fox Brothers

Image credits: Florian Girardin

#46 Arctic Fox Kit In Iceland

Image credits: mowglidowgli

#47 Baby Foxes Are So Cute

Image credits: Набережная Магаданки

#48 Cute Little Fox

Image credits: Raspbianlike

#49 The Cute Fox Smelling A Flower!

Image credits: e_apraksina

#50 Met This Cute Fox While Hiking In Canada!

Image credits: matsam999

#51 Cute Arctic Fox After A Bath

Image credits: Fatalphenom1

#52 Fox Sleeping On A Skylight

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

#53 What A Cute Fox Pup!

Image credits: longhairedfox

#54 More Cute Foxes You Say? How About A Baby Grey Hiding In A Cinder Block?

Image credits: imgur.com

#55 Two Cute Fox Cubs Bundling Up Together

Image credits: faraz3b

#56 A Cute Fox Fell Asleep On My Pool Cover

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

#57 Baby Fox Is Too Cute.. I Just, Just Can’t Handle It

Image credits: mindnoir

#58 Happy Fox Friday

Image credits: jabcecc

#59 Local Explorer

Image credits: Federico Di Dio

#60 Good Morning, Beautiful Fox

Image credits: Lou Ryan

#61 Fox In The Park

Image credits: Kat_in_niagara

#62 Morning Guest

Image credits: DrTonyGillie

#63 Fox Playing

Image credits: Natsumi_The_Fox

#64 Fox Is In A Bucket

Image credits: WildPotatoCat

#65 I Spent An Inordinate Amount Taking My 9yo To See The Submarine Museum Today

Image credits: kilowhisky

#66 Some Cute Foxes Together

Image credits: 978866

#67 I Saw A Photo Of A Cute Fox And Decided To Share It With You

Image credits: The_Max_Gamer

#68 A Lady Brought Her Pet Foxes To The Store Today

Image credits: atlas0210

#69 A Friend Needed Their Pet Looked After For A Day While They Fix Their Back Fence

Image credits: DrStalker

#70 A Worn Out Pet Fox

Image credits: Sarvas138

#71 This Fox Either Wants To Kill Me Or Wants Me To Pet It And Love It Forever

Image credits: superish64

#72 Someone I Know Has A Pet Fox. So Much Cute

Image credits: imgur.com

#73 My Pet Fox With His Pet Fox

Image credits: imgur.com

#74 Fox By Eric Donaldson

Image credits: Eric Donaldson

#75 Here Imgur Have A Cute Sleeping Fox

Image credits: jfm2

#76 The Fox On Stilts! (Or A Maned Wolf) Cause Look How Cute They Are!

Image credits: CiderChugginBitch

#77 Cute Fox On Kodiak Island, Alaska

Image credits: Psylantwolf

#78 Very Cute Fox Puppie Photographed By My GF

Image credits: susunluontokuvat

#79 Cute Baby

Image credits: c.knightphotography

#80 Look

Image credits: jens.birkeland

#81 The Fox Never Found A Better Messenger Than Himself

Image credits: meagahan

#82 On Friday’s We Get Mani Pedis

Image credits: meagahan

#83 Curious Fox Kit Awakes To Find That The Dead Brown Leaves Are Turning Into New Green Ones

Image credits: meagahan

#84 You Go First… No You…. Ok, I’ll Go

Image credits: Meaghan Garrahan

#85 Fox Posing

Image credits: mathlabrosse

#86 My Friend’s Cute Grey Fox

Image credits: IYESUQBQJVN

#87 Getting Caught Taking A Picture Of This Cute Fox, Shortly Before It Went It Away (Worth It)

Image credits: Thesunnysideofthewww

#88 This Fox Was Found Sleeping Inside A Parked City Bus In My Hometown

Image credits: imgur.com

#89 This Lil’ Guy Comes To Hang Around In My Front Garden Sometimes. He’s Getting Quite Friendly!

Image credits: imgur.com

#90 Cute Guess!

Image credits: GavHughes22

#91 Happy Baby Foxy

Image credits: therandomizer1889

#92 Scarlette’s Foxy Smirk

Image credits: NataliaGrace

#93 Foxy Morning Appointment

Image credits: RenegadeTroll

#94 Sleepy Foxy Floofs

Image credits: LOGICALPONY

#95 My Foxy Friend

Image credits: pesten

#96 Fluffy Fox In Colorado

Image credits: deliciousninja

#97 Baby Fox Was Sleeping In Our Garden

Image credits: imgur.com

#98 It’s A Baby Fox

Image credits: kmr25

#99 Wild Baby Fox Being Cradled Like A Baby

Image credits: StubThumbs

#100 This Fox Need Some Fresh Air

Image credits: VulpesPerson

#101 Fox With Corn

Image credits: VulpesPerson

#102 Precious

Image credits: Tek_Foxes

#103 The Eyes Says It All!

Image credits: mingyau8

#104 Taken From A Far Distance But Great To See This Morning

Image credits: harjitsinghwildlife

#105 Fox Eating A Strawberry

Image credits: thisisausername7777

#106 Fox Eating A Banana

Image credits: kofolarz

#107 Itap Of A Fox Eating My Mom’s Strawberries

Image credits: Readitonhere

#108 A Picture Of A Teenager Fox Eating An Apple I Took. Hope You Like It!

Image credits: ElPapouLoco

#109 This Fox Eating Some Raw Steak

Image credits: Roestkartoffel

#110 Fox Eating Bog Bilberries

Image credits: ladiamante

#111 Red Fox In My Backyard!

Image credits: athlonfx

#112 Picture Of Baby Foxes In My Backyard By My Pool Deck

Image credits: cookie96

#113 Red Foxes Hunting In The Sun And Whirling Snow Outside Stockholm, Sweden


#114 This Is The Wild Fox That Hang Out In Our Mining Exploration Camp In Northern Ontario

Image credits: Dynamite_Noir

#115 Cute Foxes At The Beach

Image credits: Bliss_y0

#116 Cute Fox Chillin

Image credits: wagstaffmedia

#117 Baby Grey Foxes Reunited With Mother. Thanks To Peninsula Shelter, California

Image credits: QuietCakeBionics

#118 Leaves Peanuts Out For Chipmunks… Gets Grey Fox Instead

Now Has Fox That Comes Around Nicknamed “Peanuts” On The Regular

Image credits: hiplainsdrift3r

#119 Our Local Grey Fox Couple Had Babies In Our Backyard! Here Is One Of Them With A Glorious Blep

Image credits: PEEnKEELE

#120 Some Foxes In Maine

Image credits: Hamster_High_Dive

#121 The Foxes In Medway Have Evolved To Only Consume Bourbon Biscuits

Image credits: Exoticc03

#122 I Let This Little One Go Back To The Burrow

Image credits: PerrinIT

#123 Here’s The Guy I Picked Up Last Year With A Crushed Paw

Image credits: ric0shay

#124 There Is A Family Of Foxes Living Under My House

Image credits: -Z-3-R-0-

#125 Foxes In My Neighborhood Like To Sleep On Residents

Image credits: FodderForFelix

#126 Baby Fox In Elora

Image credits: Lily_Lioness

#127 I Have A Family Of Foxes Living Near My Backyard! Tonight’s Photoshoot

Image credits: xiaotianchun

#128 A Family Of Foxes Moved Into Our Backyard, Here’s One Just Chilling

Image credits: Pictureblade

#129 Fox Cub Spends The Night In A Chicken Coop, Leaves All The Chickens Alone With No Interest In Hunting Them

Image credits: CrystalVulpine

#130 This Gorgeous Fox Visited Me In My Mom’s Backyard When I Went Home To Canada To Visit Family

Image credits: Vore-

#131 A Picture My Friend Took Last Spring Of A Mother Fox And Her Kit

Image credits: AFeast

#132 Wild Fox Becomes Friends With Dog And Cat

Image credits: jakealc1

#133 My Friend Discovered She Has A Fox Den Behind Her House. I Took This Picture Out The Car Window From The Driveway

Image credits: hotgnipgnaps

#134 I Took This Picture Of An Urban Fox In My Garden. A Good And Soft Looking Friend

Image credits: thelibrarybear

#135 My Friend Took This Pic Of A Polar Fox Near Askja, Iceland

Image credits: NicklasWabra

#136 My Friend Has Baby Foxes In Her Woodpile!

Image credits: Unicormfarts

#137 These Friendly Foxes

Image credits: ZombieBisque

#138 My Friend Has Some Fox Kits Living Under Her Shed

Image credits: QuietCakeBionics

#139 Say Hi To The Friendly Fox I Just Met!

Image credits: lientje89

#140 Friendly-Ish Fox Who Used To Visit Our House

Image credits: frzen

#141 My Dad’s Little Fox Friend

Image credits: abbykos

#142 Smiley Fox Friend I Made At The Beach In Italy

Image credits: jes_zeu

#143 Pictures Of Baby Foxes My Friend Took

Image credits: jdnorvasc

#144 My Friend Found A Fox On A Sunrise Hike Recently

Image credits: AppleJackal

Source: boredpanda.com

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