145 Times People Cross-Stitched Beautiful And Unique Things And Shared Them Online

If you enjoyed Bored Panda’s article on the subreddit r/Sewing, you will probably like this one too!

It’s called r/CrossStitch and the people who belong to this sub are just as creative and skilled.

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Just one quick scroll and you can find a stitch of the meme that perfectly represents our quarantine mood, the legendary Bernie Sanders’ pose at the inauguration, and plenty of other cool projects.

However, going through a subreddit that was created all the way back in 2010 can take you quite a while. So we hand-picked a set of photos of the most impressive works the members of r/CrossStitch have shared. Enjoy!

#1 Came Across This On Facebook…it Took Him 20 Years To Finish This Periodic Table Of Elements

Image credits: MrsMama991

#2 Day 5 Of Quarantine, I’ve Run Out Of Fabric And Have Had To Resort To Cross Stitching This Old Strainer. Turned Out Pretty Good I Think!

Image credits: Skittle_kittle

#3 Schrödinger’s Cat Glow In The Dark Is Finished!

Image credits: crossstitchwizard

#4 A 2020 Update: Lost The Boyfriend But Kept The Cat. Priorities

Image credits: callthewindreddit

#5 I Stitched The Representation Of The Quarantine Mood

Image credits: ramintake

#6 Finally Got Around To Finishing This One!

Image credits: lysscakes1930

#7 Today I Ironed My Mega-Cat Project & It’s In The Mail To My Aunt!

Image credits: psychkitty

#8 My 6 Year Old Has Been Getting In On The Cross Stitch Hype In My House Too. He’s So Proud, He Wants To Show His Progress Off To Everyone!

Image credits: Yellow_coffee_mug

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#9 I Lost It At The Glasses

Image credits: starryhamster

#10 Literally Took Blood And Tears, But I Am Very Proud Of My First Project

Image credits: Derpazor1

#11 Got Back Into Stitching After A Long Break, Finished This Beauty Last Night

Image credits: cheeserella

#12 Cross Stich On A Wall In Estavayer, Switzerland

Image credits: lvcretiae

#13 I Just Started A New Job Where I (Annie) Sit Between An Ann And An Anna. So I Self-Drafted A Direction Sign

Image credits: AnneeDroid

#14 A Few Months Ago I Posted That I Was Cross Stitching My Old Cats For Mums Christmas Present – Cat 2/3 Is Complete! Sadly We Lost This Guy To Old Age While I Was Making This, But The Process Of Stitching Him Was Very Therapeutic. Pattern By Me Using Pixel Stitch

Image credits: buttfacedmiscreant11

#15 I’m Sure This One Belongs Here

Image credits: neonpanties_

#16 Current Circumstances Have Significantly Changed The Meaning Of This One Since I Started It In February

Image credits: eggsareok

#17 I’m Terrible At Starting Huge Projects But Never Finishing Them. This One Was The First “Big” Piece I Ever Completed And It Took Four Years! I’m Particularly Proud Of The Shawl

Image credits: thespecificnorthwest

#18 Half Way Down, “Spanish Lace” By Riolis. Stitched 1 Over 1 On Monaco

Image credits: milu6ka

#19 Done And Dusted Just In Time For My Best Friend’s Birthday! Pattern By Olga Lankevich

Image credits: Laas-Yah-Nir

#20 Ring Box I Made For Proposing To My Now Fiancee!

Image credits: Heliade

#21 My Mom Made Me A Pokemon-Themed Tissue Box!

Image credits: mogrimoogle

#22 My Trio Of Us National Parks

Image credits: reddit.com

#23 Disney Stained Glass Project, Complete! Still Can’t Believe That I Did This!

Image credits: megface91

#24 First Time Cross Stitching On Clothing And My Boyfriend’s “It’s Too Nice To Wear” Response Is Making Me Look Like This Cat

Image credits: I_Only_Look_Irish

#25 I Completed My Ocean Triptych Today!

Image credits: SuperquooL

#26 Bernie At The Inauguration Stitch By Kitschystitchesau

Image credits: angiefoxy

#27 I Made Blackwork Kyoshi For My Best Friend! (Self-Drafted)

Image credits: sirfphil

#28 I Made A Thing! Self-Drafted

Image credits: tangleduplife

#29 1.5 Years Later And I Am Finished!

Image credits: Nowork_morestitching

#30 Before And After Backstitching

Image credits: maiapupper

#31 Over 5,000 Hours And 3+ Years In The Works. My Mother Finally Completed Her Counted Cross-Stitch With 606,875 Stitches

Image credits: LaneRandi

#32 My First Everest. This Took 4+ Months And 100 Headaches, But I Have Finally Finished The First Big Project I’ve Started. I Cant Wait To Give It To My Mum!

Image credits: meeliaface

#33 1 Year Ago This Saturday I Came Home With An Empty Cat Carrier After Helping To Release My Best Friend From A 2 Year Battle With Terminal Cancer. I Worked On This Piece Through Tears That Week, And Just Got The Frame Back In Time To Hang It In His Memory For The One Year Anniversary

Image credits: willowwrenwild

#34 Hi To All! I’m A 27 Yo Cross-Stitcher And I’m Proud To Show You My First Big Completed Project With Backstitch. I Think It’s Still Not Perfect, But I Really Adore My Result. Pattern “Purring On The Roofs” By Cutepatternsbymaria

Image credits: Mortis_Aeterna

#35 I Did This For My Boyfriend Who Is A Gynecologist

Image credits: Thorbork

#36 Everyone Loves A Good Before & After Backstitching, Right?

Image credits: LavastormSW

#37 It Took Me Two And A Half Years! Gamer Nouveau By Gecko Rouge

Image credits: twotimezz

#38 My First Ever Cross Stitch – My First Wedding Anniversary Present To My Husband

Image credits: Mateui

#39 My First Cross Stich Ever. Bought This Pattern Close To My Place. Don’t Judge!

Image credits: Bezbecka

#40 A Minecraft Bee I Just Finished! I Love How It Turned Out

Image credits: Hylian_Princess816

#41 So I Finished My Summer Stitching Project A Little Early

Image credits: StitchinMelissa

#42 The Day He Proposed

Image credits: ManinBlack19

#43 This

Image credits: kberry76

#44 I Fixed It. Got The Kit At Joanns

Image credits: Catsareokiguess4

#45 My Take On A Target Bag: A Sack For All My Yarn Balls

Image credits: reddit.com

#46 My Beautiful Raven Is Finished! Sooo Happy With How This Piece Turned Out. I Hope You Enjoy Looking At It As Much As I Do!

Image credits: bisingular

#47 Added A Few More Paintings To My Art Collection! (Self Drafted)

Image credits: dumpling_schumpling

#48 Social Distancing Romance

Image credits: ramintake

#49 My 8 Year Old Finished Her First Cross Stitch Project And She’s So Proud!

Image credits: Yellow_coffee_mug

#50 I’m So Happy With How It Looks, I Wanted To Show Someone

Image credits: Yevrah95

#51 Today Is A Good Day! By Kitschystitchesau

Image credits: angiefoxy

#52 I Did The Plague Doctor Pattern, But With My Own Flair

Image credits: pepperdawgy

#53 After 23 Years, It’s Finally Done

Image credits: DIYKnowNothing

#54 Finished This Dragon Today! One Of My Favorite Patterns I’ve Ever Stitched

Image credits: bikesrcool1

#55 Finished A Very Tiny Quarantine Stitch! (I Had Some 32 Linen And Was Curious What It Would Look Like If I Only Stitched Over One) Thank You To U/Radioactivejellyfish For The Covid Bacteria Pattern. The Lettering Is Also A Freebie But I Couldn’t Find The Original Post To Credit The User

Image credits: MeowMeowWarlock

#56 My Planet Cape!

Image credits: gildius

#57 My Very First Finished & Framed Project, Even Though I’ve Been Stitching For About 25 Years

Image credits: DHM1012

#58 Finally Finished The Piece I’ve Been Working On For 18 Months! A Collage Of All The Harry Potter Book Covers

Image credits: amethyn

#59 I Hear You Like Neat Backs, This Isn’t One…

Image credits: Rosums

#60 Ready To Graduate!

Image credits: thru6

#61 My Grandmother’s Senior Portrait!

Image credits: thnx4stalkingme

#62 A Gay Agenda For My Coworker

Image credits: theicklestone

#63 After Two Years And Over 35,000 Stitches, I’m So Proud That This Blue Beast Is Finished! Pattern By Modern Folk Embroidery

Image credits: Bethelanna

#64 My Brother Complained That I Never Make Him Anything. I Changed That Today

Image credits: catscatscatscats9802

#65 Are Cat Lovers Here?

Image credits: mistysdad

#66 Probably My Most Satisfying “Before And After Backstitching” Example Yet!

Image credits: Andromeda321

#67 My First Big Project Is Finished! I Enjoyed This One Very Much And Learned The French Knot

Image credits: huneybutt

#68 My Mum Sewed This Mermaid Over 18 Years Ago And It Has Been Left Folded Up Inside A Cupboard, I’ve Told Her She Should Frame It!

Image credits: SwapNudesForCarry

#69 Bee Haw And Yee Claw, Partners!

Image credits: Cry-o-genesis

#70 This Is A Wedding Gift For My Future Daughter In Law. It Says What Her Name Will Be When She Marries My Son & Their Wedding Date. (Her Middle Name Means Cherry Blossom) The Cross Belonged To My Late Husband. She Asked My Son If His Dad Would’ve Liked Her. He Would’ve Loved Her

Image credits: vmwnzella59

#71 Game Over!

Image credits: AsleepAtTheStitch

#72 Cute Mini Kitchen Stitch

Image credits: peachquin

#73 Summon Demons

Image credits: andy_mmmkaybai

#74 Some Freestyle Stitching To Make The Super Bowl Manageable To Watch. No Pattern, My Freestyle Inspired By Femme Bohemian

Image credits: cdawg2610

#75 I Made This For The 30th Birthday Of My Boyfriend As A Reminder Of This Hell Of A Year:) The Pattern Is My Own, The First Pattern With Which I Started My Shop Stitchaloft On Etsy

Image credits: magicircle86

#76 Finished Just In Time- Sums Up 2020 Fairly Well

Image credits: maggiemagpie

#77 My Mom Told Me To Find A Hobby

Image credits: cxcl18

#78 Happy Earth Day! I Made This Cross Stitched Globe Several Years Ago

Image credits: rhaben

#79 I Finally Finished It!

Image credits: merdumgrz

#80 I’m Sorry, I Had To. Pattern By Stitchpenny On Etsy

Image credits: Damhnait

#81 Finally Forking Finished

Image credits: Miss_Lemon_Sunshine

#82 My Very First Self Drafted Pattern: My Son’s First Words

Image credits: abatr0n

#83 Looking At This Wall Gives Me Dopamine

Image credits: scaryspice42069

#84 I Think It’s Fair To Say That My Abuela Has Been Very Productive During Lockdown In Spain!

Image credits: amyjandrews

#85 Since The Other 30 Year Old Dudes Are Representing, I Figured It’s My Turn. I’m A 35 M And I Stitch. Here Is Some Of My Work

Image credits: reddit.com

#86 Always Has Been

Image credits: screamingheartstitch

#87 Backstitching Before And After! This Was Three Months Of Work In Total. I Love How Much Difference The Backstitching Made!

Image credits: quiltingtelegraph

#88 Gift For My BF: His Favourite Buddy On A Hoodie. My First Attempt To Stitch On A Regular Fabric. Pattern By Laselvadesign From Etsy

Image credits: zlerok

#89 My Friend Has Had A Tough Time Recently. The Final Straw Was When The Company She Bought Her Sofa From Told Her They’d Lost Her Sofa And She Wouldn’t Have It In Time For Xmas. I Cross Stitched A Pattern With A Sassy Comment She Said To The Sofa Company In Anger In An Effort To Cheer Her Up

Image credits: jiff22

#90 Evil Queen By Medusa Dollmaker Available From Gecko Rouge. Its On 25 Count Linen 1×1. 98,479 Stitches And Has Taken Me 15 Months To Complete

Image credits: Diabetstitch

#91 I Started Crossstitching To Do Ukrainian Embroidery. I’ve Been Picking This One Up And Setting It Down For A Few Years. Finally Finished. Self Drafted

Image credits: victoriousdeaddeputy

#92 My Latest Work Encapsulates My Life!

Image credits: mofoshizzle1

#93 Finished This Stardew Valley Map Last Year, Realized I Never Posted It Here

Image credits: Ithelda

#94 I’m A 35 Year Old Dude Who Just Finished His First Crack At Cross Stitching And Am Giggling Like A 5 Year Old. Definitely Scratched That Itch To Create

Image credits: bpaugie06

#95 Adorable Moon Jar, With Opalescent Aida That I Dyed Pink And A Glittery Purple Painted Hoop!

Image credits: kandy88

#96 Red Dress Meme Aka Distracted Boyfriend Meme

Image credits: NoCensorCrossStitch

#97 Heard You Guys Enjoy A Little Before And After Backstitch Action

Image credits: Arinen

#98 Lots Of Firsts With This One. Glad To Have A Little Mascot!

Image credits: BrightOrion

#99 My First Mirabilia Finish!

Image credits: kaylahwarda

#100 Ponyo-Style Ramen

Image credits: comfort-noise

#101 I Wanna Be Teh Vury Berst!

Image credits: queenofmyvaccine

#102 I Have Finally Finished My Most Frustrating Piece To Date! The Northern Lights

Image credits: Aves_Corvidae

#103 My Second Piece, Snow Place Like Home

Image credits: henchturk

#104 Two And A Half Years Later, Finished My First Large Piece!

Image credits: Mzklvr6

#105 The Most Complex Project I’ve Ever Finished

Image credits: visitnightvale

#106 Made This For A Dear Friend Who Had To Downsize Her Wedding Last Weekend To Parents And Siblings Only!

Image credits: Roserose314

#107 “The Humble Bee” By Dominionsisters. It’s Only Four Inches, So The Bee Is Sized Almost True To Life

Image credits: illKickOrEatYourAss

#108 Added A Nice Touch To My Shirt!

Image credits: HelenkaCrossStitch

#109 It’s Full Of Mistakes, The Back Is A Mess And I May Have Cried Twice, But I’m So Happy With My First Cross Stitch

Image credits: tulip-0hare

#110 My First Ever Cross Stitch And I’m Hooked!

Image credits: samnich00

#111 My Mom’s First Time Cross Stitching!

Image credits: IisReFlecT

#112 Christmas Present That Was Finished Just In Time!

Image credits: smodgirl

#113 My First Finish Since Last Summer

Image credits: neatlyfoldedlaundry

#114 My Latest Project- With An Appropriate Amount Of Cat Hair Stitched In

Image credits: Rosebudsi

#115 First Time Trying Some Black Work For One Of My Favorite Foods!

Image credits: makarrones-

#116 I’m A Father Who Learned To Cross Stitch Because His Daughter Wanted An Aurora “Old Fashioned” (A.k.a. Cross Stitch) Picture. Page 1 Complete Of A 9 Page, Full Coverage Piece…this Took Me About 5 Days, But Pace Definitely Cannot Be Maintained…

Image credits: tauromachy11

#117 My Second Ever Project! So Proud Of It

Image credits: jessb2611

#118 I Just Really Love Lemons, Okay?

Image credits: SuperquooL

#119 A Gift For The Husband Who Loves To Irritate Me By Calling All My Hobbies Knitting. Pattern From Backstagestitches On Etsy

Image credits: squeegeembeckenheim

#120 Due To Popular Demand The Screaming Birb Pattern Is Here!

Image credits: Aqua_ismene

#121 Couldn’t Quite Finish In 2018, But Worth The Wait! My First Attempt With Black Fabric And I Really Enjoyed It!

Image credits: ashleyheather00

#122 I Made This For My Transgender Son. I’m Very Proud Of Him!

Image credits: Sassafrassingly

#123 Honk! Honk Honk Honk! (Untitled Goose Game)

Image credits: jdharper

#124 My First 4 Craft Tarot Cross Stitches – I’m Hoping To Put Together Enough For A Whole “Deck” Eventually

Image credits: ladystitchicorn

#125 Saw You All Like Before And After Photos. Here’s A Before And After Backstitch And Bling Of My Latest Finish

Image credits: run_snack_nap

#126 Pattern: Twisty Knot Designs On Etsy. First Time Trying Blackwork

Image credits: Alohabailey_00

#127 So This Is My First Attempt At Cross Stitching And It’s Addicting. I’m Happy With How It Turned Out Even Tho I Made Some Mistakes

Image credits: LauraHime22

#128 Done After Year And A Half. I Love How It Turned Out. Deets In Comment

Image credits: faszkka

#129 As Soon As I Saw This Rabbit I Knew I Would Never Be Free Of Its Thrall Until I Made It

Image credits: hitthebrownnote

#130 My Friend Has A Chonky Cat Named Salem, So I Had To Make This For Her! Pattern From Stitchfiddle/Self-Drafted, Meme From Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Image credits: -snufkin

#131 Backstitching Is Not My Favorite Part, But In This Case It Was Definitely Worth It

Image credits: Milwaukee_talkie_

#132 Love How This Turned Out

Image credits: wot-fardareismai

#133 A Few People Suggested Turning This Into A Set, So I Did!

Image credits: SalontesStitching

#134 Decided To Finally Stop Lurking And Post These Lighthouse Stitches I Completed Several Months Ago

Image credits: suluism

#135 Look What My Friend Made Me For My Birthday!

Image credits: grclzbthkrr

#136 Reclaiming The Hobby My Ex Told Me Was “Just Another Way For Me To Stay In Bed”. I Stitched A Bee And Told Him To Buzz Off

Image credits: hippydippylove

#137 It’s Finished! Mount Rainier National Park!

Image credits: itssocoldin_Alaska

#138 Who Else Enjoys Some Subtle Cubicle Snark?

Image credits: RoboZelda

#139 With Midterms Stressing Me Out, I Decided To Learn How To Cross Stitch. My First Project!

Image credits: nevergonna_giveyouup

#140 Censored Peach By Alpnglw On Etsy

Image credits: psychkitty

#141 My Favorite Project So Far!

Image credits: Ilsip

#142 Just Finished My 1st Cross Stitch Project!

Image credits: Sonofagaylord

#143 Aurorae

Image credits: SocialBunny198

#144 Quick, Silly Stitch To Try Using Waste Canvas. It’s Definitely A Bit Harder To Stay Even! Self-Drafted

Image credits: wthsahufflepuff

#145 Quarantine Finish #1 (Pattern Is A Freebie From Snarky And Nerdy Cross-Stitch Facebook Group)

Image credits: BubbaDawgg

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